Kalsubai Night Trek

Kalsubai (Highest peak of Maharashtra)

Kalsubai peak is located near the village Baari. This is the highest peak of Maharashtra. Thus, grabs everyone's attention. Its Saturday morning & as soon as I reached the office, I surfed net & talked to collegue. A friend of mine who is passionate about climbing , was looking for information about Kalsubai. I asked about his plan for the weekend. He said " Going for a night trek to Kalsubai". He said come along with me. As I had no plans so I said "yes!".
Mountain Adventure
Our plan was to board a local train from Ghatkopar to Kasara, from Kasara to find a shared taxi up to Baari village & then trek in the night to the top, so that we can watch the sun rise. We were 5 people & boarded a train to Kasara, from Kasara we booked one taxi to Baari (approx 50 Km from Kasara).

We reached around 3 am at Baari & started walking the path, the cloudy climate & full moon added the beauty to the place. We reached the starting point & found there were two roads, we chose the left one, and trekked for 2 hours to find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. We realized we chose the wrong path. So, we have to walk back to the base. Eventually, we had to spend time outside someone's house till the sun came out.

At 6 am we found some living beings who gave us the hint of the path Once we found the correct path , the direction was pretty straight. Although we took the wrong turn we kept all the misery behind & started our walk. 3 people out of 5 decided to rest in first eatery outlet we found. Me and my climbing friend decided to complete the task. We walked at berserk pace , he literally ran up to the top, whereas I was limping slowly to the top.
Landscape Kalsubai
Sun about to rise Kalsubai
Greenery Kalsubai
The path is very beautiful,at few places one can witness wide green landscape & forever standing mountain ranges. The trek is of medium difficulty but it requires strength & endurance, the toughestest part of trek is stairs but it is manageable. There is a temple at the top & view from the top is awesome (if you get the clear sky). There is nothing alarming about the trek other than best sceneries & perfect landscape. Thus, making it a perfect getaway for one-day expedition.

Total cost of trip :Rs 750 approx.

Duration: 1 Day

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