Is Bhedhaghat Worth Visiting?

Bhedhaghat gives a sense of ancient place the area, is hardly developed & have lots of glimpse of the undeveloped portion. Bhedhaghat main attractions are limited to the Dhuandhar waterfall & marble rocks. So, how is the place & is Bhedhaghat is worth visiting to? These questions are meant to rise & considering people zeal to visit new places this can be an interesting topic to write upon for those who are looking for travel options.

Bhedhaghat is a very small town near Jabalpur which is the only major city near the town. One can reach Jabalpur from any part of India because of a very well connected rail network.

First Impression Of Bhedhaghat:

Following the national highway towards Nagpur, there is a diversion towards the right which will take you one step closure to the destination. The way from the national highway to the entrance of the village is still under construction (the year 2020) & hence one can witness few bumps during the road. After taking a right cut to the village, a single lane narrow road will maneuver one to the main entry point. One can experience a few bumps en route to the parking location. From parking, one has to walk towards the waterfall. The way to the waterfall is surrounded by shops, on either side & after some 1 Km from parking, one can sense the voice of dropping water. A sense of excitement will grapple one’s mind & heart. The water is not thunderous for a waterfall, yet feels threatening at some time. There is not an option to enjoy the waterfall from the bottom of it, but a facility is available to enjoy it from the top. It is one of the pleasant sites to enjoy, the sound of water & calmness with which it flows after cutting through the marble rocks. It is amazing to see the stillness of a river before reaching the inception point & then calming again. A unique formation to watch for sure. There are few points before the waterfall where one can enjoy a dip in the river.

The second attraction of Bhedhaghat is boating in the Narmada River through marble rocks. Naturally cut marble rocks are one of the best sites to enjoy & some of the famous Bollywood movies have shot some shots here. A boat will carry people through the different parts of marble rocks & some of which are beautiful to watch. During the different sections of boating, one can experience different colors of marbles in their natural form, the site has been managed well by the caretakers & it is always a pleasure to witness an unadulterated site. Boating will give a calming feeling amid the nature & for once a person can forget about the outside noise.

Was It Worth Visiting Bhedhaghat?

Bhedhaghat is some 100 Km from the place I reside & during covid times when there are no options available this seems to be an obvious choice to roam. Surprisingly, the place is a decent one & a half-day tour is more than enough to cover both these points. For a person who is staying nearby & looking for some change of view can surely visit this place. But, I feel one will not enjoy going there again & again. The place is good for a couple of times but not more than that.

So, will I recommend visiting Bhedhaghat? I wouldn’t if you are specially coming only for this. There are many other places where one can enjoy a good outing. Bhedhaghat is one of those places, where one can have a decent outing if one is staying in a nearby city & wants to have a day off among the river, which is a nice way to relax & enjoy nature.

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