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Om beach
Diwali is a special occasion in India & when Diwali is in the vicinity there is a glitters in my eyes for one more reason & that is my Birthday. My birthday is in Nov & each year (the time since I have started my job) I plan to do something unique. So, make this time memorable I shortlisted the place GOKARNA.

Gokarna is a place approx 100 Km from Goa. A place considered as a new home for the hippies. A place whose beaches are yet to be vandalized by human intervention. A place which can be Goa of 80's carefree, crowd-free, silent, clean & mesmerizing. Also, Gokarna is one of the places in India where surfing is possible.

How To Reach Gokarna:


Goa has an international airport. So, finding a flight direct to Goa won't be an issue. From Goa to Gokarna is approx 100 Km. So, one either has to take a bus, train or cab to reach Gokarna.


Trains are the most suited mode of transport to reach Gokarna which is in Karnataka state. It will be hard to find direct trains from any part of India. So, the best option would be to reach Goa & then to Gokarna. Best way to reach Gokarna by train is to travel till Madgaon or Karwar. There are numerous passenger trains running from Madgaon to Mangalore which halts at Gokarn road. Train journey from Madgaon to Gokarn road takes 2.5 hours. Cost of tickets is very minimum (around Rs 60 per passenger) From Gokarna road, take a rickshaw which will cost around Rs 350 (prices may vary with time)

How I Traveled?

An overnight journey from Mumbai in train & we reached (me & my friend) Goa in the morning raring to spend some quality time in Goa. My earlier plan was to go to Gokarna directly. However, my friend has some friends coming up in Goa for a few days. Thus, I decided to stay in Goa for two days & after that move to Gokarna. Goa, as usual, was fun & entertaining. There are only a few things that youngsters do in Goa these are exploring beaches, doing Parties, again exploring Beaches & again parties. So, after doing things needs to be done in Goa. It was time to move to Gokarna.

Gokarna from Goa is approx. 2.5 hours drive, the route between South Goa to Gokarna is beautiful as there are trees on either side of the road. In no time we reached Gokarna. Gokarna is a small village located on the sea shore in Karnataka. I have heard a lot about this place, everyone said it is worth a visit. So, it was time to witness the unknown to me.
Sunset Om beach

First Impression of Gokarna:

Gokarna is a laid-back town, very quiet & extremely peaceful. This is not a place for people looking for parties. This place has its own charm. There is clear water beaches, soft sand, amazing sunset view & low numbers of humans. Sit outside enjoy the slow breeze & watch the sun setting in the sea. The peace of the place is hard to find. A place which has just the sound of the waves hitting the shore & dipping sun in the background is worth exploring. Relish the place in peace for some time & I am sure the image will have some long-lasting impression on your mind.

Gokarna is a perfect getaway if you are looking for some perfect peaceful time. There is nothing much to do in Gokarna other than swimming, beaches exploration & some adventure activities like fast boat ride, dolphin ride & Surfing (One of the sites in India for surfing).

The best part of Gokarna without a doubt is beaches, you just can’t have enough of it. There are 4 beaches in this small time & all are beautiful & worth visiting. I went to Om beach & stayed there only. I trekked to Half moon beach, paradise beach which was within 1 hour of distance.

Activities To Do In Gokarna:


Majority of the crowd are into beach hopping. Gokarna beach, Kundle, Om Beach are some of the main attractions. But if looking for a more private time then do visit Half moon & Paradise beach.

Water Sports:

There are few service providers who offer adventure sports. Gokarna is also famous for surfing, It is among the very few places which offer this sport. Dolphins sighting is one activity you can look for.


Sunsets can be witnessed from most of the places. But, Gokarna has its own charm. Sit near the shore enjoy the breeze & sound of waves. The sunsets here are more colorful.
No Way Gokarna
Om Beach Gokarna

Gokarna Budget:

I spend Rs 3k for two days for all my expenditure.


Food cost is a bit higher as per the liking. The taste was average. There are lots of option for eating & drinking all along the coast. The average meal for two people will cost around Rs 600. Alcohol is not as cheap as in Goa. One has to spend more than Rs 200 for a bottle of beer.

Gokarna Hotels

Namastey cafe was the place where I stayed. It has a private access to the beach. It has its own restaurant. The place has plenty of option for staying. The price of 2 bedrooms was Rs 800 per day. The prices may vary during peak season. The places to stay in Gokarna is beachside resorts, cafes or hotels. There are lots of them.
If you are a camping person, need not to worry there are lots of sites where you can put your camp in the wilderness.


Gokarna road & Om beach are at a distance of 6Km. I stayed near Om beach which had access to other beaches like Half moon beach, paradise beach through walking. There is also a speedboat available for traveling between the beaches. Bus & auto services for the station are available from Om beach. .Usually auto charges Rs 150 from Om beach to Gokarna city & Rs 350 to Gokarna Road (railway station of Gokarna)
The legacy of celebrating birthdays with new activities (I got tattoo done on my birthday, then I went to Mt Hua) still going strong. I hope I can maintain the record for some more years.
A trip is incomplete without the pics. During the time of this trip, I used an iPhone 6s which clicks awesome pics. So, I would recommend you buying a great camera phone to take some breathtaking pics.

Apart from a phone camera, I use GoPro an adventure camera to shoot video & click photos. The product is pretty handy & captures mind blogging videos. GoPro is easy & handy to use, which makes it a must buy.

Handy Resources:

Below are the few resources you should check before making an itinerary.

Agoda: Best place to book hotels of your liking. Agoda provides the best solution & great offer while booking a hotel.

Skyscanner: Skyscanner compares various sites & sort the flights based on the rates. A great way to check flight cost. Although the only drawback is that rates are flexible. Hence, the cost might change while you are making the payment.

Booking: Best place to book hostel rooms. There are plenty of options available & with so many properties booking becomes much easier.

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