These 5 Books Should Be In Your Library

Books are essential part of the people growth story. In today's world where everything has become digitalized books have been replaced with an e-book. However, I am pretty old school in this aspect of life. I like to have a collection of books & while setting up my own library of books. I came across a thought about the books which should be in everyone's library. A book for different times & different moods. The books I have shortlisted are all read by me & I feel suits every mood of life. There is philosophy, science, innovation etc in these books. I am sure these books will help you to grow your horizon.


Sapiens was my first book written by Yuval Harari. This book was finding hard to get published. But, once it did; it took world by storm. After the release, the book became an instant bestseller. The book is about the history of the world. How humans came into the existence & became supreme ruler of the world. Why only we were able to dominate the world. There are some intriguing stories in this book & it completely takes one to some different world. The book explains everything from migration, religions & wars in-depth. I liked the book alot & already read it twice. The content in the book was so gripping that I wanted it in my collection of books in hardcover. Hardcovers are usually costlier than a paperback. Although some books are meant to kept & handed over to the future generation & this will one of the books I want to gift to future generation for sure. The simple reason behind this is the perspective that this books give. When one is in journey it is hard to know the high & low points. But, this book takes you that dreaded path.

The Power of Subconsious Mind

This book can be read anytime for any situation. The basic concept of the book is to help you tap the amazing power of your subconscious mind. It sounds absurd for a mind. However, if one can connect the dots then this is pretty useful. I read this book first time in pdf & was so influenced by its content that I ordered it in Hardcover. More than 6 Million people have bought this book. Re-read it till principles are engraved in your mind. There is a solution for everything & in any time this book can be very useful. If you are facing some problem in any aspect of life or you are stuck in solution this book probably will have a solution for that problem. The chapters are divided based on the problems faced by majority of the population. The topics like love, money, happiness are explained in this book. This is one of the reasons to keep this book in your library. Just to revisit it every now & then.


The news nowadays has become glamorous rather than effective. It seems that they want to sell fear & sensation. The question arises but it is true?
This book is about all these nuisances which are causing some ripple of lost hope. According to this book, there is more to the story shared with you. There some 10 points explained in the book which depict that world is getting a better place. I liked the book for its fundamentals. There are so many points to be utilized in your daily life. There are things that one need to analyse before deriving into any decision. A great insight into how the things actually are. A very thoughtfully knitted book by the Author. One of the best books to ehnance the beauty of your collection. Not to mention a fabulous hardcover design 😉

The Innovators Dilemma

Innovators Dilemma is a book to be read by every business person or any person who is looking to start his or her company. This should be like read at every step of setting up a business. The main reason is principles behind the book. The book compares different industries & tries to find out correlations if there are any. Even after having million or billion of dollars companies, it takes a start up to disrupt the industry. Why only small companies are able to topple the industry rulers. This has happenned before & it will happen in future. So, why is it so ? There are many such aspects of business which are covered in this book. The concepts in the book are applicable every where & maybe this is the reason why most of the business heads are recommending this book.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm was written in the 1940's by George Orwell & it has been traveling to generations to generations since those days. The book depicts the situation of a farm which is ruled by a human. However, after some incident Pigs take the opportunity to control the farm. How the things change when the pigs are in control of the farm is the book all about. A wonderful view of the world where people are chosen to do the job. But, with power, the perception changes & so the outcomes. I re-read this book to keep my mind in check. That I shouldn't become like a pig & act normally.

These are best books I can suggest. I hope these books will be as helpful as these are to me. Dont hold back & order soon.

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