Kalavanti Durg : One of The Toughest Trek Near Mumbai

Kalavanti Durg Trek



Kalavanti Durg a hill located near Panvel. It is one of the difficult treks of Maharashtra & very enduring too. Trek is tough on the body but it’s worth doing during monsoon.

How to reach

From Mumbai, you can take a Local train toPanvel. The cost of traveling from the Local train is very minimal.

From Panvel station, you have to go to bus depot which is 10 min walking from Panvel station. If you are lucky you can catch a direct bus to Thakur Village (base location) the place to start your trek. It will take 45 to 60 Min to reach Thakur Village

If you miss the direct bus, you can catch a bus till Shedung, which is 30 to 40 Min from Panvel and bus cost is standard so it won’t pinch pocket much. From Shedung, you can hire a shared auto to reach Thakur village, the distance from Shedung to Thakur village is appr. 7 Km.

Trek info:

Once you reach base village (Thakur Village), start your trek but eat at the first shop you get because eateries are located at the far distance from each other & trek is very tough. Do carry ample quantity of water with you.

Trek will take 2 to 3 hours one way. Trek can be commenced in parts. starting portion is simple & can be easily completed. To cut the time some people take the tough path which is very difficult but it is worth taking as it will thrill you give you a sense of achievement & test your skills; the skills that you don’t learn in school but have to live it. I took the tough path & I am happy I choose a untravelled path.

Once you reach village real test begins. Trek will test your stamina, strength & mental toughness; trek will take you from thick dense forest to the top of the hill from where you can sense calmness & the beauty of nature. Most of the people stop here because if path before this was tough, the ahead road is tougher. Even if you go back from this point don’t be sad as you have already come very far from where you have started. Beyond this point elevation of 60 to 80-degree path starts, there are stairs to reach the top. Reaching top you are tired but you are more satisfied with the achievement with the fact that you completed one of the toughest treks near Mumbai. The scenery of huge mountains, clouds, villages & you will just take you to some other world. Though I can but I won’t say much as I want you to feel it, love it & try something out of monotonous life.


Accommodation: Accommodation is very cheap in accommodation varies from Rs 100 – Rs 300 per day for a room (Varies with availability)

Food: House owner will prepare food, choices are not much. Thus, it's better to plan prior for food.


Duration of travel

Mumbai to Panvel will take nearly 2 hours

From Panvel to Shedung – 30 to 40 Mints

From Shedung to Thakur village – 20 mints

Trek time – 2 to 3 hours (Depending upon stamina and endurance)

Kalavanti Durg
Kalavanti Durg

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