Seville Solo Travel Guide

Seville is the best town in Spain for the first-timers; Seville is a window to Spanish culture, architecture & people. One of the perfect towns in Spain to visit. Spain is also famous for its traditional dance, "Flamenco" & one will find plenty of it here. If one wants to check on ancient Spain, Seville might be the answer to that. In addition to the above-stated facts, the famous TV series, "Game of Thrones" has shot some of its scenes here.
Seville Spain Travel

How To Reach Seville:

The best way to reach Seville is via flight. One can find cheap flights from Madrid & other major cities in Spain. Finding a direct flight will not be a problem.
Further, buses & trains are available aplenty. One can book the same online, many service providers that offer bus services & is one of the great ways to reach the city.
Seville Town
Real Alcazar Seville

How To Do Seville In Budget:

Seville is a small city thus can be covered on foot & using public transport shall be limited to the minimum. I walked my way around the city. Below are some of the ways to do Seville in budget.


Hostels are one of the best places to stay in tourist places. One such hostel is the Black swan hostel. One of the best hostels in Seville, it also offers many facilities like a kitchen & also offers free dinner at times (a great time to save on some money). Also, the place has a terrace from where one can enjoy the view of the city. The cost for one dorm bed will be around Rs 1000 per night.

Food & Alcohol:

Spain is known for its food in Europe. The place has lots of options to eat & some of the best bakeries to explore. To keep the budget in check, one can buy stuff from the supermarket & cook in the kitchen provided by the hostel. A great way to save on the cost & also the can of beer from the supermarket will cost around 0.30 Euros onward.


The major attraction of Seville like Real Alcazar & Cathedral of Seville requires some admission fee. While places like Triana & Plaza de Espana area are free for the tourists. Expect to pay upwards of 10 Euros for the entry.


The local taxis are available. Yet, the place area is smaller compared to many other touristic cities. The city can be covered on foot & almost all of the touristic places are easily accessible. So, tone up your calf muscles & explore the city.

Best Things To Do In Seville:

Seville Spain Travel

Plaza De Espana:

This is a great place to visit & explore the beautiful structure, the place is hugely popular among tourists. A garden & small canal is a great place to get yourself clicked. One can enjoy the Flamenco dance by street performers.

Real Alcazar:

Real Alcazar is one of the most famous buildings in Seville. A famous TV series, "Game of Thrones" has been shot some of its scenes at this place. Lately, this has been the reason for visiting Alcazar. The architecture will give you a glimpse of ancient buildings.

Cathedral De Seville:

Cathedral De Seville is a church of Seville. One can visit it in the evenings for free & for Sunday functions. The place's architecture is beautiful & grand.

Plaza De Toros:

Ever interested in bullfighting. Many people have seen bullfights on television. This grand arena is a great place to visit & enjoy some bulls raging towards the people.
Seville Night View

Metropol Parasol ( A GIant Mushroom):

A mushroom-shaped structure is in the center of the city is the latest addition of Seville. It has a walkway & a place to enjoy the evening overlooking the city. This place has few nightclubs.

Flamenco Dance:

The traditional dance of Spain, where women wore a red dress & perform dance & male counterparts play drums, guitar, etc. Flamenco is mostly a rhythm dance & beautiful to watch.

Alameda De Hercules:

A long lane of walkway surrounded by bars is one of the famous places for hippies & young people. One can enjoy the beer & some local street performers. This place is more like a pre-party place with an awesome vibe. One of the best places to visit.

Tiana District:

The commercial part of the city. Tiana is located across the river & is full of restaurants, bars & shopping places. Walk around the streets & enjoy the place.

Seville nightlife starts late & there are many clubs & bars. But, check with your hostel reception for famous clubs around them. However, Alfalfa & El Salvador are some of the best places to hang around.
Seville Spain Travel Guide

Is Seville Safe For Solo Travelers?

Seville is crowded with solo & group travelers. Many people stay here for months to explore the beauty of the place. Cities in Spain usually start late & parties last till early morning hours. I walked the streets alone at the late hours & it was pretty much safe. People were walking easily & one doesn't feel unsafe at any point of time. Yet, it is recommended to be aware of the surroundings & carry limited cash, as mishappening can happen anytime. Better to be safe than sorry. In my experience, the place was pretty safe & fun-loving.

My Seville Experience:

Seville is probably the best modern town in Spain. Ibiza is an island & was known for its beaches whereas Seville will push you closer to real Spain, there are hardly any high rise buildings because of which one can enjoy the view from a terrace. The old quartes of the city can give a glimpse of ancient times. The architecture, the structures all are beautiful & worthy of visiting. The city radius is small & most of the city can be covered by foot. At some places the lanes are narrow & only one car fits in. The city's beauty is in its streets so don't miss getting lost in some.
The city's nightlife is great & many clubs & pubs are at your service. One can get to know about the city while visiting such places. Visiting such places is a great way to interact with the locals & explore their taste of the music. The Spanish music is very hippy & trendy it will make you move your feet.

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