How To Plan A Budget Trip

Budget is one of the most important things while planning a trip & it is probably one of the main reasons why people avoid traveling to their dream locations. However, is it hard or impossible to travel on a budget? Especially, at this time when most of the information is available with just one click. The answer is a simple “NO” period. There are ample ways which can help you to plan a budget trip. So, how to plan a budget trip?. This post will help you plan a budget trip in an affordable & doable way.

Table of Content:

1. Choosing destination:

When the world is at your disposal, choosing the right place is always a tedious part & with so many options to work from it corrupts our minds for expectations of better places. The best way to choose on the destination is based on your interests. If you like places with natural touch search for similar options. As the mind will always play games & you will miss an opportunity to travel to a place you always wanted to travel to. Shortlist the place & do not deviate from it. Research about a destination like what all you can do. Choosing a perfect destination is 1st step in planning a budget trip.

Choosing destination how to plan a budget trip

2. Visa requirement:

After shortlisting the destination read about the visa requirement, fee & process involved. As some destinations requirements are high compared to the others. Of all the destinations I traveled so far the most difficult was of Europe. So, it is better to research visa process & then go ahead with your plans.

3. Duration of travel:

Not every destination requires a month-long duration to explore. Some can be completed in a few days as well. I believe that one must spend at least 3 days at the same place to enjoy it fully. However, the duration of the travel must be in sync with your things to do & budget (which will be covered later). It is not required to do all the activities, you can only do those activities which you really want to. So, prioritize your activities & calculate the duration. In the case of multiple stops, it is recommended to consider extra days for each stop.

4. Travel budget:

Planning for a budget is the tricky part. But, if you want to travel sustainably it is recommended to stick to the budget. I know it gets lucrative to spend on all the activities once on the road. But, this is what will decide your fate of budget traveling. Search for basic prices of items & liquor this will help you to decide the upper limit of the budget. Suppose, if the meal prices are high then it is better to cook your own food. You can buy stuff from supermarkets which will significantly lower your expenses. Decide on the maximum amount you are willing to spend & work per day expenditure backward. This will help you massively in planning a budget trip.

5. Saving for the trip:

Once your budget is fixed it is time to save for that extra amount. Keep a check on your expenses. This is an entirely personal way of money management. Not spending is also one kind of savings. I personally don’t like to spend on things I don’t require. I don’t watch movies in the theaters, don’t eat outside, don’t shop much until & unless it is an absolute requirement & invest whenever possible. Along with this keep certain money aside each month & spend the rest. This will help you to plan your priorities. You can check the following books if money really matters to you.
Read these books if money really matters to you.

6. Seasons for traveling:

This is probably the most underrated & most missed point while planning a budget trip. As most of the people are aware that during the season prices of everything rises 2 or 3 times from the normal season. Traveling during the season has many benefits but those benefits don’t sync with the finances. I traveled to Cape Town during winters & it helped me to save on my accommodation by at least 50%. This is the impact of in season& off-season traveling. If budget is constraint then traveling off-season is highly recommended. It will help you to save at least 20 to 25% of the amount & with that amount you can travel to some new destinations. Deciding season is important step in how to plan a budget trip.

7. Book cheap flight tickets:

When all the above steps are done, it is time to book cheap flight tickets. You can check the following article which helps you to find cheap international flight tickets. Also, during off-season, there are massive discounts on flight tickets.

How to find cheap flight tickets.

If you run out of the breath while reading the article, you can check the following link which will directly help you to book cheap international flight tickets.

8. Booking hotel:

Stay is one fixed cost that will be surely there. Hostels are the perfect place to stay for solo backpackers. It not only saves money but will also help you to interact with the other solo backpackers. A great way of community building. Here is a post to sites which you should refer to before booking a hostel.

How to book hostels at affordable prices.

If hostels are not your cup of tea, then you can book hotels or Airbnb. These will be slightly costlier if compared to hostels but it comes with luxury. Use the below links to book a hotel with a discount.

9. Travel Insurance:

Traveling solo is unpredictable. So, one must be prepared for any mishappening. The best way to protect yourself is by taking travel insurance. There are many sites which help to book travel insurance at discounted rates. This is an important aspect as this can really protect you from anymishappening & will allow you to plan a budget trip.

10. Memories:

After planning rigorously for a budget trip. It is time for some fun, each new destination brings new memories & new experiences. Visit the places you want to & paint the white canvas of your life with the memories created by traveling. As traveling might rob you with some money but it will enrich you with experience, thrill, amazement, excitement & energy. So, don’t waste life counting days, go out do things that excite you & make it memorable.

These steps are essential & will teach you how to plan a budget trip. I hope this really helps you to plan your budget trip with minimum efforts.

After reading this post, if you are not ready to take that next step I don’t know what will motivate you :P. Don’t wait, book your next destination right now & travel world.

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Jetradar: Jetradar is a comparing site which is just like Skyscanner. But, is much more accurate & much more handy in use.

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Travel Insurance: There are numerous options available to get one. So, you can choose anything which suits your requirement. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before buying one.