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Rann of Kutch is a very famous place near Bhuj (a small city in the Gujrat). This place has risen to the world stage due to the efforts of none other than Mr. Amitabh Bachan. I have been to several states in India. But, Gujrat was still untouched. I wanted to change this & Rann of Kutch festival gave me that opportunity. Rann of Kutch is primarily famous for the white desert which appears due to the vaporization of the water. The images of white sand blossoming in full moon is the reason most of the people want to visit the place. In fact, most people plan their trip in such a way that they can witness the White Sand in a full moon.

How To Reach Rann Of Kutch

The nearest city to Kutch is Bhuj which is 80 Km from Kutch. Thus, reaching Bhuj should be the prime motive. Bhuj can be reached via various modes of transport.


Bhuj has a national airport. But, the frequency from various parts of the nation is very low. However, there are few costly options of flights are available from the big cities like Delhi & Mumbai. If the flight tickets cost are skyrocketing, try searching for Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is the nearest biggest city near Kutch & has a decent frequency of flights. From Ahmeadabad you can either take a zoom car or trains or private cab to reach rann festival.


Trains are the most popular commuting way in India. Railway tracks are spreads across length & breadth of India. It is possible to find direct trains to Bhuj from most part of the nation. India has a government website to book train tickets which is IRCTC. Make sure you book well in advance as train tickets are sold here much faster than black Friday or big billion day sale.

Road Trip:

Gujrat has some of the best roads of India. So, buckle up for the smooth ride. One of the best time to visit Rann of Kutch is from Oct to Feb. Also, this time is best for driving due to a cooler temperature. I along with my friends started from Mumbai in an XUV & reached the Bhuj in approx 20 hours.

Best Things To Do:

Rann of Kutch is an image of Vibrant Gujrat a tagline to promote tourism in Gujrat. So, what all is there to do in Kutch?

White Desert:

White desert is certainly the prime attraction in Kutch. Each year hundreds of people visit this part of India to witness a natural phenomenon when water disappears & leave behind glittering white salt which color the surface white. Thus, arriving at the name THE WHITE DESERT. The best time to visit Kutch is from Oct to Feb & to enjoy the Rann of Kutch beauty choose full moon night. I am sure, the mindblowing image of glittering white desert due to full moon in a dark background is tailored made for your facebook DP.

Rann Utsav:

Rann Utsav is a mini fair supported & promoted by Gujrat Tourism Board. The purpose of Rann of Kutch festival is to showcase the lifestyle, the culture, the tradition of Kutch people to the world. In this festival, you will find lots of local art & local food. A nice place to enjoy local hospitality.


Bhuj is decent size city near Kutch. Many people choose Bhuj as an accommodation option & travel to Rann of Kutch Festival in private vehicle. As staying in Kutch is pretty expensive. Bhuj has certain points of attractions which can be covered in a day or two, namely Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal etc.


Mandvi beach is some 60 or 70 odd minutes drive from Bhuj. As the name suggests, this place is ocean facing place which means a sandy beach. The calm beach & clear water is good for one day tour. Not many people visit this place. But, anyone who wants to have some calm & relaxing time can visit this place.
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Cost Involved:

It is difficult to predict the amount required to visit Kutch as there are lots of options available from stay to eateries. The budget involved is the average amount you should pay for different activities. However, the same can vary with the season & time.

Rann Of Kutch Hotels:

There is a long range of options available to choose from. If budget is not an issue for you, it is better to choose some 4-star properties. The average rate for one-night stay is around 1500 to 2000 in Bhuj. However, the cost of staying in Rann of Kutch is quite high compared to Bhuj. In general, the price of rann of kutch tents starts at 5,000 per person. You can check your stay price from the following link.


The taste of food is decent in Kutch. I would say it is somewhere in between good to great. The costs of food are very decent. Gujrat is a dry state so finding an alcohol is a tough job. But, there is one silver lining if a person is traveling from a different state then there is a provision of getting limited alcohol from govt authorized centers. An average cost of Rs 600 to 800 for the food should be enough for two people.

Site Seeing:

A permit is required to enter the white desert which is very handful of the amount. The tickets are of Rs 100 per head & Rs 50 for a vehicle. Apart from the entry charges at the Rann Utsav. There is no charges involved.
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So, this was my Mark My Adventure Guide to Rann Of Kutch. I hope this will help you to plan in a better way. If you have any queries, feel free to mail me at [email protected].

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