Cape Town Experience For The First Time

I reached around 9 in the evening & it was dark & quiet. Cape Town doesn’t have a great night vibe. Many people will preach you to stay safe & use public transport to the maximum extent possible. I knew about My Citi Bus which is a public transport running across different routes inside Cape Town, I took a ticket to my destination which was long street & here is experiencing Cape Town for the first time.

There are hardly any bumps on the roads & people are following lane discipline which seems to be out of this world as the place from where I come is full of rush & haphazard driving methods. Soon I reached my destination in the loop street. It was Sat night so the night was still very young.

Cape Town Parties:

I changed & went to a pub. The place was dead & I thought this is not good; I stayed there for 1 hour & then the magic happens. Slowly the crowd grew bigger & bigger & by the 12 there was not an open space to keep your feet stable. It was so crowded. The DJ played his beats & people danced to his tunes. I have witnessed many parties each one was unique in some sense or the other. Here it was a mixture of all such parties. Few people danced, few people flirted with hot girls, few excess drunks & one or two arguments. Long street is known for its raunchy dance clubs & there are many pubs & clubs which run till 4 or 5 in the morning. But, this usually happens only on weekends unlike many other places in the world; where the party runs throughout the week.
Cape Town South Africa Mark My Adventure

Cape Town City:

Cape Town is known as a mother city & with so many things to experience it is surely a mother city. The nature adds beauty to the city; there is an Atlantic ocean on the one side & mighty mountain like Table Mountain & pristine beaches like Cliffton beaches along with few peaks. If you are an adventure freak you will be amazed by the beauty of this place. It is a picture-perfect city & demands visiting once for sure.

Numerous Indians are staying in the city & the influence of these people are pretty evident on the food. There are plenty of good restaurants which serve Indian foods which taste really good. You will never get disappointed with the quality & quantity of the food.
Long Street Cape Town

Cape Town Surroundings:

Cape Town has not so colorful past at one point of time, slaves were transported through the port & impression of which is still visible. The colored people were thrown out from their home & forced to relocate to the new colonies. However, now the time has changed & discrimination is vanishing. The gap between rich & poor is like every developing country which is the reason for the crime. During the nights, it is recommended to be safe & roam in groups. For commuting it is better to take an uber. Avoid going to dark places alone & check before going to any such places.

The people are nice & smiling & ready to help. But, you have to be aware of people you asking help from. The basic vibe of the place can be a bit rough. So, make sure you are aware of things & your surroundings. There is some disparity between rich & poor class so the crimes are still prevailing. But, if you are aware & sure of your surroundings you can avoid it with ease.

So, this is my experience of traveling to Cape Town for the first time. I liked the city for its closeness to nature which is just awesome to experience. But, only sad point is safety concerns.
Chapman's Peak Mark My Adventure

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