Work Is All You Have To Do:

So often it happens that we think something & keep on thinking about it. Rather than doing something about it we are wondering in our thoughts. People know this by the word of “Procrastination”; which means that our monkey mind just wanders here & there & opt not to focus on the goals we set for ourselves. Our minds are trained to focus on the end game & the pleasure it will give us. We are blindfolded to the process & our only focus is to win. As our main motive is to win, we align our behavior accordingly. One’s effort is determined by results.

This is how we are taught, that every effort should bear fruits. But, we forget a simple fact, that results are not in our hands. We can only perform an activity to the best of our ability & if we do things based on our love for that activity, then results will merely be a formality & the moment we start cherishing the efforts we will change the concept of winning & losing. This small point is a big differentiator between average workers & geniuses. Average workers align work with respect to the results while geniuses just work to make it better or for the love that they hold for that activity.
Once results become irrelevant in the game it takes away a lot of players with it; as most of us are looking for validation; validation from the people who matter little to use. Validation from some neighbor who has yet to figure out his or her own life & validation from ourselves that we are not losers. Most people don’t try stuff, as they fear they will be perceived as a loser for not achieving goals.

Fear is the greatest obstacle in our lives. Fear is good if one knows how to construct it & but most of us rather than embracing the uncertainty, we are engulfed in it. But, here is a thing if we do work for the love of if the fear vanishes. Work makes us comfortable & prone to new challenges; as our mindset is continuously thinking about the work & not the result.

Our minds are tuned in such a way, that it wants to hold on to the negative part as much as Romeo wanted Juliet. The moment our mind stop thinking about the love of the work, it went back to all the negative thoughts, like what is the use, what if the results is not in our favor, & many more. But, if we are able to rub off these initial obstacles we can achieve our goals.
Confidence is one trait everyone talks about. This can also be developed by working. Work on your craft & polish it. The more you work the more confident you get & with the confidence you can move mountains. Thus, it is said amazing things happen once you start working. This is the single, most important piece of advice; that you can gain confidence by working which will eventually help you win.

Work is the single most important work to achieve something. Success is not guaranteed if you work, but there are 100 % chances that you will not succeed if you don’t work. So work should be on the top of your list.

You only have to take one step at a time & with step by step, you can walk a marathon. But, rather than focussing on the path we focus on the end. For once, we should embrace the path without thinking about the destination; we should embrace the loss & should treat it as a learning, that we lost because we were not good enough. But, with hard work, focus & some shift in the mindset we can win. A loss can not make you a loser, but the attitude of not trying again after losing makes you a loser. So, change your mindset about things, so that you can change the outcomes. Who knows you are among the few who actually change something & even if you don’t it doesn’t matter, because you will be happy with yourself which is the most important part of your life. Being content & happy not because of the result but because of the path. However, this doesn’t mean we should not have destinations. Fixing a destination is as important as anything else in the life. It helps to determine in which direction you need to go.