A natural hot spring is the prime point of Kheerganga trek. We planned for this trek for this experience only. Kheerganga trek is of 12 Km from base village Barshaini. Barshaini is hardly 7 to 8 Km from Tosh, hence better to stay at Tosh for a day & than move to for a days trip to Kheerganga. However, many people prefer to visit Kheerganga from Kasol which I feel is not wise. So, how is the Kheerganga Trek?

The trek is of medium difficulty, where there is hardly any difficult part in first 6 Km. The first 6 Km altitude rise gradually hence one does not feel much pain. The best part other than surroundings are the cafes, there are many cafes along the path where one can rest & enjoy eating maggie & having tea.

My Experience:

It took us 1.5 Hours to reach midpoint a village named as Kalga from Barshaini. The path is surrounded by the cafes. Hence, no need to carry food & water. Food is affordable & you can literally get everything. This place is usually a resting place for all trekkers, as after that path is tough.

The trek is blessed with gorgeous surroundings, during trek we encountered few waterfalls a deadly bridge, a steep rise, a wooden bridge, a monstrous sound of water flowing in the background & rains (it was literary pouring). It is advisable to wear great trekking shoes in rainy season as the soil is slippery. At a point before the bridge (I don't remember the name of the place), is one of the best places to have tea purely because of its surrounding & location. The place is nothing less than Yash Chopra movie scene :D.
The path gets tough after crossing the steel bridge; walking on a tough trial takes a toll on you & will encourage you to give up as the more tired you will get the more distant the peak will be. This is why trek is difficult as you have to fight with yourself to finish it. We completed the first half of 12 Km in 1.5 hrs & next half in 4 hours which shows how difficult is the second part of the trek. The second half trek is through the jungle, in fact, a beautiful jungle. While walking you are constantly hearing the sound of the river flowing on the side. Throughout the trek, one walks in shades of high trees.
View from Kheerganga
After trekking for 4 hours we reached the top of place & as soon as we reached the first thing that came into mind was WOWWWWW. The place was the smallest of the peak surrounded by three monstrous peaks each overlooking us. Top of Kheerganga is having a natural hot spring & we did the best thing went straight to hot spring. Sitting in hot spring for 20 min & all of our pain vanished majestically. There are tents, homestay & tin stay all available at the peak. The temperature drops in the night so it's better to carry some warm clothes.
Once you at the top you see the beautiful night sky, a night full of stars, I hardly saw the sky as beautiful as I saw that night. Even in the morning, the sun rays reflecting on the top of the mountain while others are in dark, this site is one of the best sights I saw during that trek. It's an amazing feeling to have a sip of tea in a little hill overlooking some of the most beautiful structure built by nature. One can relate why Lord Shiva chose this place for meditation.

Kheerganga Trek Budget


Food is cheap & with cheap I mean really cheap, one can eat as low as Rs 30 for a plate of maggie. Considering the height at which you get this it is very cheap; trust me.


The cost of one room varies, there are different options available for staying from tent to a tin room. Depends upon budget one can choose anything. The price starts from Rs 150 (may vary with season).

The best time to visit Kheerganga is during summers. When the weather is perfect for a trek. The trek requires 2 days. However, some of the people have done it in a single day which is not advisable.
A trip is incomplete without the pics. During the time of this trip, I had iPhone 4 which didn't had a great camera. Hence, photos are bit weird. But, last year I bought iPhone 6 which drastically improved my pictures. So, I would recommend you buying a great camera phone to take some breath taking pics.

Apart from a phone camera, I use GoPro an adventure camera to shoot video & click photos. The product is pretty handy & captures mind blogging videos. GoPro is easy & handy to use, which makes it a must buy.

These are the two essentials which I carry on my trip.
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