Bali Solo Trip

Solo trip is always tricky. From boarding flight to experiencing a new adventure, everything needs to be managed alone. Traveling alone to a place the most basic question that pops up in the head is; Is Bali Safe for a Solo Trip? Here is the solo travel guide to Bali.

I am traveling solo outside India since 2015 & the first thing I search on the internet is the safety of the place. Touchwood, I have not experienced anything alarming till date while traveling solo.

Bali is among the best cities in the world. Saying so it is also one of most beautiful one. I went on a 8 days trip to Bali alone & thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Solo Traveler Guide To Bali

Bali is, in general, a very safe place to be in. However, being cautious is one aspect that should be kept in the mind while traveling to any new city. The best places in Bali are Ubud, Seminyak, South Kuta. Most of the activities happen at these places only.

Things to be kept in mind


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Commuting: I rented a bike & traveled by that. There is an option for booking a cab as well. But, it is recommended to check for prices. There have been some incidents where cab drivers asked for a higher amount than the billed amount. So, clarify rates before boarding the cab. Google maps work here so finding a route is simple.


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Driving License: In case, of renting a bike. It is mandatory to have an international driving license. Traffic police can stop & ask you for the papers. It is recommended to carry papers with you. I was among the lucky ones. During my stay of 8 days, I was never stopped at any point of time. But, it is better to be prepared for any contingencies.

Site Seeing: An entry fee is charged at the entry of every destination. Hence, no need to pay anything extra. There is an option to hire a guide as well.

Clubs & Pubs: Clubs & pubs are very famous in South Kuta. However, extra caution must be maintained while entering such places. There are several cases of people getting duped in drugs. There are certain people who mix your drinks with drugs & charge for that. The charges for such drinks are insanely high. This is very common at few places, it is advisable to check the pubs & clubs authenticity before entering.


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Other than this there is nothing alarming about the place. It is probably among the safest cities in the world.

Keep worries aside & visit this beautiful place. It will engrave some lifetime memories in your mind.

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  1. Hey! I’m going to Bali for a conference but i’m having trouble figuring out the address of the place, is there any way you could tell me if this is South Kuta or not?
    Also, for accommodation, which is the cheapest option?
    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I’m planning to visit Bali in December, please guide me on visa and other details.

  3. hi,
    i m planing in this year. do indians have visa on arrival.
    What docs are needed for same.
    what is the best time to visit ?
    Do in need to carry cash (if yes then how much ) or card will be enough ?


  4. Really helpful Anand. Planning a solo trip. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work. Thank you again.

  5. hii,
    i m travelling in october. do indians have visa on arrival.
    What docs are needed for same.
    hw will be the weather ?
    main concern is money. do i carry INR or card. I do not know if my card works internationally ? what wud u suggest to carry hard cash or card ?

    1. Hi Guddy, I am also travelling solo in october 19-28th let me know if you wanna meet up there

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