Top Books To Read For Happy Mind

Books are your best friend this line has been flushed in our mind & this is the perfect time where this line stands tall & firm. This time demands you to condition your mind. A happy mind is satisfied mind & a satisfied mind is an emphatic mind. Here is books for happiness which will change your mindset for the good.

Life Amazing Secrets:

Top book in the list of books for happiness is by Guru Gopal Das. A man who has achieved everything he wished for but still something is missing in his life. That something is happiness. One often forgets the simple joys of life. We are busy making a living that we forget to live life with joy & completeness. This man is having midlife crises. His relationship is suffering, his health is suffering & he is in a messy condition. One day he invites Guru Gopal Das to his home & from there the things change. Guru after seeing the pain in his eyes starts to explore & answers questions of his wandering mind with some sense. With various stories, Guru tries to bring stability in the man’s life. If you are also having trouble in your life, you can read this book & can look beyond the time & once again you can enjoy life.

Life Amazing Secrets Book Review

Tuesdays with Morrie:

Morrie is a very famous teacher who is in the later part of his life. Many people mostly his students pay a visit to him. One of them is his favorite student who wants to do one last project with his mentor or teacher. The student lists down points he wants to ask Morrie’s views on. Topics like Relationship, wealth, life etc are on his list. How Morrie responds to such topics is a joy ride to read. I feel everyone should read this book for one simple reason how to form their life. The book covers all the minute details that we neglect.

Tuesdays With Morrie Mark My Adventure

How To Stop Worrying & Start Living:

A more psychological take on happiness. One can practice him or herself for happiness. There are many parameters that we select for happiness. Why we are worried all the time & what worry steals from us. The author has provided with the possible framework which can help you to stay happy & stress-free. I feel the author has covered most of the topics which we can encounter. Other than mentioning the reasons of stress, he has also deduced path to overcome them & stay happy. Greatest of the books available for a troubled mind.

How To Stop Worrying & Start Living Books To Read

Stumbling On Happiness:

Another psychological take on happiness. The book covers more of the scientific analysis of the brain & what triggers happiness & sadness. After reading this book your concepts will go for a swing. The reason why we feel happiness will shock & during the course of time you will get the feeling that the mind can be programmed which most of us are unaware of. This book is a national bestseller. So, read this book to explore why your mind behaves in a particular way & how can you reprogramme it to your liking.


Factfulness is more like a psychological aspect of the world. The problem about sensationalization of an event & how we perceive the world. As per the news channels we are heading towards the extinction. But, as per the author, there are only a few key problems which are looming over human existence which needs an immediate resolution. However, for the rest, it is the usual business. So, if you are in the conundrum. Read this book & you might feel a bit relaxed & a touch happier from your previous self.

Factfullness Mark My Adventure


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