Top Things To Do In Bangkok


Thailand is a fantastic place to be in. A true backpackers paradise, on the out-sight it is vibrant, colorful & fun loving. Crowded through the year with travelers, this place is surely on the list of everyone. I stayed for 4 days in Bangkok & Pattaya. It was a great trip, I loved the culture, the ambiance, the energy & the feel of the city. This place needs to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

So, What are the things to do in Bangkok?

Here is my take on the world’s backpackers capital & my guide of things to do in Bangkok.

*) Khao San Road: No matter from which place you come, this place is a must visit place in Bangkok. The road is famous for its roadside cafes, bars & never-ending party nights. This place is vibrant & lively. From roadside eateries to decent restaurants everything can be found here. The place is decent until 11 pm in the night. But after that, it is just a madhouse. By 12 this place is jam-packed with peoples. High music & vibrant environment is hard to be ignored & if you are YOUNG, WILD & FREE; this is THE PLACE FOR YOU. Scorpions are available like a Kabab’s 😛

 Things To Do In Bangkok Khao San Road

*) Nana Plaza: Nana Plaza is another prime attraction of Bangkok. A red light area. The place gives a glimpse of everything :D. There are different types of outlets depending upon interests. It is visited by almost every tourist. The nights are lively & eventful.

Things To Do In Bangkok Nana Plaza

*) China Town: Chinese have made a place for themselves in most of the cities. The place to find cheap & affordable collectibles. Known for shopping, one can find good products here. One way to cover this place is through the cycle, but I did it on foot.Food is also one of the specialties of this place. Try street food here; it’s amazing.

*) Floating Market: One of the most promoted activities in Bangkok. It is astonishing to see all the selling done on the boat; it is good for the first time. I did not find it interesting enough. However, it is very famous among western tourists. The cost of the boat is higher comparatively, but it is expected considering the hype of the place & amount of tourism it attracts.

Floating Market Mark My Advneture

*) Temples: Bangkok is mainly a Buddhist country. Every place there is temples of Buddha. I am from India, hence had a little interest for the temples. However, for western travelers, it is a good attraction. The Grand Palace is one of the main temples in Bangkok. The place can be reached through waterways as well as through road.

The Grand Palace Mark My Adventure


After roaming around the places, one is always up for some refreshments & in Bangkok, there are plenty of Spa & Massage centers. Nothing best than ending your day with a perfect spa & massage. There is a service provider named Riwigo; which offer best services at discounted rates. When in Bangkok book an appointment through Riwigo & enjoy some leisure time.

This is my views of things to do in Bangkok. However, Bangkok is not all about all these; there are many other attraction like MBK (A shopping paradise for Bangkok peoples) , Wax Museum, Ayuthaya Ruins ( A city of ruins), Tiger Safari ( A place to get photo with big Cats, I chose to skip this after seeing one documentary about how owner teased big cats; It saddened my heart hence chose to skip this), Elephant Safari ( Elephant is respected in whole of a Thailand, There is safari of the same).

So, It depends on what you like, there are so many things to do in Bangkok. I stayed for 4 days but should have stayed more. But, it is the beauty of traveling, it is difficult to cover everything at a single point in time. However, I loved the experience of the city & would definitely visit it again.

Other than places, there is a factor which adds to the flavor of Bangkok is the COST. South East Asia is considered as one of the cheapest places for a holiday. On average, per day cost works out to be INR 500 (less than $10). So, no doubt why this place is topping the chart in tourism.

This is my suggestions on top things to do in Bangkok.

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