Sanjay Gandhi National Park

A natural abode is inside the concrete jungle of Mumbai commonly known as "Sanjay Gandhi National Park" is famous weekend spot for Mumbaikars. However, I visited it only once before last Sunday (i.e 30th July 17). My weekends are usually partying & waking up late next morning. Even on 29th July we had party & got up at 11 am. We were doubtful at the beginning. But, keep all the ill thoughts of not going aside we started our journey at 2 pm. 2 pm start from Powai is bit late as per the standard. We reached in an hour at the gate of the national park. There we paid an entry which was around Rs 50 approx. per head. We started maneuvering our car on the well paved road. Jungle on both the ends of the road & cloudy environment is a view to enjoy.

How To Reach:

Trains: There is direct local train to Borivali. Borivali is in western line. For laymen knowledge, nearest station is Borivali. From Borivali station a direct bus to Sanjay Gandhi National park is available. The price of ticket would be reasonable.

Car or motorbike: An alternate to reach park is by car or by motorbike. The entry of the park is near western express highway. Thus, very easy to locate & reach.

Things To Know:

Cycle: One can hire cycle on rental bases to travel to kanheri caves. The prices are minimal but the only problem is availability. If you want to cycle ride till base of kanheri caves, reach the place early.

Food: There are many small road side stalls which offer snacks. The cost of snacks starts from Rs 10.

Timings: The park is open from morning 7:30 am to 6:30 pm only. So, utilize the time well.
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Sanjay Gandhi National Park has tiger & lion safari as well. However, I never tried that. My main focus was on Kanheri caves. The place is jam packed with the tourists, mostly college going crowd. Thus, if you are looking for some peace time, I am afraid it will be hard to find one. Our main objective was to visit Kanheri caves which was a place used by monks for meditation. There are roughly 100 caves in the premises. There is a parking lot where we parked our car & walked for the rest of the way. We paid an entry fees of Rs 15 per head & extra Rs 25 for camera. However, this rate is only for Indian citizen; foreigner needs to pay more.
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View From The Top Mark My Adventure
There are few caves at the start of the route which is very crowded. The farther you will step the more environment will get. However, don’t expect a quiet time with young crowd in premises. At the top, cloud covered hills are the scene to look for. However, this view is only during monsoon season. On any other season expect a barren hills. During monsoon the greenery is amazing. At far one can see tall building jungle. The place is good for few hours. Do visit it, during the monsoon & you will enjoy it. Perhaps a great way to spend Sunday. Like marine drive this is one of the things to do in Mumbai during monsoon.

The views are amazing from the top. However, the litter & music disturbs the environment. I would appeal young crowds to enjoy nature as it is, rather than playing music at high volumes. There are discs & pubs if you are looking for such outings.

I visited the place in 2017 & mentioned the events of my visit only.

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If you came this down, I hope you liked my work. I appreciate your efforts of taking out your valuable time & reading this stuff. Here is few lines I wrote when I was thinking about the place.

My Mind Swayed With The Winds;
My Heard Skippped A Beat;
In The Midst Of Jungle;
I Realised The Beauty of Life;

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