Chalal Trek

Chalal Mark My Adventure
Chalal is a small village near Kasol. To reach Chalal, one has to trek through the rough terrain & while doing so, one will stumble upon some of the most scenic views that one can imagine. The trek is roughly 30 to 40 min walk from Kasol. The place is known for its calmness, beauty & parties. There is a bridge that connects Kasol & Chalal. Thus, one has to cross that bridge & walk adjacent to the Parbati river in a narrow lane. The trek has many ups & downs but nothing substantial to demotivate you or demoralize you. The path is straight forward & marked as well. Hence people, who are trekking for the first time will not face any issue while reaching Chalal.

Parbati River Chalal
During trekking, experience the peace & quietness of the place. Places that are so calm & peaceful can only be found amid the mountains. At such places, the noise of the machines is replaced by the voice of the chirping birds or flowing river. Another reason that makes this place fabulous & breath-taking, it is tough to find such places where one can connect with nature at its purest form. Himachal has a flurry of such places & one of the many reasons to visit Himachal.

After walking for approx 40 min’s, one will see the village. The village is quiet & houses are pretty. There are many cafes in the village, which will offer food & drinks.However, the most famous ones are Cafe Maya & Cafe Freedom. Cafe Maya is more secluded & closer to nature. From Cafe Maya, one can view the might mountains while sipping a cup of tea. The raw nature of the place is magical & probably one of the major points that attract you to it. If compared to kasol, Chalal is hardly commercialized, finding a modern equipped home will be difficult. Whereas Kasol is fully commercialized & with increasing footfall the place is buzzing with the tourists literary in every season & finding peaceful place seems to be bit difficult. Chalal is much more secluded & because of which is preferred by many people.

Enroute To Chalal Mark My Adventure
There is nothing much to do apart from staying & chilling & enjoying nature in its full flow. So, if one is looking for a more secluded, closer to nature & can spend time with him or herself, can opt-out for Chalal.

Mountain View From Chalal Mark My Adventure
My experience of visiting the place was amazing. The calmness in the wind & nature will help to relax to the core & even though one is doing nothing. Yet, sitting in the lap of nature & enjoying it without any disturbance is one of the experiences that are ought to be tried & is a kind of meditation in itself.