Gilli Islands

I was on the ferry traveling from Nusa Penida to Padang Bai & planning for my next few days. Still there are three days to go and I am left with handful of budget. While talking to my fellow traveller, I got to know about Gili Islands. Gilli Islands is a cluster of three islands located next to each other. I checked my wallet which is packed with approximately 11,00,000 IDR. I chucked the idea of exploring Gilli. After reaching Padang Bai, I started my scooter & just stood near a shop to enquire about ticket price out of curosity.

Suddenly a guy came from no where & asked whether I want to go to Gilli Islands. I said yes though I am left with handful of cash. He offered me a deal which I was not able to refuse (Godfather movie dialogue ;)). He offered me a to & fro ticket at a price of IDR 4,00,000 on speed boat, which is the only way to reach the place. I quickly did my calculations & boarded the speed boat, since the usual one way fare is IDR 2,50,000 if booked in advance.

Without any knowledge of the place, accommodation & food or how costly that place could be, I believed my guts. I boarded a speed boat to Gilli Air. There are three islands Gilli Air, Gilli Trawangan (Gili T) & Gilli Meno. Out of three Gilli T is the most famous & developed one. It is honeymoon destination for the couples. The place motto is Sand , Sex & Party. I chose Gilli Air as I heard about it's beauty and serenity.
Gilli Mark My Adventure
Gilli Islands Mark My Adventure
I reached Gilli Air in 1.5 Hours. I stepped out of the dock & started looking for a place to stay. I enquired but did not found anything substantial. I met a guy who offered me a stay at IDR 1,25,000 per day which was very decent considering the popularity of the place. The place is famous for scuba diving & snorkelling & is crowded by travelers. Gilli Air can be covered either by bicycle or by walking. Cycle is famous mode of transport here.

I decided to stay for two days. On first day I went all around the island & appreciating its beauty. During evening I went for a swim. I did not realise island is full of corals & they are very edgy. I swam for few meters & thought it will go but the spread was everywhere. I did not have any equipment & soon edgy corals started cutting me. I was praying for someone to help me. But I was all alone there. Some how I took one step at a time & after fighting with corals for 20 min and bleeding from few places, I reached the shore & was relieved . I decided to not to do this ever again. . The beaches are having pristine white sand & blue water. One end of Gilli Island is famous for sunset especially the lucky cafe or sunset bar. Only place were one can swim is near good heart bungalow. Most of the sites on Gilli Air is covered with corals.

Nights are very quiet here. People don't party much . I had noodles & slept in my room. For people who dont carry cash, only handful of restraunts accept card. So, better to have provision for cash.
Gilli Island My Adventure
Sunset Gilli Islands
Day two was for relaxing after traveling for so many days. I spent afternoon relaxing on the beach. At night, I found one plank to sit. I sat their & relived the moment from booking ticket to sitting here listening to songs "Soon, an old age couple came & sat behind me. They were talking about their life. The lady was scared as they forget their hotel address. The Man calmly comforted her by saying dont worry I am here. We are together we will find something or will sit here." For me that was relationship goal. A person with whom you have traveled so much & have so much to share.
So, after spending 13 days on road I have plenty of memories to share. When I left Gilli I only had 1,20,000 IDR on my wallet & still a day to be spent. Hostel cost was IDR 60,000. Rather than spending my cash. I headed straight towards the airport & spent my time their. Overall it was a wonderful time. I will try to visit Bali again. Till then it is time for new destinations with only handful of budget

P:S I used Go Pro & Iphone 4s to shot my pics & video

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