Ibiza Travel Guide

Ibiza is an island in Spain & is known for its wild parties & beautiful sceneries. It's a dream of every young citizen to visit Ibiza & forget all ties. Ibiza has become the party destination of the world. The place is visited by all the famous DJs, celebrities & every affluential individual of the world. For all the young people who are yet to visit Ibiza, then Ibiza should be on your bucket list. Those people who are yet to visit Ibiza can read about it here. Here is Ibiza Travel Guide for you.
Ibiza Travel Guide

How To Reach Ibiza

After reaching Madrid I booked a flight to Ibiza, the cost of flights are very affordable & very frequent. One can get a flight from Madrid to Ibiza for around 1800 INR as well if booked at a good time. I booked my return flight to Malaga & from Malaga, I booked a bus to Seville (my next destination on the list).

Things To Do In Ibiza

Ibiza is known for parties. Yet, there are plenty of scenic sections of the island that will be refreshing & worth visiting. I visited Ibiza during winter. In winters, people don't party & most of the places were closed due to the off-season & the place was calm not the way I expected.

1. Old Town

The old town is one of the beautiful towns one will come across to the fort is overlooking the city. The path to the top of the fort is via beautiful narrow lanes surrounded by white buildings. The view is beautiful & worth enjoying. The place is perfect for evenings & afternoon brunches.
Ibiza Mark My Adventure
Ibiza Fort Mark My Adventure

2. San Antonio

San Antonio is located on the other end of the island. San Antonio beach attracts thousands of tourists & the place is comparatively cheaper than the old town. A waterfront is available where one can have a good time.
Because of the covid & offseason, not many buses were running. Thus, reaching remote locations was not possible without a self-driving car or bike. I stayed in Airbnb & some of the best beaches in Ibiza as per the locals are as follows, these all places are magnificent at least on the paper.
Because of the covid & offseason, not many buses were running. Thus, reaching remote locations was not possible without a self-driving car or bike. I stayed in Airbnb & some of the best beaches in Ibiza as per the locals are as follows, these all places are magnificent at least on the paper.

  • Las Salinas:
  • Cala Dhort:
  • Cala Vedella:
  • Cala Bassa:
  • Ibiza Harbour View
    Mark My Adventure Ibiza

    How To Do Ibiza In Budget

    Ibiza is a costly place to visit. Ibiza can get very expensive during the season. I went in the off-season, so was able to keep my budget in check. Ibiza is a tourist place so be prepared to spend. Following were my expenses during my travel.

    1. Accommodation

    I managed to find one AirBnb for approx INR 2500 per day, which was very nominal considering its location. Not many hostels are available here. So, finding an economical place can get tricky.

    2. Food & Alcohol

    Plenty of supermarkets are available & if one finds kitchen at the place they are staying, that can substantially reduce the cost. The price of items starts from 1 Euro onwards & plenty of offers are available at the stores.

    3. Sight Seeing

    Walking is the best way to roam across the lanes & old town. There are bus services available to reach San Antonio & other parts of Ibiza. If staying near old town best is to walk through the lanes. Mostly the place is known for its parties & beaches. So, enjoy the way you want to.
    Ibiza Night View

    My Ibiza Experience

    Ibiza airport is like any other small island airport is not fancy & pretty simple. There are no shops or any other restaurants, cafes, or bars. A bus stand is available in the right-hand corner, numerous buses running throughout the to & fro to the airport.

    I reached early morning around 9:30 am & it took me approx 20-25 mins to reach my Airbnb location. I had rented one room of the apartment, the place was good & the best part was the location.

    I stepped outside to get the taste of Ibiza, but I visited the place during the winter season & because of which there were empty streets, closed shops & a few hundred people exploring at max. I was disappointed with this, as I planned to celebrate my birthday at some boat party & welcome my new year. So to make the most of my time, I started exploring the city.

    One can enjoy the city's beauty by visiting it. The narrow lanes accompanied by white-colored houses are a treat to the eyes. The Old town of Ibiza will give one a feeling of visiting a movie set. Clean & beautiful & will seem like a painting.

    Bus services are good, thus one can reach another part of the island easily. There are many good beaches across the island, but because of my bad timing, I was not able to cover any of them as buses were closed due to low traffic. Overall the place is awesome & during the season this place will come to its own. Yacht parties, clubs, etc will take one breath away & surely be a place to visit during summers.

    Handy Resources:

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    Travel Insurance: There are numerous options available to get one. So, you can choose anything which suits your requirement. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before buying one.