Maihar is a small place in Madhya Pradesh. The place got its name through an event. According to the history, when load Shiva was carrying the dead body of his beloved wife. The necklace fell down on the earth. Necklace in Hindi is known as “Haar” & Lord Shiva wife is commonly called as “Ma”. The necklace dropped at this place & thus the name “Maihar” came into the existence. The place is famous for this temple only.

I visited this place during my Diwali holidays. The place is approx 60 Km from my native place (Katni). I always have a fascination for mythological stories & places. I love to visit places with history attached to it. The mad following behind mythological characters are mind-boggling to watch. Anyone who wants to enjoy few stories & bit of interest towards mythology can visit this small town.
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How To Reach:

The nearest airport is at Jabalpur. However, the connectivity is very bad. The only feasible solution is by train. One can either get down at Maihar which has a station or at Katni or Jabalpur. From station hire an auto to reach to the base. From the base, there are two ways to reach the top either by a climbing stairs or by ropeway. Depending on how you want to make the goddess happy. Choose any of the ways. The price of ropeway is approx Rs 90 per head for a to & fro ride.

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Once at the top there is a huge line to have a glimpse of the goddess. Due to rush, there is not enough time to view the idol. But, it is one of the small pleasure of the life which is hard to explain. Visit the place & experience yourself.
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Fascinating stories:

Other than the story of a necklace. There is one more story which is very famous here. Aha & Udal were two warriors who devoted 12 years of their life for the goddess. Happy with the devotion of both the warrior. The goddess gave them a boon of living forever. Which means they can not die.

According to the locals; even today both the warrior are the first ones to see & pray to the goddess. The impression of some one's presence is not deniable. But, no body has seen anyone performing prayers at early morning. So, it is still a mystery; that who performs the prayers in the morning & how this is possible.

Cost Involved:

The place is very cheap. It is easy to complete whole trip under 1000 Rs per head for a day. If one wish to spend lavishly. The main cost is of reaching to the place.

India is a place where faith overturns every stone. The things which seems to be impossible is possible here. The rich culture & history is unmatched & unheard off. I would be lucky enough if I can visit few such places like these.


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