Club Mahindra Varca

Club Mahindra is one of the most widely used facilities for luxury travel. The Club Mahindra resorts are at all the major attractions ranging from South to North & each one of them is beautifully constructed. One such property is in Varca. Varca beach is located in South Goa & is one of the most premium locations in Goa. South Goa is known to have best of the beaches & many of them are untouched & unexplored. Varca is one such beach that has limited access to the outside world. It is secluded, private & amazingly beautiful. Club Mahindra Varca beach resort is probably one of the most occupied resorts among its range of resorts. I stayed in Club Mahindra Varca beach resort for 5 days & the stay was as good as it can get.

Swimming Pool Club Mahindra Varca

Club Mahindra Resort Varca Goa

Spread in several acres, this property will take you into its natural abode. The place has two swimming pools to relax you. This place, best feature is its private beach. The beach is only accessible by Club Mahindra Varca members. As there is a private entry to the beach, the outside crowd is next to none. The beach is beautiful; the sand is soft; the water is clear & there is nothing one can ask for more than this. This beach is truly refreshing & amazing. The softness of this sand is hard to find anywhere in the world.

Apart from the private beach, there are large lush green outfields where one can enjoy some family time. Some or the other activities will keep you busy & even if you are not looking to do anything. One can sit around the poolside & enjoy the calmness of nature. There is no sound of the vehicle or any other nuisance. The perfect way to unwind from all the stress & tension.

The property is a 5 star one, thus rooms & other room amenities are world-class. One will cherish the stay at Varca beach resort forever. There are options to book the place even if one is not a member. But, the cost of Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort per night is more than 6000 plus taxes for non-Club Mahindra members, which can be expensive.

I have been to Goa many times & after visiting several beaches. I feel this beach is among the best one. Learn about the

Club Mahindra Varca Beach
I have taken membership a few years back & I took it especially for few properties (one of which is in Varca), which gives a sense of luxury. The membership might be costly for some. Many of us plan for holidays each year, where we want to get pampered. Club Mahindra membership is one such great option available to them. Club Mahindra resorts offer a place to rejuvenate & relax. Considering it is need of an hour considering the stressful life we live nowadays. This is the perfect getaway that we are seeking.

If you are looking to enroll to Club Mahindra after reading this. Use the following link & mention member id as “2860606”. This will help both of us in getting some offers.

Club Mahindra Varca Mark My Adventure

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Club Mahindra: Club Mahindra Varca property is one of the club mahindra properties to stay. A private beach is waiting for you here. You can use my code “2860606” in the member ID for offers.

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Travel Insurance: There are numerous options available to get one. So, you can choose anything which suits your requirement. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before buying one.

Kashid Beach Trip

Kashid Beach is one of the most famous places near both Pune & Mumbai. It is a cheap get away from both the metropolitan cities & is easily reachable through road. I went to this place from both Pune & Mumbai & absolutely loved the route to the destination. Kashid beach is much more commercialized than the previous years. So, anyone who is looking for a quiet getaway might get disappointed. However, an unobstructed view of the ocean & its beauty will be enough to lure you to this place. This time around, I traveled from Mumbai via Zoom Car (a self-driving car hiring service).

Kashid Beach Sunset
We started from Mumbai, taking the old Mumbai- Pune highway, which is newly constructed. The route will take one from Navi Mumbai Airport to Karnala Bird Sanctuary, to Alibaugh & then finally to Kashid Beach. After crossing Panvel, the traffic reduced substantially & we entered the green surroundings. The surroundings are fabulous during the rainy season. The way will pass through a steel plant, small bridges & some villages. Before reaching Kashid, a route of approx 5 Km is heaven, where one gets to ride overlooking the ocean. The place covers several points, where one can take pictures & enjoy some peaceful time.

Kashid Beach Mark My Adventure
After traveling for roughly 4 hours, we witnessed the mesmerizing beach of Kashid. The beach is clean & the water is a bit muddy. The beach has several food outlets & Goan-style water sports. The beach is crowded & extends to a few Km’s. The best part of the beach is clearly the latter end of it, where the crowd is less & the view is glorious. The commercialized part of the beach is not worth visiting as it will rob you of the beauty.

We rented a place away from Kashid Beach, yet have its mini private beach. The distance of the private beach is hardly 2 min from the stay. We opted for the place for the same reason, as it has given us the excess to the beach or in fact unobstructed beach excess. The place was awesome & having a whole beach to ourselves is one of the bliss that one craves for any given day. The house amenities were very limited, though the services were good & people were eager to provide everything at a handful of distance. We stayed at Shubham Guesthouse, which has 2 properties & person can choose anyone from it.

Mark My Adventure
Food is below par, so expecting a great taste even from the best rating restaurants can be too much to ask for. One may be able to find seafood a bit tastier than vegetarian food. Drinks are readily available so finding it won’t be any problem. Many vanilla shops provide snacks which comprise of maggie, tea, coffee, etc. These vanilla shops can be a real savior during the time of crises.

Kashid beach is a great way to spend some quality time with friends & family. A trip now & then will be awesome at this place.

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Amazon: I am a member of Amazon affiliate programme. Amazon is probably the biggest market place there is. Buy your trip essential from this link

Agoda: Best place to book hotels of your liking. Agoda provides the best solution & great offer while booking a hotel.

Skyscanner: Skyscanner compares various sites & sort the flights based on the rates. A great way to check flight cost. Although the only drawback is that rates are flexible. Hence, the cost might change while you are making the payment.

Jetradar: Jetradar is a comparing site which is just like Skyscanner. But, is much more accurate & much more handy in use.

Booking: Best place to book hostel rooms. There are plenty of options available & with so many properties booking becomes much easier.

Couchsurfing: Best place to find free accommodation. It is as easy as filtering people & messaging. If you will get lucky you will find free accommodation in local resident house.

Travel Insurance: There are numerous options available to get one. So, you can choose anything which suits your requirement. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before buying one.

Malana Village Trek

Malana village is famous all around the world for a sole reason only & that reason is marijuana. The green stuff is available all over the world & because of which people are willing to visit this place to get a glimpse of it. Malana also has a hydro plant. Though, the attraction point is the village only. One can reach Malana while traveling to Kasol. After Jhari, take a right towards the Malana Hydro project & follow the path. This beautiful path will take you to the Malana Village entrance point. From there, one has to walk to the Malana Village.

Malana Village Himachal
The way to the entrance gate of Malana Village is not difficult & a four-wheeler can help you achieve this feat. However, during snow cabs are allowed to travel only up to a certain point, & from there one has to take a 4 by 4 to reach to the village entrance. After reaching the village entrance, one has to walk for around 1.5 hours to reach the main village.

I went during the winters & it had snowed the night before & because of the snow, the whole place was covered with it & resembled a Disney movie, straight from the fantasy. The trees top & branches were covered in the snow & one can only see snow. This was my first experience of snow & it was truly remarkable. The view of snow-capped trees & route is hard to describe.

Enroute To Malana
Every great thing is achieved by working hard & Malana village will make sure that everyone goes through hell before reaching heaven. Although, I am blowing this out of proportion. Yet, the trek of 1.5 hours to reach Malana village is moderately hard for some. People who have completed the Kheerganga trek can easily complete the task. But, people who have done little to no physical activities will find it very difficult to trek. The trek is tiring & exhausting & will take around 1.5 hours to reach Malana Village.

Malana Village Mark My Adventure
The narrow path to the village is beautiful but restricting, as one opposite valley is visible that gets monotonous after some time. But, when one hikes a little higher than, one can enjoy more pleasant & unique views of other peaks. After the hard trek, the person witnesses the pure beauty of the place & suddenly all the tiredness & exertion vanishes. Such is the beauty of the place & one of the core reasons to visit this place. The best way to spend in Malana Village is by sitting in cafes & sipping the majestic view of the place.

Malana Village Mark My Adventure

Chalal Trek

Chalal Mark My Adventure
Chalal is a small village near Kasol. To reach Chalal, one has to trek through the rough terrain & while doing so, one will stumble upon some of the most scenic views that one can imagine. The trek is roughly 30 to 40 min walk from Kasol. The place is known for its calmness, beauty & parties. There is a bridge that connects Kasol & Chalal. Thus, one has to cross that bridge & walk adjacent to the Parbati river in a narrow lane. The trek has many ups & downs but nothing substantial to demotivate you or demoralize you. The path is straight forward & marked as well. Hence people, who are trekking for the first time will not face any issue while reaching Chalal.

Parbati River Chalal
During trekking, experience the peace & quietness of the place. Places that are so calm & peaceful can only be found amid the mountains. At such places, the noise of the machines is replaced by the voice of the chirping birds or flowing river. Another reason that makes this place fabulous & breath-taking, it is tough to find such places where one can connect with nature at its purest form. Himachal has a flurry of such places & one of the many reasons to visit Himachal.

After walking for approx 40 min’s, one will see the village. The village is quiet & houses are pretty. There are many cafes in the village, which will offer food & drinks.However, the most famous ones are Cafe Maya & Cafe Freedom. Cafe Maya is more secluded & closer to nature. From Cafe Maya, one can view the might mountains while sipping a cup of tea. The raw nature of the place is magical & probably one of the major points that attract you to it. If compared to kasol, Chalal is hardly commercialized, finding a modern equipped home will be difficult. Whereas Kasol is fully commercialized & with increasing footfall the place is buzzing with the tourists literary in every season & finding peaceful place seems to be bit difficult. Chalal is much more secluded & because of which is preferred by many people.

Enroute To Chalal Mark My Adventure
There is nothing much to do apart from staying & chilling & enjoying nature in its full flow. So, if one is looking for a more secluded, closer to nature & can spend time with him or herself, can opt-out for Chalal.

Mountain View From Chalal Mark My Adventure
My experience of visiting the place was amazing. The calmness in the wind & nature will help to relax to the core & even though one is doing nothing. Yet, sitting in the lap of nature & enjoying it without any disturbance is one of the experiences that are ought to be tried & is a kind of meditation in itself.

Best Places Near Jabalpur

Jabalpur is one of the well-developed places in Madhya Pradesh & also among the few which are developed. A small-town city, still crawling to find some fast-paced life, like big cities. The place has been blessed by the nomad culture, which is eventually helping it too grow. Enough about the city amenities. What about the places near Jabalpur?. There are a few good options to choose from. So, if one is living in Jabalpur & looking for some good options to relish, can opt for the following options. All these places are around 200 Km from the city & can be fruitful for an outing or a long drive.

Bhedhaghat Waterfall Mark My Adventure


Bhedhaghat is the nearest to all the places near Jabalpur. Bhedhaghat is known for the waterfall & Marble rocks. The waterfall is located on the Narmada river. Its stature is very minute compared to some of the well-known waterfall, yet it is beautiful to watch. Another attraction is marble rocks, a boat ride through the marbles is one of the most pleasing & calming things one can do. Huge cliffs surround the river & thus is very calming & quiet. This can be one of the best half-day trips.

Mandla Kanha National Park Main Road

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is one of the few places where one can enjoy the natural habitat of the Tiger. The place is awesome for nature enthusiasts. The natural abode of animals is worth enjoying & if one is lucky enough to watch Tiger; it is the icing on the cake. The place is well maintained & a trip for a couple of days is a must.

Maihar Mark My Adventure


Maihar is a place with a mythological history. It is said that God Shiva was carrying the dead body of Sati & her necklace falls on this place hence the name. Maihar is known for its temple & each year thousands of people visit this place for some blessing. Many other fascinating mythological tales are surrounding the temple are worth listening to.

Bandhavgarh Travel


Bandhavgarh National park is another park famous for Tiger spotting. Bandhavgarh is having one of the highest density of tiger & thus there are high chances of spotting a tiger in its natural abode. A trip to the national park is always exciting because of the uncertainty of the next moment. All the national parks shall be booked online from the government portal & it is highly recommended to book the tour before visiting the place. As only limited vehicles are allowed in the region & after reaching the place & not having tickets for entry will be disheartening.

These are some of the best places near Jabalpur. The best time to roam around Jabalpur is winters. As the temperature is reasonable at this time & one can easily enjoy outdoor activities. Enjoying the sunshine in winters is among the most pleasurable things to enjoy during winters. So, if one is near Jabalpur & looking for some of the places to explore then these can be great options to choose from.

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Cheap Internation Flights: Best place to find cheap international flight tickets.

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Amazon: Best place for all your needs. Also, find best travel accessories.

Agoda: Best place to book hotels of your liking. Agoda provides the best solution & great offer while booking a hotel.

Skyscanner: Skyscanner compares various sites & sort the flights based on the rates. A great way to check flight cost. Although the only drawback is that rates are flexible. Hence, the cost might change while you are making the payment.

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Snowboarding Lessons

Snowboarding is a sport that has been around for about two decades and is becoming more popular every passing year. People are getting more & more into this sports snowboarding is one such extreme sport which is only becoming more extreme every year. There are snowboarding events throughout North America every year where people who love snowboarding get together for meetup, skate, glide, and ride. If you have ever wanted to try out snowboarding but are scared of it or don’t have much experience then it is time to take a look at some lessons. Taking snowboarding lessons can be a stepping stone to start your journey.

Snowboarding Lessons

Snowboarding lessons are a great way to take your skills to the next level. There are different types of snowboarding lessons that will help you learn different tricks and tips on how to snowboard. It is important that you choose the right snowboarding lessons so that you get the most out of your time and learn as much as possible.

The first thing that you want to look for in the right snowboarding lessons is safety. Most people don’t have any idea how dangerous snowboarding can be and there are so many people who have lost their lives while snowboarding. It is always best to go with someone who has been snowboarding for years with a lot of experience, as well as choosing best quality snowboarding gear.

Snowboard Lessons

You also need to learn the proper technique for snowboarding. Some people love the thrill of riding the rails and freestyle tricks while others love to just learn how to slide down the side of a hill. There are snowboarding lessons that will teach you how to do all of these things. Make sure that the instructor can explain the technique in such a way that you will understand it without having to read a book. Another important aspect of learning how to snowboard is how to protect yourself from the elements. This is where the safety gear comes in. There are special snowboarding boots, helmets, and other items that you need to wear that will help keep you safe when you are on the boards. Make sure that your instructor explains what you need to wear before you take off.

Snowboard lessons Mark My Adventure

If you want to start snowboarding, then you may not have time to take lessons because it is so popular at this time. However, you can still take lessons online. There are some great websites that teach you everything you need to know about snowboarding and how to become the best snowboarder that you can be.

A great idea is to try out some of these websites before you make the commitment to getting some lessons. You will find that learning how to snowboard doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to take a long time to get the hang of it.

Mountain Top Mark My Adventure


There are several different styles of snowboarding that you can learn. Freestyle snowboarding is one of the most popular styles and there are several different steps that you can take to get better at it. You will want to start by finding a website that offers beginner snowboarding lessons because it is easier than you think.

If you want to know how to snowboard better, then you will want to get more advanced snowboarding lessons because it takes more skill and knowledge. It is very important for you to understand the importance of wearing safety gear and taking care of your body when you are on the boards.

If you have never snowboarded before, you will want to start out with basic lessons so that you can learn the basics. before you move onto the more advanced lessons that you can expect to have in your future. This will allow you to build a foundation for your snowboarding skills so that you can easily move forward.

Books I Read in First 6 Months In 2020

The year 2020 has not been a great year for the world. With the coronavirus outbreak, things are in the standstill. Many people are fed up with the lockdown & finding it tough to deal with constraints. However, reading can be a wonderful gateway to some different planes. I read often & in the first 6 months of 2020, I have read following books. All these books have something good to offer & can shape your future. So, here is the list of books I read till date in the year 2020.

1. Hard Thing About Hard Things:

Hard Thing About Hard Things is a book by Ben Horowitz. He started his company during dot com boom & manages to stay afloat when the market crashed. How he manages to do stay alive during the bloodbath? This is the core of the book; he explains all the tips & tricks that he used to survive & thrive. Although everyone has his/her way of solving a thing; he has his. This book will teach you about the different aspects of management & how you can behave in each situation. This should not be treated as a playbook but as a guide book that will help you maneuver through rough terrains. This book has a special mention of legends like Andy Grove & Ben Campbell, both of which have books on their style of management.

Hard Thing About Hard Things Book Review

2. The Magic of Thinking Big:

How often one has heard the phrase believing is becoming. This book is one such book that doubles down on the concept. A self-help book will pour positivity inside you & will plead you to think big. A book which will help you to cover all the aspects of life & how to deal with each situation. There are so many magical lessons to be learned from this book, not only learn but also to implement it. If one can read this book with concentration, they will surely be able to differentiate between the person who achieves his/her goals & a person who doesn’t.

The Magic Of Thinking Big Book Reviews

3. Blockchain Revolution:

Blockchain revolution talks about blockchain technology which is shaping many other industries. Some predict that it is the most important innovation after the internet & everyone knows how the internet has flared up the world. Till few decades back, communicating with a person living on the other end of the world was impossible. But, the internet vanished that boundary. Blockchain’s primary example is Bitcoin, a peer to peer currency that allows you to transact without any third party overlooking it. A trustless system that is pretty much required at this time when top people don’t behave the way they meant to. Read this book to learn about fascinating things this technology can do.

Blockchain Revolution Book Review Mark My Adventure

4. Bitcoin Billionaires:

Bitcoin billionaires is a book on Winkelvoss twins, who sued Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Everyone knows how Facebook started, there were some controversial points & one of those controversial points is, the role of twins on Facebook. After settling with Mark, they moved ahead. Bitcoin was still in its earlier phases when twins dived deep down in the topic. After a bold prediction that it will change the financial sector for good, they went all in. So, read in this book about how they become first-ever Bitcoin Billionaires.

Bitcoin Billionaires Book Review Mark My Adventure

5. Anything You Want:

Anything you want is a book about a journey of a start-up, without any heavy words. By heavy words, I mean ROI, IRR, valuation, etc. The book is written in simple words & with this simple language tries to explain the process of a startup. What all thoughts occur during a different time of the journey. How the decisions should be made & what all parameters govern. It is a very short book with lots of valuable lessons. This book doesn’t showcase any tips & tricks to start a company, but an overview of different conditions & what pushes one to pursue this difficult journey.

Anything You Want Book Review

6. The Future Is Faster Than You Think:

The flying drones, AI, nanorobots, the stuff which seemed to be of future are about to enter our’s world. The technology is growing faster than anyone can anticipate & in the next decade the geography is going to change drastically. This book about the window to the future & how every industry that you can possibly think of will change for the good. Anyone who is looking to learn about something that science has to offer. So fasten your seatbelt while technologies take you to the next decade.

The Future Is Faster Than You Think Book Review

7. The Checklist Manifesto:

There is one thing that is common across all the industries & that is improving efficiency. But, how to improve it is the most concerning question & with this book, the author wants to provide an answer to that constant question. As per the author, there is a way to improve the efficiency of any industry & that is through making a checklist. A checklist will help you to complete the work & also help you how to solve the unexpected problem in case it arises. The steps you can take to mitigate the problems. A book will teach you how the checklist should be & why is it required.

The Checklist Manifesto Mark My Adventure

8. The Fountainhead:

Fountainhead is the story of an architect who is too bored to design regular buildings. He wants to build something which has soul, attitude, the impression of its owner. But, this world is too cruel for his imaginations. Many people are jealous of his guts, thinking & lack of facade. Yet, few of the lot help him in bits to give wind to his wings & he somehow manages to fly. Read about the story of a boy who broke every rule & still flew high. How some people want him to fail & quit. Yet, a small warrior inside him gives him the strength to fight it out. Many philosophical lessons to be learned from this book & one of the classics to read.

The Fountainhead Mark My Adventure

9. The E Myth Revisited:

The E Myth is a book about small businesses that vanishes within 5 years after the start of the operation & this figure is more than 80% which is astonishing. A person starts a company being a technician(a person who is good at building things) but this is not enough. To start a successful business, the person should be an entrepreneur (vision for the company) & manager (how to interconnect different stages of the business efficiently). Once a person can figure out the difference & work on it. He or she can move to the next step which is setting up of different processes that can help you to operate it without flaws & also replicate it anywhere. I think most of the lessons will be available online. However, if you want to get to specific examples can read this book.

E Myth-Revisited Book Review

10. Currency Wars:

Wars are fought on many fronts & with everyone capable of one nuclear bomb, bombing & vanishing in the thin air of hydrogen is not a solution. However, another front is an economic one. The battle of economies & taking steps to win over other powerful nations. Whomsoever is having healthy currency will rule the world’s economy. US dollar is in the front since world war II. However, countries like China, Russia are planning something big. US dollar condition is on a ventilator & the world is thinking to go back to Gold standards. It is interesting to read about the current scenario of various currencies. A very interesting book that will teach about the world’s financial system & how it is being manipulated.

Currency Wars

11. Elon Musk:

Elon Musk is nerd’s superstar & with mass innovations behind him, he has become someone who is changing the world each day. The story of a man behind PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, hyperloop, SolarCity & whatnot. He is a real-life iron man in true sense. Nobody has covered his journey in the true sense. Elon Musk finally agreed to tell his side of the story after rejecting it several times. This book will drive you through his struggles, his highs, his lows & his vision. It is not normal for a human being to earn millions of dollars & spend all in some new company whose success rate is pretty low. But, he is that man, he is on a mission to change the world with his innovations & visions. Some say he is not human & the way he works add up to this fact. The book will inspire you to do something big & monumental. Don’t miss it at any cost.

Elon Musk Book Review Mark My Adventure

So, this was the list of books I read in 2020 to date. I have planned to read 24 books, the challenge I gave to myself each year & completing it as well. You can check all the books I read here. Read, learn & implement.

These 4 Countries Will Give You Financial Help On Your Trip

Who would have thought that countries will give financial support to the travelers who are willing to travel to those countries after COVID 19 pandemic? But, you will be surprised to know that there are few gems who are willing to do this. Many countries are opening not only their borders but will also their wallets. They will pay you or help you on your trip to boost tourism. Due to this widespread virus, the economy of the almost whole world is in devastating condition & with no immediate relief on the sight. This step could boost its financials. Traveling has always been one of the luxurious expenses in a person’s life. So, without wasting any more time, here is the list of countries that will offer some financial assistance to travel.

Japan Travel Guide

1. Japan

Japan is the land of rising Sun & is known for its fabulous hospitality. Japan has some of the best natural attractions in the world & who has not fantasized about clicking a photo in front of snow-capped Mt Fiji? If visiting Japan was your long time dream, your dream is about to get fulfilled. Japan Govt is proposing to pay half of the flight tickets. Not only this they are also planning to subsidize attractions substantially. However, there is no clarity as now. The guidelines are expected to come into effect from Jul 2020. So, if everything is formulated then Japan will see a surge in the tourist numbers.

Sicily Mark My Adventure

2. Sicily

Sicily is the largest island on the Mediterranean sea. It is known to lure luxury travelers with their unmatched beauty. As per the reports, Sicily Govt will cover 1 night for every 3 night at the hotel along with the free entry to museums & archeological sites. This is not all, they will also cover half of your flight ticket cost.

Mexico Travel Guide

3. Mexico

Mexico is more than its tequila, Cancun is a famous destination in Mexico who is looking to ramp up its tourism by offering great deals on stay. Cancun hotel association has decided to give 2+2 on hotel deals & many more lucrative offers on car rentals, spa services & flights as well.

Cyprus Countries To Visit After Corona

4. Cyprus

Cyprus is not exactly allowing any freebies. However, they have mentioned that if you or your family gets infected with Corona Virus. They will fund your trip. However, getting infected for getting freebies is not a wise option to take. Cyprus is a famous tourist spot for Britishers.

Bulgaria Mark My Adventure

5. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in European union, it is also one of the most affordable places in Europe & yet under the radar. Some beaches along with their amenities are set to become free to the tourists.

So, until this coronavirus vanishes from the face of the earth. Be safe & sound & take all the necessary precautions. I am sure this post will help you decide on your first destination after the coronavirus.

Lesser-Known TV Series That Are Worth Watching

It is a perfect time to catch on some of the lesser-known TV series which are worth watching somehow it missed the radar of a lot of people because of the unavailability of the internet or lack of promotion. However, that doesn’t mean they are less than the other best TV series. These TV shows will completely patronize you, emotionalize you, & can tickle every emotion there is in your senses. These TV shows are amazing, to say the least, some of you must have watched it. In case, you have not heard about these names, fasten your seatbelts, you will in for a ride. For the record, I have not seen every TV series ever produced. However, I have watched a few & I believe these TV shows are worth a shot. So, here are lesser-known TV series that are worth watching.

The Wire:

A DEA team is set up in Baltimore to capture drug traffickers. The story seems to be simple, but it contains all the drama. The difficulty in finding loose ends & to decode practices is thrilling to watch. I have never seen any TV series which build side characters as much as this has built. The story is fantastically written & one can experience the fabulous acting of Idris Elba. Even after the season ends, you will feel to know about the characters more. You are so much engrossed in the characters that you want to live their life.

The Wire


Chernobyl had an accident in a nuclear reactor that resulted in the death of few people as per Russian Govt records. However, this was a cover-up story. As per unofficial records, the accident was massive & it resulted in the death of thousands & there is no counting as such. This series will take you through the horrifying journey of accident & its after-effects. Chernobyl is considered as the worst nuclear disaster in human history. The story is intriguing & exciting & hard to put down once started. This also symbolizes the downfall of the soviet union.


The Office:

A satirical comedy will tickle every bone in your body. The storyline is very simple but the punches are simply awesome. The setup is of the office where a bunch of people works, the story revolves around each one of them & in parts will cover their personal life. Each character lives in his own & bring joy to the existing scenes. The madness of this office will have a lasting impact on you.

The office
The Office: An American Workplace (NBC) season 1 Spring 2005 Shown: B.J. Novak (as Ryan Howard), John Krasinski (as Jim Halpert), Jenna Fischer (as Pam Beesley), Rainn Wilson (as Dwight Schrute), Steve Carell (as Michael Scott)


A time-traveling concept is mind-bending & exciting at the same well. There is hardly any time travel story that will glue you to the screen. The dark is a german TV series that is on high ranks. The story is pretty complex to explain. A child vanishes & his father starts to look for the clues. The story takes a turn when he realizes his son is his friend’s husband. The shocking plot will take you to much farther than this for more you will have to watch this series. The storytelling is great & also fantastic plot makes it worth a watch.


Wild Wild Country:

Osho was a cult guru in his time. His story is somehow hidden to this world. Some unfortunate incidents force him to abandon India & move to the USA. However, this is not all, his followers are madly devoted to him & one of those followers is Maa Sheela. Wild Wild Country is an epic disaster tale of a cult. The whole group moves to a ranch & how things take a downturn is mentioned in the series. The high flier of this series apart from the storyline is music. A wonderful journey inside the religious practices & what makes them so successful.

Wild Wild Country

Band of Brothers:

Band of brothers is a mini-series created by Tom Hanks & Steven Speilberg. The mini-series is based on the novel & interviews of the easy company; a company that was posted on the European front during the time of world war II. The story covers their journey after they are dropped in the war zone. Tarrifficly shot & great storytelling make this a must-watch series. The drama will capitulate you with emotions & thrill of war.

Band of Brothers TV Series

These are some of the TV series that is not hyped enough but are worth the shot. Watch these at right now & feel free to share it with your friends in need. Don’t let this quarantine time make them feel sad & bored, do your part. The best place to find these TV series are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar.

Things To Do During Self- Quarantine

It is not often that we are faced with something as massive as this, a point when everyone in the world is worried about one thing only that is stopping the flow of this new virus. Covid 19 is taking a horrendous turn & the hour demands to stop this pandemic. As of now, the best solution everyone came up with is self-isolation. Self-isolation is defined as a practice to keep your self at a safer distance from another human being. People are practicing this by staying at home & avoiding non-essential traveling. However, considering we are so much connected with the world through social media, distancing oneself from the most lured thing in the world is pretty much impossible. The news like an increase in the number of divorces in China due to home quarantine is surfacing all over the world. Is it that tough to stay indoors & spend some time with our selves? This made me write this article. I feel these things will help you a lot in self-isolation.


Books are the best friend of humankind, which is rightly so. Books have the ability to transport you to some other plane & it also encourages you to think differently. All the top people in the world have vouched for this. As per the data, the richest persons in the world are the most educated ones. Everyone wants to read the books, but because of lack of time, they are never able to start. So, this is a perfect time to resume what you have left.

Read Books Mark My Adventure

Play Station:

Video games has a different fan following altogether. When games like PUBG, Fortnight, etc are growing like tsunamis & with e-sport regularly organizing gaming events, the gaming industry has never been in a better place. Also, Go Pokemon shows how VR will change the coming years for the better. So, scratch your gaming itch by buying the latest play stations & conquer the virtual world.

PS4 Mark My Adventure

Musical Instruments:

Music touches those nerves, which can’t be touched otherwise. It requires patience, dedication, & hours of practice. This was possible only in school & college but now is the time to restart what was left. While, at home with access to unlimited content & free classes, this could be the trigger point to start again & practice it again. So, pick up an old instrument & start practicing. This will not only calm your mind but will also sharpen it.

Learn Guitar

Online Courses:

In the place like India where the competition is cut-throat in the literal sense, this forces you to upgrade your skills with the current practices. With online courses growing continuously, this could be the perfect time to learn a few new skills or upgrade the existing ones. Coursera is one of the biggest platforms to learn new things from the experts. Not so-called experts but the professor who teaches in ivy league colleges. So, a good time to brush up some of your skills.

Online Courses Mark My Adventure


Yoga not new to the world. This art is highly popular among all the age groups. There is an unlimited health benefit to Yoga & slowly but surely this is rising among every age group. Rishikesh in India is known as Yoga Capital of World. However, traveling all the far to Rishikesh is not possible at this time. But, the benefits of the same can still be availed by sitting at home. There are many channels on youtube that teach you yoga at home. Not just youtube, an app like cultfit will also help you to be fit while staying at home.

Yoga At Home


All the above points are for the people who love to do those things. Not necessarily every one of us is having a hobby. A hobby is not something that every one of us develops. But, it should be developed. It will keep you active & happy & also provide a much important purpose in life. It is time to introspect yourself & find those hidden interests which once made you smile, an activity that you wanted to pursue against all the odds of success. It is often said there no best time than now, & precisely this is the time to form some new hobbies for your older self.


Here are the best things that you can do while self-quarantine at home. Don’t be afraid to try something new & exciting. There is an opportunity in tough times. Rather than wasting it doing nonessential things, choose essential things. I hope this will help you to figure out your true self.