Bhedhaghat Travel Guide

Bhedhaghat is approx. 20 Km from one of the main cities in Madhya Pradesh. Jabalpur. Bhedhaghat is mainly famous for its waterfall i.e Dhuadhar waterfall & marble rocks. These two are the only main attractions of this place. Although there is nothing else to see apart from the above-mentioned attraction, Bhedhaghat is still a decent half-day tour. Bhedhaghat is near Jabalpur, Jabalpur was named after a sage Jabali who used to stay in Bhedhaghat or so the story is.

How To Reach Jabalpur:

Jabalpur has a national airport & connected with major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad. However, the frequency of flights is limited to few. If time is an issue one can opt for a flight from any of these metro cities & reach this place.

Another mode is the trains. Indian railway has connected length & breadth of India & one can easily find some train to this part of the state.

From Jabalpur, one can book a private cab to reach Bhedhaghat. It will hardly take an hour to reach Bhedhaghat from Jabalpur.

Things To Do In Bhedhagat:

There are two major attractions in Bhedhaghat that are highly popular among tourists.

Dhuandhar Waterfall:

A mini waterfall on the Narmada River is highly famous for its foggy nature. The pressure with which the waterfalls on the rocks is so high that it results is like smoke. Dhuan in English is smoke. Thus, the name Dhuandhar. Tourists can only access the waterfall through a steel stage, which is especially set to click photos. The best time to visit the place is after the monsoon season as the climate is favorable for traveling.

There is an option of the cable car that will allow you to cross the falls & reach the other side of the river. There are few good restaurants on the other side to relish good food with the best views.


Few km from Dhuandhar waterfall is a boating facility that will take you over a calm Narmada River among the natural marble. It is highly recommended to do this activity, as there are few good views to enjoy & it is very calming & refreshing to watch different color marbles, calm Narmada & few unique natural structures. There is a charge of Rs 100 per person for a public boat, Rs 800 for a private boat (5- 8 people).
Narmada River Bhedhaghat

My Experience:

The roads are perfect to drive except for a few patches where the construction is in progress. With the development of the national highway's driving has become much more pleasant. There is an entry fee of Rs 50 to enter the Bhedhaghat region. Amidst the village, a single lane road will take you to the parking of Dhuandhar waterfall. One can take a car to the bottom of the waterfall that will cost you a few hundred bucks extra. From parking to the waterfall, one needs to walk between the shops on either side. After walking for a few hundred meters, one can experience the sound of a waterfall.

One can watch the mighty Narmada river coming from a plane field & cutting through marbles on the other. There is a ropeway to cross the river. There is a stage through which one can enjoy the waterfall & experience the beauty of nature. The moment we reached the waterfall, the calmness of the place blew my mind. The sound of water falling on the rocks was balanced by the quietness of the river flow. The flow is not dangerous, the way it is in places like Kasol, Tosh in the Himalayas, where one can feel the thunderous sound of water flowing from even 500 Mts or more. In Narmada, the flow was more gentle & calm & someone has said correctly that the deepest seas are the calmest ones. There is a place to enjoy a bath as well. But, the best would be to sit & enjoy the flow of the river.

Boating Bhedhaghat
A few km's from the Dhuandhar Falls is a boating site. The boat vendor will cover 1 Km of the distance between the natural marble cliffs. The commentary of the vendor is funny & refreshing & will keep you entertained through the journey. The natural marble cliffs are beautiful & serene, one will pass through many points that will worthy of a pic. During this trip, one will see the cave of the sage Jabali (The sage after which this city was named.) Some structures are made naturally & are amazing. The boat ride is one of the best parts of the place. Even different color marbles are amazing to watch. The beauty of it is worth a visit. I enjoyed the boat ride & the calmness of the river & the depth lasting more than 300 feet. Unlike most of the touristic spots that are not managed well, this place did fairly well if compared to them. For me, it was a refreshing place to visit, a good half-day tour will refresh your nerves. If somehow you come to Jabalpur, there are many other sites to enjoy, places like Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Maihar, etc that is good enough for 3 to 4 days of tour.
Dhuandhar Waterfall
Grey Marble In Bhedhaghat

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