Traveling During The Time Of Covid 19

Corona is far from over & each day, it is setting records every passing day. The cases are rising & after months of lockdown, people have realized one thing & that is they have to live with the virus till the vaccine arrives. As the vaccine is far from the reach, people have moved on with their life & started traveling using public transport. Trains, planes are resuming their services & even people are no more afraid to travel. With proper safety measures & protocols in place, traveling is not an issue anymore. I recently traveled via flight & through this post, I would like to explain my experience of traveling.

Every airport is taking extra efforts to maintain hygiene & social distancing. However, with the population like India, maintaining the distance between two people is a difficult task. Authorities try hard to inform people about the rules & guidelines, yet people find it amusing to break them. So often, people are reluctant to follow the rules, those rules that are for their safety. Especially when the rules are laid for their safety. At the gates, one person will sanitize the bags using a spray. A good thing about the pandemic is becoming paperless. Using paperless mode for verification should have been adopted much earlier. So, after verifying temperature, writing down personal details, verifying flight details, you are permitted entry. A mobile boarding pass will work perfectly fine nowadays. So, if you don’t have any luggage bag, you can directly go to the security check-in & wait for the flight.

While entering the airport, there are fewer people nowdays to avoid crowding of the place & a great way to avoid any spreading of the infection. So, only a few airport staff, airline staff & people traveling will be present on the site. There is no rush as such at the airport. So, you can relax after completing all the hectic process. Just before boarding, there will be a box full of face shields, masks, sanitizers to help you stay safe. It is recommended to use all the assets available to be safe. Everything is the same as it was before COVID except masks & face shield. If you expect people to maintain distance, you will be truly disappointed, people here don’t follow any such rules & it seems they are fearless & ready to challenge the virus. So, as the prime minister of India has conveyed that your safety is in your own hand that holds true in this situation. Airlines have done all that they could do & traveling should not be of any problem. Your safety is their priority & they are doing a terrific job in that.

I traveled after a long haul of 6 months & from the outset, I know things will be a bit different from the pre-COVID times. But, with no vaccine in the sight, it is sensible to carry on with life & resume regular living. As this disease is transmissible, the best you can do is to take all the precautions & carry on with life. Now is the time to behave sensibly & bravely. One can’t hide behind the door for the time vaccine comes out. So, better to take life in your control & start moving ahead in life. As even if everything is slowing down, there is one of the most important things that is not stopping, TIME.