Kashid Beach Trip

Kashid Beach is one of the most famous places near both Pune & Mumbai. It is a cheap get away from both the metropolitan cities & is easily reachable through road. I went to this place from both Pune & Mumbai & absolutely loved the route to the destination. Kashid beach is much more commercialized than the previous years. So, anyone who is looking for a quiet getaway might get disappointed. However, an unobstructed view of the ocean & its beauty will be enough to lure you to this place. This time around, I traveled from Mumbai via Zoom Car (a self-driving car hiring service).

Kashid Beach Sunset
We started from Mumbai, taking the old Mumbai- Pune highway, which is newly constructed. The route will take one from Navi Mumbai Airport to Karnala Bird Sanctuary, to Alibaugh & then finally to Kashid Beach. After crossing Panvel, the traffic reduced substantially & we entered the green surroundings. The surroundings are fabulous during the rainy season. The way will pass through a steel plant, small bridges & some villages. Before reaching Kashid, a route of approx 5 Km is heaven, where one gets to ride overlooking the ocean. The place covers several points, where one can take pictures & enjoy some peaceful time.

Kashid Beach Mark My Adventure
After traveling for roughly 4 hours, we witnessed the mesmerizing beach of Kashid. The beach is clean & the water is a bit muddy. The beach has several food outlets & Goan-style water sports. The beach is crowded & extends to a few Km’s. The best part of the beach is clearly the latter end of it, where the crowd is less & the view is glorious. The commercialized part of the beach is not worth visiting as it will rob you of the beauty.

We rented a place away from Kashid Beach, yet have its mini private beach. The distance of the private beach is hardly 2 min from the stay. We opted for the place for the same reason, as it has given us the excess to the beach or in fact unobstructed beach excess. The place was awesome & having a whole beach to ourselves is one of the bliss that one craves for any given day. The house amenities were very limited, though the services were good & people were eager to provide everything at a handful of distance. We stayed at Shubham Guesthouse, which has 2 properties & person can choose anyone from it.

Mark My Adventure
Food is below par, so expecting a great taste even from the best rating restaurants can be too much to ask for. One may be able to find seafood a bit tastier than vegetarian food. Drinks are readily available so finding it won’t be any problem. Many vanilla shops provide snacks which comprise of maggie, tea, coffee, etc. These vanilla shops can be a real savior during the time of crises.

Kashid beach is a great way to spend some quality time with friends & family. A trip now & then will be awesome at this place.

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