Best Quotes From “How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky- Naval Ravikant”

Naval Ravikant is a much-celebrated angel investor, philosopher, advisor, in short, a tech superstar. His bits of advice are hardly taken lightly & rightly so. Having worked for decades, he has gained enough knowledge to share it with the world. He is the guiding light in this haphazard world & anyone who has listened to him can vouch for the same. Sometime back he started a tweetstorm with the title How To Get Rich. A tweetstorm, that took the world like a tsunami. His wisdom, knowledge, thought process is breathtaking to experience. His work is an inspiration for any mind. Every one of his tweets is a gem & finding a few very important ones is a difficult task to do. Yet, there are always a few that rise above the rest & this post will cover a few of those magnificent tweets. These are just a glimpse of the genius & I would recommend watching his video on youtube with the same name & you will be amazed by it. Great way to learn something new & important. So, here are few best quotes by Naval Ravikant while explaining the world, about how to get rich without getting lucky.

About Money:

Quotes on Money By Naval Ravikant
Businesses, assets, that you earn while you sleep. Wealth buys you freedom.

Money is how we transfer wealth.

Wealth is a positive-sum game. Status is a zero-sum game. Politics, sports are an example of a status game.

To win in a status game, you will have to pull somebody down & it makes you an angry person.

Everyone can be rich, wealthy, & successful. It is merely a question of education & desire.

You can’t be normal & expect abnormal results.

You are not gonna be rich by renting out your time. To become rich, you should own equity, business, or some form of asset.

You are replaceable, as you are doing the work within set instructions. Sooner or later, you will be replaced by AI, Robots, or some new technology.

Heroine & the monthly salary are two highly addictive things.

You can become rich by creating something for the society that is required by society, but it doesn’t know how to get it yet, at scale.

Escape competition with authenticity.

People should play long term play with long term people.

To create things you, have to be rational optimistic.

The giants of any industry are those who can build & sell.

Read what you love until you love to read.

The ultimate foundations are logic & maths.

Motivation has to come intrinsically

Don’t partner with cynics, and pessimists. Their beliefs are self-fulfilling.

We’re descended from pessimists. We’re genetically hardwired to be pessimists.

Arm Yourself With Specific Knowledge

Specific knowledge is found by pursuing your curiosity.

There is no actual skill called “Business”.

About Doing:

Doing is faster than watching.

If you are willing to bleed a little every day, you may win big later.

Embrace accountability and take business risks under your own name. Society will reward you with responsibility, equity, and leverage.

People who can fail in public have a lot of power.

If you have high accountability, you’re less replaceable.

Product and Media Are New Leverage.

An ideal business model has network effects, low marginal costs, and scale economies.

In an age of nearly infinite leverage, judgment is the most important skill.

Judgment is knowing the long term consequences of your actions.

The people with the best judgment are among the least emotional.

Even though what you work on and who you work with are more important. Work as hard as you can.

Impatience with actions, patience with results.

On a long enough timescale, you will get paid.

When you’re finally wealthy, you’ll realize it wasn’t what you were seeking in the first place.

The money will solve all your money problems. But it doesn’t get you everywhere.

A calm mind, a fit body, and a house full of love must be earned.

Get rich quick schemes are just someone else getting rich off you.

Figure out what you’re uniquely good at, and apply as much leverage as possible.

Envy can give you a powerful boost, or it can eat you alive

Negotiations are won by whoever cares less.

Above are some of the best quotes from Naval Ravikant but not limited to this. He became one of the most renowned voices in the tech field for a reason & that reason can be felt with this masterpiece while explaining the world, about how to get rich without getting lucky. His unique point of view on diverse aspects of life is a lesson to learn & to acknowledge it.