Malana Village Trek

Malana village is famous all around the world for a sole reason only & that reason is marijuana. The green stuff is available all over the world & because of which people are willing to visit this place to get a glimpse of it. Malana also has a hydro plant. Though, the attraction point is the village only. One can reach Malana while traveling to Kasol. After Jhari, take a right towards the Malana Hydro project & follow the path. This beautiful path will take you to the Malana Village entrance point. From there, one has to walk to the Malana Village.

Malana Village Himachal
The way to the entrance gate of Malana Village is not difficult & a four-wheeler can help you achieve this feat. However, during snow cabs are allowed to travel only up to a certain point, & from there one has to take a 4 by 4 to reach to the village entrance. After reaching the village entrance, one has to walk for around 1.5 hours to reach the main village.

I went during the winters & it had snowed the night before & because of the snow, the whole place was covered with it & resembled a Disney movie, straight from the fantasy. The trees top & branches were covered in the snow & one can only see snow. This was my first experience of snow & it was truly remarkable. The view of snow-capped trees & route is hard to describe.

Enroute To Malana
Every great thing is achieved by working hard & Malana village will make sure that everyone goes through hell before reaching heaven. Although, I am blowing this out of proportion. Yet, the trek of 1.5 hours to reach Malana village is moderately hard for some. People who have completed the Kheerganga trek can easily complete the task. But, people who have done little to no physical activities will find it very difficult to trek. The trek is tiring & exhausting & will take around 1.5 hours to reach Malana Village.

Malana Village Mark My Adventure
The narrow path to the village is beautiful but restricting, as one opposite valley is visible that gets monotonous after some time. But, when one hikes a little higher than, one can enjoy more pleasant & unique views of other peaks. After the hard trek, the person witnesses the pure beauty of the place & suddenly all the tiredness & exertion vanishes. Such is the beauty of the place & one of the core reasons to visit this place. The best way to spend in Malana Village is by sitting in cafes & sipping the majestic view of the place.

Malana Village Mark My Adventure