Da Nang Travel Guide

Da Nang is 5th biggest city of Vietnam & is one of the prime commercial hubs of the country. Most of the travelers visit Hoi An which is also a world heritage site. The beauty of Hoi An is unmatched & most of the travelers are looking to spend some time at this small town only. Da Nang, on the other hand, is a coastal city which is high on energy & decently populated. The city has a long beach & world class resorts. Apart from the city's nightlife, the place has to offer something unique & amazing. So, Da Nang Travel Guide is a place to help you plan your trip in a better way.
Da Nang Travel Guide

How To Reach Da Nang

Da Nang has an international airport. It is located at the center point of the country. Thus, a great place to cover the middle part of Vietnam. Most of the people start their journey from either Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. But, if one has covered the half of Vietnam. Then, this point can be used to start further exploration. Most of the international flights will land either at Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi.

Things To Do In Da Nang

Da Nang is one of the busiest cities in Vietnam. It has plenty of things to offer. Some of the activities are not be missed. However, here is the list of best things to do in Da Nang.

Hai Van Pass:

A beautiful road to drive on. Located at an approx 1-hour drive from Da Nang. If you like driving in the mountains. This place is for you, carved beautifully in the mountains the pass is hard to miss. The drive itself is refreshing & picturesque. There are few high points during the drive & one of them is the view of the unending ocean from the top of the hill.

Marble Mountains:

Marble mountains is the cluster of 5 mountains at half an hour drive from Da Nang. Five mountains are named after 5 elements of life. Each mountain has its own caves & shrine. If one is not bored of experiencing the history attached to the place. There is a small hill to climb, from where the views are just amazing. There are no big concrete structures nearby thus making the view unparallel & unadulterated. A great place to visit.

Hoi An:

A world heritage site from the outset & on the list of every person traveling to Vietnam. The small town is surrounded by the river streams & during the evening the place is transformed into something else. The pathways are covered with lanterns & when they lit up. The environment becomes much more delightful & extravagant. Enjoy the evenings near the river stream & witness the darkness.

Lady Buddha:

Lady Buddha is probably the highest point in Da Nang located at some half an hour drive from the city. The whole city is visible from this point. Apart from terrific views from the top, few people visit this place to devote. A peaceful place to relax ever stressing nerves.

My Khe Beach:

The famous beach of Da Nang stretched across the city length. The white sand texture of the beach is shining most of the time. Also, the beach is pretty clean. Most of the resorts are facing this beautiful beach only.

Dragon Bridge:

Hoi An has a number of bridges & one of them is a dragon bridge. The bridge got the name for a sculpture present on the bridge which is of the shape of a dragon. During the evening, the dragon emits fire from its mouth. The whole show is fantastic to watch & should not be missed by first-timers.
There are a number of flea markets in Da Nang. Con Market & Da Nang night market is especially famous among the travelers to shop some collectibles.

Also, there are many places near Da Nang like Hue, My Son Sanctuary & Ba Na Hills (a place recently shot to the fame with the infamous pic of two hands holding the bridge).

Cost Involved:

Accommodations In Da Nang:

There is a limited number of hostels available in Da Nang. I stayed at Barney's backpacker hostel located on the side of the river. The place has a wonderful terrace for you to view the beautiful river & lighted buildings. The view is amazing & mesmerizing. The cost of one dorm bed starts at approx 500 Rs per night (7-8 $). There are many great options available to choose from. A 5-star hotel price starts from Rs 5000 per day (70 $ per night). Agoda is best site to get some amazing deals in Vietnam.

Food & Alcohol:

There is not much street food available. So, one has to head towards the fancy restaurants. There are many Indian restaurants at the place. The biryani starts from Rs 300 (5 $). Further, the beer at the pubs will cost Rs 250 per pint (3 $). Most of the pubs have happy hours option during the evening hours. So, it is better to drink during that time to keep the price on a lower side


There is nill or very minimum entry fees to activities in Da Nang. For instance, the entry fee to Marble mountains is approx Rs 50 (2$). However, places like Hai Van Pass & lady buddha are free.


The best way to commute in Da Nang is by renting a bike. Renting a bike starts from Rs 500 per day (7-8$). If you don't have a driving license, there is an app GRAB, which is the best way to book motorbike or cabs. I would recommend renting a motorbike for commutation as it will make your life very easy & simple.
Hai Van Pass Mark My Adventure
Marble Mountains Mark My Adventure

Da Nang On Budget:

Vietnam is a very affordable destination & even luxury is pretty affordable for western counterparts. So, one can manage the expenses with ease.

Happy Hours: Drink during happy hours to keep the price on a lower side or buy drinks from the supermarket. Da Nang has a fantastic nightlife so brace yourself for some great time.

Commutation: The best way is to rent a motorbike & roam in that. The renting charges are pretty reasonable & one can suit the schedule accordingly.

Hostels: Stay in hostels to keep the price down. There are a number of luxury hotels in Da Nang. However, few cheaper options are also available which is go to option for the backpackers.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Da Nang is from Feb to Aug. The latter part of the season is crowded with the local tourists. If looking for a more peaceful time then plan the trip during Feb to May.

Is Da Nang Safe To Travel Solo?

Da Nang is pretty safe to travel alone. The city is gaining popularity among the tourists. The place has a throbbing nightlife & people are very helpful. I loved my stay & never felt uncomfortable during my trip.

Handy resources

Jewelry shops: If one is low in cash & want to convert the currency. Jewelry shops are one option to go to. If finding a forex shop or bank is getting difficult, find jewelry shops which are authorized to convert the currency.

Agoda: Best place to book hotels of your liking. Agoda provides the best solution & great offer while booking a hotel.

Skyscanner: Skyscanner compares various sites & sort the flights based on the rates. A great way to check flight cost. Although the only drawback is that rates are flexible. Hence, the cost might change while you are making the payment.

Jetradar: Jetradar is a comparing site which is just like Skyscanner. But, is much more accurate & much more handy in use.

Booking: Best place to book hostel rooms. There are plenty of options available & with so many properties booking becomes much easier.

Couchsurfing: Best place to find free accommodation. It is as easy as filtering people & messaging. If you will get lucky you will find free accommodation in local resident house.

Travel Insurance: There are numerous options available to get one. So, you can choose anything which suits your requirement. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before buying one.

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