Devkund Waterfall Trek

June is about to finish, which means monsoon has arrived in Mumbai & all the trekking & hiking points are open for exploration. Off the unending list of the points near Mumbai to trek & hike, I shortlisted Devkund Waterfalls as my trek destination. I first read about the Devkund waterfall in an article on some blog. The pics of the place were good enough to get me excited to try this unexplored place. It was hard to believe that such a gem of the place is located few hours from the city. So, on one weekend I decided to travel to this little-known place. The two biggest cities near the waterfall are Mumbai & Pune. From Mumbai, the distance is approx 150 kms & from Pune, the distance is approx 100 Kms. Here is a complete guide to Devkund Waterfall Trek for all the trek lovers of India & abroad.
Devkund Waterfall
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How To Reach Devkund Waterfalls From Mumbai:

The best way to reach from Mumbai is to catch a local train to khopoli. Khopoli is located in the central line of Mumbai local network. From Khopoli railway station a bus stand is available which is at a walkable distance. From Khopoli bus stand, inquire about the next bus to Pali. The frequency of the buses is decent hence you can find buses with ease. Congratulations on your feat by reaching Pali you have already completed half the distance. The real pain starts now, from Pali there is a bus to Bhira village which is a base village at 10:30 am in the morning. If you miss this bus, then don't wait for the next one; book an auto & reach the base village. As the frequency of bus from Pali village to Bhira village is extremely low.

In short, I took the following route to reach Devkund waterfalls from Mumbai.

Mumbai - Khopoli - Pali - Bhira

Pune - Khopoli- Pali - Bhira
A View Mark My Adventure
Mountains Enroute
Devkund Waterfall Mark My Adventure

Devkund Waterfalls Trek Experience:

I was searching for the Devkund waterfalls trek route & it is horrifying maps on the internet. All sort of thoughts were running in my mind about the route & the destination. However, as I reached the entrance point my worry vanished. The trek starts by walking through the trees, after walking for some 100 mts, the route gets flat. Also, adjacent to this path there is a lake, which is perfect location to click some pictures. The jungle in the background increases the beauty of the place few folds. At one point in time, I felt like walking in a movie sets of Jurassic Park. Continuing walking on the well worn out path for about 20 to 25 mins. I reached a high-pressure stream which was flowing furiously. This stream can be treated as the midpoint of the journey. There is a small bridge over this fast flowing stream. However, a caretaker was present at the site who was charging Rs 10 to permit you to cross the bridge. Few people chose to cross the stream without the bridge to save some bucks or for some thrill. But, make sure you are aware of all the tricks to avoid any mishappenings.

After crossing stream, the trek got tough due to the slippery surface & uphill. Uphills are the most tiring part of any trek. Uphill drains out the energy out of you. It took me approx 15 mins to cross the uphill & finally I was able to hear the voice of waterfalls at distance. It took me about 45 min of walk to hear the sound of the waterfall. The light started to diminish, so I started walking fast. The moment I felt, that I am about to witness the end point of my route, there was a problem. A stream. Yes, I needed to cross one more stream & in this climate, where the rain is at its peak & stream is already overflowing I recalibrated my thoughts. Also, there were people stranded on the other side of the stream waiting for the flow to get calm. There was waterfall at some distance from me, maybe few 100 steps & I am at the bottom of the waterfall. Also, on the other side, there were people stranded. After much of a brainstorming, I decided to walk back to the base.

Although, I was dejected of not reaching the spot of the waterfall. However, I was happy with my progress. While walking back I saw garbage at most of the part of the route, which is disheartening to see. It is my humble request to not litter anything at such beautiful places. The natural beauty of the place is enough.

If you are interested in camping. Then, there are few private vendors who are providing this services.

Expenses Involved:

Activities like trekking & hiking are pretty cheap on the pockets. The only factor which accounts to the cost is the commutation & food which is also very reasonable. I spend approx 1200 Rs for my experiences. The amount I paid is nothing compared to the return, which is a lifetime of memories.

Following expenses I made during my trip:

Mumbai to Khopoli via local train: Rs 50 (approx)

Khopoli to Pali village via bus: Rs 60 one way

Pali to Bhira village (auto): Rs 500 one way. For bus it will less than Rs 100 for sure.

Useful Information:

The trek is low to mid level difficulty. Any fit human being who work out can complete the one way in approx 45 mins. However, if you visit during monsoon season, shoe is must. As the ground is slippery & sandals & slippers are not at all good options as a footwear in such type of environment. Also, there are lots of shops in the way. So, carry only the essentials. Make sure you don't litter in nature. Following items are basics for trek.

Waterbottle: A 1 litre bottle is enough for a trek & you can always refill it.

Raincoat: It's a must during monsoon season, no one can predict the rains so it is advisable to bring one with you. I choose Quechua as it is handy & takes a pocket to fit in.

Waterproof camera: I mainly use GoPro for making videos & clicking photos. It is the handiest product for outdoor activities. A pocket size product with little maintenance & with great performance. Worth a buy.

Trekking Shoes: Buy a nice pair of shoes which can ease your work on walking on the mud & slippery grounds.

Garbage carrying bag: This is a personal choice. A garbage bag to put all the waste is one step towards giving something back to the society.
This was my experience of Devkund Waterfall Trek. I hope this page will inspire you to break the norms & try something new. Trust me places have some effect on your soul. You can check my work here Mark My Adventure

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