Koh Samui: My Experience of Traveling Koh Samui For The First Time

Koh Samui was my second destination after Bangkok in Thailand. I chose Koh Samui for its magnificent beaches and beauty. This tropical island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, along with other famous islands like Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Tao. On the one hand, Koh Pha Ngan is famous for its full moon parties, and on the other hand, Koh Tao is known for its tranquil waters, perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. Unlike some travelers who prefer to hop between places, I had planned to solely focus on exploring and enjoying Koh Samui.

Bangkok To Koh Samui:

Koh Samui Airport:

To reach Koh Samui, I had two options: flying directly to Koh Samui Airport or taking a bus and speed boat from Bangkok. Since I had made my Thailand trip plans quite late due to the full moon party, I didn’t have enough time to book a flight. Therefore, I decided to book a bus and speed boat journey from Bangkok to Koh Samui. I booked a ticket with Lomprayah, which cost me around 1400 Baht. Another service provider, 12Go, offers great discounts on buses, ferries, and trains. One can save some extra money by booking through this platform. I chose a normal bus from Lomprayah Tours on Khao San Road. There were options for both normal and VIP buses, each with its advantages. As the name suggests, the VIP bus offers more convenience and comfort.

I traveled on the normal bus, which had decent air conditioning and okay seats. The bus toilets were below average, so it was advisable to avoid using them if possible. The most tiring part of the journey was the bus ride itself, which took around 7-8 hours to reach Thug Makham Noi Beach. We arrived at approximately 4-4:30 am after departing from Bangkok at 10 pm. The first speed boat departed at 7 am. At the pier, there was a seating area, but only a part of it was covered, and due to the rainy weather, it was a bit wet. Nonetheless, I managed to pass the time by sitting on a bench.

At 7 am, people started boarding the ferry. The boat had three compartments: bottom, middle, and top. The top compartment was open to the sky, so I chose my seat wisely. I sat on the third tier and enjoyed the wind and ocean views until the sun came out. Once the sun became intense, I moved to the second tier. The boat ride was smooth, although the humid temperature made it a bit uncomfortable. The boat also offered an air-conditioned seating room for an additional 100 baht.

After approximately 4 hours, the boat reached Koh Tao, and I could easily see the tranquil waters, tempting me to dive in for some snorkeling or scuba diving. The next stop was Koh Pha Ngan, which was about 1 hour away from Koh Tao, and then another 1 hour further to Koh Samui.

After an overnight journey, I finally arrived at the shores of Koh Samui. There was a bus service (minivan) available at the shore, which took passengers to their respective hotels, hostels, or resorts for a fixed price of 150 Baht.

Experiencing Koh Samui For The First Time:

When I decided to visit Koh Samui, I opted for the cheapest hostel available, despite its reputation as a popular destination for travelers and honeymooners, known for its luxurious resorts and breathtaking views. Unfortunately, the hostel I stayed in was very basic and didn’t meet the usual standards. However, it was conveniently located near Choengmon Beach. To explore Koh Samui, the best mode of transportation is a scooter, which can be easily rented from local shops for around 200 Baht per day. It is not only the most convenient way to get around but also the most affordable. The island is home to numerous beautiful beaches, some of which are truly pristine. Among them, Chaweng Beach stands out as the go-to place for shopping and clubs, especially popular among solo travelers. Ark Beach Club and Lub D clubs are among the top choices on the island. Despite the challenges of navigating the heat, humidity, and occasional showers, I thoroughly enjoyed riding my scooter to different parts of the island. The Gulf of Thailand offers calm waters, making it perfect for swimming. Just remember to bring your swimwear and take a dip in the ocean. Although the water is clear, it doesn’t have the vibrant turquoise color found in some other parts of Thailand. On the culinary front, finding street vendors selling vegetarian food can be a bit challenging, as street food is not as prominent on the island. I often chose a beach to relax in the afternoon, taking in the views. However, the cloudy weather hindered the enjoyment of sunsets, which are usually a highlight.

Koh Samui town has several pubs that offer pool tables, attracting many retired individuals who enjoy their leisurely life in this beautiful place. While I did enjoy my time on the island, I have visited better places in the past. I chose Koh Samui primarily because it is located near Koh Pha Ngan, famous for its full moon parties—a party I had always wanted to experience at least once.

If you are staying away from the main market of Koh Samui, there are chances you will find a calm surroundings far from the crowds & noises. I hope this blog on Koh Samui about my experience will help you to make your decision to visit Koh Samui or not.

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