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Traveling abroad is a far fetched dream of every working class person in India. But, in reality, is it that impossible, that people are not taking enough trips outside India. For me, its all about the priorities. Traveling abroad sure is costly; but if you are sensible & know the tricks, you can complete the trip in a budget. I completed Vietnam from India in the budget of approx 40 K all inclusive. So, if you are interested to know how I completed the trip under 40K INR then keep reading this post or you can stop right here. I hope this will help you plan your next trip. So, without wasting any more time, here is the guide to plan the Vietnam budget trip from India.


Flights are one of the aspects which will eat a major chunk of your money. But, there few ways through which one can book the cheapest flights available. The best way to search is by checking different flights between countries. In this case, it was from India to Vietnam. The best time to book any flights is at least 2 or 3 months prior to the traveling date as this will give you flexibility in planning trip. I used Skyscanner to book my flight tickets. There are many other sites which can be used to book cheap international flight tickets. To & fro tickets are cheaper compared to the different destinations. After searching the best & the cheapest flights were available from Hyderabad to Ho Chi Minh which costed me around INR 17,000 & flight from Mumbai to Hyderabad flight tickets were of approx 2000 INR one way. So, I booked my to & fro tickets from Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh at around INR 21,000 which was approx 28,000 INR if I would have booked direct flights from Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh. You can book cheap international flight tickets from any of the following site.


As per the Vietnam tourism board, you require an invitation letter for entering Vietnam. I chose for getting an invitation letter. You need to pay $10 for the letter. Once the payment has been made you will need to provide the letter & 25$ at the visa booth after landing at any of the international airports in Vietnam. I landed in Ho Chi Minh. Thus, I paid 35$ in total for visa services. You can read more detailed version of obtaining e-visa from here.


There are numerous budget options available to stay in Vietnam. I stayed mostly in hostels dorm rooms, which are safe & best option to stay in Vietnam as it gives you an option to meet other backpackers. The average cost of a budget dorm bed is 2,85,000 VND per night. There are many options cheaper than this but you will find great value for money at this range. So, I spent approx 16,85,000 VND for 10 days. I traveled between the cities during the night, thus I paid for only 6 to 7 days during my stay. Hence, the cost is not matching with per night budget. You can book cheap accommodations from any of the following sites.
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Food & Alcohol:

Street foods are super cheap in Vietnam. The food is of great quality. There are many options available for vegetarians which are cheap as well. The cost of one plate of noodle will be around 21,000 VND. Further, there are 24*7 supermarts where you can buy cheap alcohols. The cost of one can of beer will cost you around 18,000 VND.

Site seeing In Vietnam:

Site seeing is pretty cheap in Vietnam & there are many experiences that can be done at a very reasonable price. For eg the Cu Chi Tunnel trip will cost you VND 1,10,000 from Ho Chi Minh hostel, which is worth the money. Likewise, the typical cost of entering a museum is approx 20,000 VND onwards. One can book various trips from hostels. The prices are very reasonable & it is very comforting as well. There are many sites which can help you book activities at much cheaper rates.
So, on the broader spectrum, below is the breakup of my budget of 40,000 INR. I made this trip in 2018. The rates I have mentioned is based on the deals I got, the same might change during the course of time. It is recommended to check the prices during the travel.
Flights: 21000
Visa: 2500
Stay: 5000 to 6000
Food: 1500 to 2000
Site Seeing: 4000
Party: 4000 to 5000

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