Best 6 Books To Read About Blockchain & Bitcoin On Amazon

Blockchain is one revolutionary technology that is considered in high regard by some of the greatest brains of the world. Blockchain is a transparent, public ledger that keeps account of everything just like an ordinary ledger but open to all. Some consider blockchain as the biggest invention to take place since the Internet. As most of us know, the internet has skewed the world into a click. Internet which one perceived as too geeky is now used by even the uneducated one in some form or the other. In similar ways, Blockchain which is still in the early phases of the experiment will transform the world for the good. One of the earliest experiments of blockchain is Bitcoin. Bitcoin needs no introduction but for those who wonder what this tech is? Bitcoin is a peer to peer currency, completely decentralized that can’t be hacked or manipulated. Bitcoin will change the finance system forever in the coming years in fact changing it this second. Finance is one of the use cases of blockchain. There are many more unexplored ones as well. So, if you are excited about this tech & want to learn more about it, you should read all the below books & after finishing all these books you will be amazed by the tech advancements.

Digital Gold

Digital Gold is a story of the early days of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto after the stock market crash in 2008. At that time, Bitcoin was trading at a few cents & a decade later the same is trading around 10,000 USD. Largely hailed as Gold 2.0 by this tech world. Bitcoin is expected to rise to an unmatched price of a few hundred thousand dollars. This book will take you to the early years of Bitcoin & its world. A perfect book to start your journey to this world.

Book Review of Digital Gold

Blockchain Revolution:

This book talks more about the different things that can be performed through blockchain. The author talks about the various industries that will radically change through the blockchain. With a combination of blockchain & AI; our daily lives will not the same & in the coming decade’s things will change drastically for the good. This book will take you to various industries & its functions & how it will change after the introduction of blockchain. A great book to get some ideas about the future & how you can adapt to it.

Blockchain Revolution Book Review Mark My Adventure


Since 2015, the development in blockchain has boomed. Most of the new businesses are building their businesses on the blockchain. There are tokens, mineable coins, stable coins & whatnot & there is hardly any book that explains these concepts thus this book will tell you about the functioning of various terms & what are its uses in the world of blockchain. This will help you greatly in figuring out what all types of assets are there in blockchain & what are the functions of each of them.


Mastering Bitcoin:

A more of a technical book about how the bitcoin blockchain functions & what is the necessity of its code. This book is not for everyone as this will dive deep into the technicalities of the blockchain. The book is great for people looking to learn about the bitcoin blockchain & how can they use it in their projects. Blockchain is a complex structure & mastering it requires a lot of patience & hard work. This book will surely help you to get some extra legroom or comfortable with the code of blockchain, cryptography, total supply, halving, etc.

Mastering Bitcoin Mark My Adventure

Internet of Money:

Andreas Antonopoulos is Bitcoin Jesus for the simple reason that he shares wisdom without any return. He talks about the use case of Bitcoin & why it is so important in today’s world. Internet of Money is a collection of his talks over the period of time, that will make you fall in love with this technology. He speaks passionately & positively. Not only this he also talks about the possible hindrance in the adaption of this technology. Thus, no bitcoin talk is complete if we don’t mention him in the context & anyone without tech knowledge should listen to him.

The Internet of Money

Bitcoin Billionaires:

Facebook’s story is well known to the world. In the movie, The Social Network; there is mention of two brothers who worked with Mark Zuckerberg during his quest & who later sue him for stealing their idea. The same twin brother jumped into then fancy money Bitcoin after the Facebook settlement. Bitcoin was introduced to them at some party & after researching about it. They were convinced that it will change the world so they went all in, they bought most of the Bitcoin they can get their hand on. It is assumed that at one point in time they had 1% of total bitcoin supply. As informed earlier, Bitcoin price started with few cents & once the price of 1 Bitcoin hit 10,000 USD they became billionaires.

Bitcoin Billionaires Book Review Mark My Adventure
All these books are a must to read if you want to get informed about this tech & Bitcoin. This technology is awesome & if the development is matched with the potential our world will change for the good. Also, it is one of the biggest investment opportunity at the current moment. So, don’t miss it. I hope this will help you to learn something new today.