Rajmachi Fort Trek

Rajmachi fort is a located near Lonavala, around 150 Km from Mumbai & 70 to 80 Km from Pune. On a boring Saturday afternoon. I planned to travel to Rajmachi fort trek for a camping night out. So, we started from Mumbai around 2:30 pm in a car. We drove at regular speed enjoying the landscape of Mumbai - Pune express way. This route is included in the most beautiful road to drive on in India, especially in monsoon, during this period it seems like a green carpet is laid on either side of the road. The view is just amazing.

I consider road trips as fun, the long road ahead, continuous moving traffic, soothing music in the car, unending thoughts in mind & bliss of traveling, all the mentioned points can be covered during a road trip.
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The fort can be reached by car, Della Adventures can be used as a landmark, The fort is 14 to 15 Km from Della. Reaching Della is easy as everyone knows about it & from Della a single road leads to Rajmachi. The route from Della to Rajmachi is worse, there was no road only stones, so be prepared for some bumpy rides. I will suggest to take SUV or a Jeep for commuting.

After covering only 5 km on a bumpy ride, we were too tired lazy to commute this way, one of us saw a random cliff isolated from rest of the cliff. Soon, we were imagining a house over that cliff & living peacefully. We continued on our bumpy ride but sighting that roads is getting worse; we decided to explore the cliff we just saw. There was no proper path to reach that point, so we figured out path ourselves only. We took tent, water & other essentials for a night in wild. It took us 10 mins to reach the cliff, in between 10 mins we crossed a small patch of trees, ups & downs of cliff, a river body & orange grass coverings (which gave a galidator like feeling).

So, after starting a journey for Rajmachi, we landed upon a random cliff. We lit the fire & under the mesmerizing sky, we just relaxed. The moon was as bright & environment as calm as one could ask for.

After sitting there for few hours, I realized following quotes

"Silence is life's most sacred melody"
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