9 Travel Movies To Inspire You To Pack Your Bags Right Now

Travel usually doesn’t require any inspiration. However, if you are losing hope & looking for some inspiration. Don’t look far or Instagram feeds. Here is the list of the best 8 travel movies that will inspire you to travel. It has been difficult to portray a country through lenses. Still, few travel movies justify the beauty of the place by showcasing it beautifully. Without any more delay check out the list of the award winning travel movies.

List of Travel Movies

1. Into the Wild :

Into The Wild Mark My Adventure
A man lost hope in the world materialistic stuff & decides to leave all the glitters, luxury behind & travel without any money. A real story of a guy named Christopher McCandless who chose to travel & enjoy life rather than doing mundane work. The movie is about his journey to the wilderness, experiences & adventure that happened on the road. The movie will take you to different locations in Alaska which are beautiful enough to lure you to it. He travels to the US, Mexico all on foot & made some wonderful memories. The scenes in the movie are amazing & beautifully shot. You will be amazed by nature for sure.

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:

the-secret-life-of-walter-mitty travel movies
A person who stuck at a boring job in a magazine firm always thought of traveling the world & exploring new avenues. But, like everyone he was not able to take that leap of faith step. However, an emergency at work forced him out of his comfort zone. He had to get one job done to avoid any bad outcome. This made him travel to Iceland & then to the Himalayas. The beauty of both the places is unmatched & the dark background of Iceland blended with bright colors makes a perfect display picture. Don’t miss the experience of exploring mesmerizing beauty. One of my favorite travel movies.

3. Wild:

Wild Movie
Based on the famous novel with the same name. A recent divorcee played by Reese Witherspoon decides to hike part of Pacific Crest Trail on a journey of finding self. Throughout the journey her past flashbacks frequently allow her to analyze mistakes that she made. The hiking trail consists of many parts & each part is beautiful, from deserts, jungle, landscapes, snow & whatnot. Before this hike, she had little to none experience of traveling. So, if you are lost in life watch this movie for some inspiration.

4. The Motorcycle Diaries:

Motorcycle Diaries Mark My Adventure
The famous story of Ernesto Guevara who later in life was known as Che Guevara through his diary stories. He started his bike journey to South America. He & his friend covered South America via road in around 5 months. While staying for 5 months on the road, they cross the beauty of South America & also witnessed the unfair behavior towards the people by the government. This led him & his friend to jump into the revolution. But, this movie is more about making of him as Che Guevara & an opportunity for you to enjoy the landscapes of South America & special attention to Machu Pichu (it is my bucket list), one of the best world heritage site.

5. Eat Pray & Love:

Eat pray love Mark My Adventure
Another adaptation of the book with the same name. A story of Elizebeth Gilbert who decided to take some time out & find herself. The marriage is on the rocks & with no nearby excitement to look up to. She decided to travel to different parts of the world to explore herself. The travel plan is divided into three parts, Italy where she wants to eat, eat & eat. India to pray & to learn meditation & than Bali to end the year, eventually finding the love. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the place & will force you to travel

6. Lords of the Rings:

Lord-of-The-Rings Travel Movies
A fantasy novel that was so brilliant that it later adapted into a movie. The movie is shot in New Zealand & will further stamp on the point that it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The landscapes, mountains, rivers are just the best. Witness the amazing landscape & theatrical masterpiece at the same time.

7. Highway:

Highway Travel Movie
A goon looking to make his end meet decided to kidnap a girl from high-class family. Kidnapping a high-class girl is never an easy task. So, he decides to travel up north to avoid the police. The road trip covers the parts of Rajasthan, Himachal, Punjab, Haryana & Kashmir. You will hardly ever find such a beautiful collaboration of different flavors. A treat to the eye.

8. Karwaan:

Karwaan Movie
A stranded relation between father & a son & then the news of father death comes. But, the courier company sent the wrong body to his address & the correct body is somewhere in South India, citing no other option; son decided to take that body to exchange. He along with his friend travel from Banglore to Kochi. The movie perfectly captures the nature & its beauty & its culture.

9. Euro Trip:

Euro Trip Movie
A teenage comedy movie, this is only for adults to watch. The guys decided to travel to different parts of Europe for some adventure & while on the roads they have some of the rare experiences. Enjoy different parts of Europe & their culture. travel film

Most of these movies are available on online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc.

Travel has become so engrossing that everyone wants to have a bit of it. But, due to this virus outbreak things have gone bad. However, people are hopeful that once the vaccine is available things will be normal again. People will come out for some adventure & like many others, they also find one a new ray of hope by traveling. I hope it does with you as well.