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Pattaya city is located at 2 hours drive from Bangkok. Anyone who visits Bangkok city takes out some time to visit Pattaya. This small coastal city is famous among the young counterparts because of various reasons. One of the reasons Pattaya is famous for is Walking Street. Apart from the walking street, there are few more offers like water parks, beaches etc. I only stayed in the city for a day, as I had to catch a flight to Bali & flights from Pattaya airport were decently cheaper than any other place in Thailand.

How To Reach Pattaya:


The best way to reach the city is by taking a flight to Bangkok & from Bangkok airport catch a bus to Pattaya. However, if anyone is not looking for this option, Pattaya airport is also an option. The biggest disadvantage of Pattaya airport is its location. The airport is around 40 to 50 Km from the main city. The only problem is commutation from the airport. But, the option is available for you to choose from. You can check flights from the following link. The link compares different airlines & suggest the best one, worth a look.


Buses are by far the easiest way to commute from Bangkok to Pattaya. The frequency of buses are high & the prices of the tickets are very reasonable. I paid 130 THB one way from Bangkok airport to Pattaya city. The bus will drop you at the bus station & from there you will need to either take a private cab or walk to your hotel or hostel. So, plan ahead if you are taking this option. Private taxis are also an option which can be explored. If the group is big you can opt for a private taxi which can drop you at the desired location. The prices are reasonable.

Where To Stay:

There are plenty of options to choose, from luxurious hotels to dorm rooms. You will never run out of the options at any point in time. I felt the best place to stay is near Jomtien Beach, the beach is relatively cleaner than the Pattaya Beach & is also less crowded. I booked a hostel near Jomtien beach from where the beach was hardly 100 meters or 7 to 10 minutes walk from the hostel. Book your next beach hotel by clicking on the following link

Things To Do In Pattaya:

Pattaya doesn't boost sightseeing & if you are looking for some parks, natural wonders or any such sort of things; you will be disappointed. However, there are few attractions in the city which are worth experiencing.

Walking Street:

Walking street is the reason people visit this place. The place is worldwide famous for adult activities. The place has numerous go-go bars, ladyboy bars & what not. The darker the nights get, the glittery the street becomes. The heavy burden of nighlife of the city is rested on the walking street. If Nana Plaza was a miniature version of a red light area. This place is the giant that sense. This street has a demographic division as well. So, that no one feels left out. A crazy street to spend a night. If anyone is visiting the city, it will be certain that you will meet them at this place.

Night Market:

Pattaya's night market is located on the second road near walking street. The night market is famous for shopping souvenirs. If you want to buy some collectible. This place might be the solution to it.
Apart from the above-mentioned places, there are few more places like a water park, buddha hill, sanctuary of truth which are local attractions.

The place was decent for a day, but I am not sure if I will visit the place again for many reasons. Apart from the walking street, there is nothing much to do in the city. Beaches are too crowded & the city doesn't have any worthy sites.

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