Places Worth to Visit in India and Few Tips to Enjoy Your Trip

India is a diverse country with a rich history and beautiful landscapes. It has mountains, rivers, deserts and everything a man can imagine. It is bordered by Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China. It exhibits great diversity with more than 15 languages spoken and a wide diversification in cuisines in each state we go.

Well, spending holidays in India could be a time taking thing so it is suggested to carry a bit extra things with you. There isn’t any need to take stress about the weight of your luggage because now there are many cargo companies who take great care of your this problem by sending excess luggage to India by air cargo and sea cargo as well.

One can visit a wide variety of possible destinations in India. From the chaos of cities to the relaxing scenery of the hills, this country has all one wants to see. Following are the best places to visit in India.
Places in India

1. Ladakh

Ladakh is located in the north-most areas of India with beautiful snow-capped hills, jaw-dropping beautiful valleys and several monasteries that belong to the Buddhists It is located in Kashmir, which holds great significance due to it being a disputed territory. The town of Leh is the ideal place to visit in Ladakh, which is situated at a high elevation from sea level. Ladakh is full of Buddhist monasteries and temples, which are centuries old and hold great significance in Buddhism. The best natural places to visit in Ladakh are Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley and Zanskar River. The Hemis Festival held in Leh is also something a lot of tourists must experience when coming to Ladakh.
Ladhak India

2. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a beautiful city located in Rajasthan, which is also known as the ‘Land of Golden Sand’. It is located in the Thar Desert, which never disappoints you with its golden sand and enchanting beauty. There are many places to visit in Jaisalmer like ‘Salim Ji Ki Haveli’ and ‘Patwon ki Haveli’ which shed a great deal of light on the wealthy grandeur of Rajput Merchants. The desert festival held annually in Jaisalmer makes it a great occasion, and one which makes it a worthwhile holiday trip. Jaisalmer is one of the most vibrant places in India, and surely one of the most striking ones. Apart from Jaisalmer there is Udaipur which is a royal place to visit.
Jaisalmer Rajasthan

3. Sikkim

Sikkim is a beautiful city located in North-East Himalayas. It has beautiful snow-capped hills, immaculate lakes and wonderful monasteries belonging to the Buddhists. If someone wants to find peace and be alone for some time, Sikkim is one of the best spots to do so. Sikkim is famous for its Yak, so it is great to experience the ‘Yak Safari’. You’ll get hypnotized in the enchanting enchantress of the Lake Tsomgo, Gurudongmar Lake and Khecheopalri Lake. Overall, Sikkim is one of the best places to visit in India being a tourist, and if you’re looking for an ideal holiday destination, Sikkim is going to be one of your top priorities.
Sikkim Mark My Adventure

4. Goa

Goa is a holiday destination famous for late-night festivities and its beautiful beaches. It is a former colony of Portugal which attracts both national and international tourism. If you’re seeking a romantic place to spend your holidays, Goa should be the best place that comes to your mind.Candolim Beach and Anjuna Beach are one of the best sites to visit in Goa. To have a look at the beautiful coastline of Goa, you can always go to the Chapora Fort to have a look at the beauty of the Goa beaches from a new angle. If you’re still not satisfied, Palolem beach will make sure to satisfy you by all means.
Goa Places To Visit In India

5. Varanasi

Varanasi is also called the Spiritual Capital of India. It is situated on the bank of River Ganges. The city is more than 3100 years old, which also makes it one of the oldest occupied cities in the world.The biggest attraction in Varanasi is religious buildings. From Temples to Mosques, you’ll be amazed by the antiquity of the city. The main attraction is the Alamgir Mosque and the Sankat Mochan Temple. This temple is famous because it is full of monkeys. More than 65000 people go every day to take a bath in the Ganges River.
Varanasi Mark My Adventure

6. Agra

Agra is a city in Uttar Pradesh, located approximately 200km from Delhi. Generally, you can reach Agra from Delhi in under 3 hours by road. By train, you can take a train and reach Agra Cantt, the main station of Agra. The best time to visit Agra is from November to February with some great discounts as well due to November being the off-season. Agra is known for the Taj Mahal. It is located on the bank of Yamuna River. It was built by Shah Jahan who did it to house his wife’s tomb Mumtaz. It was built in between 1631 and 1648. It is a great attraction and is currently part of UNESCO World Heritage.
Taj Mahal Agra

7. Dharamsala

Dharamsala is known as the residence of the Tibetan monk Dalai Lama. It is located at a distance of 18km from Kangra City in Himachal Pradesh. The city is comprised of two parts; the upper-division and the lower division. The upper area is Mcleodganj while the lower town is known as Dharamsala.

The best time to visit Dharamsala is in dry and sunny days as this city is also one of the wettest cities of India. The winter in Dharamsala is very cold while the summer is very rainy in the end.

Things to keep in mind while travelling to India

There are a few tips that will help tourists when they visit India. They are explained as follows:

 1. Plan your trip

After you have finally decided to visit India, the next thing that should be in your mind is to plan your trip. India is a very big country so you should prepare a plan for yourself which contains the places which you will visit during your stay in India. If you’re not coming with a travel agency or a tourist group, then you need to plan your trip accordingly.
How To Plan A Trip Mark My Adventure

2.  Learn how to bargain

India is one of those places where people adjust the rates of certain products by just looking at tourists. So, one needs to learn how to bargain with the Indian shopkeepers, which can save a lot of money for tourists. Visiting people can ask locals about the actual prices of products to know the difference and then bargain accordingly.

3. Go outside cities

The main beauty of India is not in its hustling and bustling cities. Its real beauty can be felt and seen by visiting villages outside the cities. Villages are much calmer than cities and their air is fresh. You get to feel the love and hospitality of the villagers, which gives a real sense of belongingness and importance.
Indian City

4. Be a traditionalist

When you go to tour different places in India, try to blend in with the locals. This can only happen by wearing local clothes. Wearing skirts or other dress that doesn’t cover your body is not recommended at all because this can attract unwanted attention. Try to be as conservative as you can and be communicative to the locals.

5. Beware of pickpockets and scammers

India, like many tourist destinations in the world, is a place where pickpockets thrive especially in congested areas full of tourists. Beware of all kinds of pickpockets and keep everything you have in check. Make sure that your surroundings are safe.

Another issue that sometimes demotivates a lot of people from travelling is scams. Scams in tourist destinations are very common and tourists must keep their eyes open when touring places in India.

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