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After spending few days in Bali it was time for Nusa Penida. A small island located at 40 Km from Bali. Here is my guide to this beautiful island nusa pendia. It can be reached by a speed boat or by ferries. I chose ferry as it costs less & also gave option of bike transportation. I boarded a ferry from Padang bai as I wanted to take my scooter as well. I paid IDR 70,000 cummulative for scooter & ticket. It took me around 90 minutes to reach the island. The first site of the island was the Crystal clear blue water . Bottom surface was easily visible. This was just a glimpse of proceeding. I booked a place through . I only managed to get a day's reservation. I stayed at Full Moon Bungalows. it was on the sea shore and was perfect for me. It was the cheapest hotel with the best rating.

There are three islands in total. Nusa Dua , Nusa lambogan & Nusa Penida. I chose Nusa Penida (which is one of the most developed one among the three) but all the three are amazingly beautiful. I wanted to try cliff jumping but unfortunately it was closed due to security reasons. Nusa Penida is famous for snorkeling, scuba diving & cliff jumping. Some of the virgin locations are found at this place. I got to know about the crystal bay. A place for snorkeling & picture perfect sunsets. I jumped on to my scooter & left for Crystal bay . After riding for 40 Min through the jungle I reached the site. It was a coral beach with a clear view of sunset. I rented the snorkelling equipment which cost me around 30,000 IDR & jumped straight into the water. The water was crystal clear so spotting different types of fishes was very simple. The different types of color ful fishes were amazing to swim with. It was one of the best moments on the beach. snorkeled for around 30 minutes. I came out of the water & spent the rest of the evening on the beach writing about my experiences.

There is nothing much to do once sun sets. Most of the people spend time at the sea shacks relaxing.I enjoyed the music while sitting on the parapet wall next to the blue sea. I wanted to extend my stay by 2 more days but I could not find any accommodation so had to leave this beautiful small island for new adventures & new stories.

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How to reach:

Speed boats & public ferries are available from Sanur & Padang bay. Speed boats usually costs more & takes only 30 minutes to reach. However, if you have enough time you can use public ferries from either of these ports. The cost of public ferries starts from IDR 30,000 & if you want to take your bike it can be only done through Padang bai; I gave IDR 40,000 for my scooter. The public ferry from Padang bai runs a couple of times In a day thus it is better to check the timings before leaving the place.

Accommodation: Nusa Penida is famous for snorkelling. There are few cheap options to stay like full moon Bungalows but it is advised to book it before hand as this place is always packed with travellers.The accommodation starts from IDR 1,25,000 per night. I stayed at the same hostel.

Food: The place is crowded with travellers but food options are limited. There are few good cafes & restro around the place where you can enjoy your evenings in peace.

Things to do:

Crystal bay: Hailed as one of the most beautiful sunset point in Nusa Penida. This place is also home to one of the best locations for snorkelling. The water is clear & the landscape is perfect For spending an evening.

Pasih Uug: Pasih uug is also known as broken beach. I saw the pic of broken island in some blog & was amazed to realize it is located in this very island. I enquired about the route but due to shortage of time & no proper direction I ditched the plan. But looking at the pics the place seems to be a worth a visit. I would definitely recommend it.

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