Success Is Like Mirage

Success is the ultimate driving force that fuels our daily lives. But, the biggest question of the lot is how do we realize if we are successful? I came across this question when I was few years into my blog ; the blog is doing good since its origin; the visitors were growing at an organic pace & life seems to be good, considering a boy from a non tech background learned WordPress by his own & traveled to different countries to write about them. After touching the highest views in the month of Mar 2020. The views started to shrink & it started affecting my mindset & the foremost thing before starting any new venture is the mindset. It is easy to think of some situation & overcome it but equally difficult to solve it during the hour of need. So, once things started to go south; I started to question my mindset & things like why I am doing this, what is the sense of all these struggles, how it will help me to succeed. After much of introspection. I realized Success is a mirage.

Why Mirage?

I knew that blogging will take at least 2 to 3 years before it gets noticed or any decent feedback. So, I was mentally prepared for it. So, I took one step a time; I set goals for 50 views, 100 views, 150 views, 200 views per month so on & build over that. At the start of my journey; I thought achieving these monthly goals will be my success barometer. However, as soon as I started reaching these goals I craved for more I started to try more but with little success. So, I started to become unthankful of my present. I was so much in the future that I forget to savor my present.

Mirage is an object which seems to be there but in reality, there is nothing. So, once we reach a point which we thought would be a great place; we are shocked & little confused. If this is how it should be after reaching the only thing we wished for. We become anxious about reality as we imagined it would be a blissful situation with no struggle & maximum satisfaction but it is a mirage. We started to think that happiness lies somewhere else & maybe the next milestone will help us attain that prime position.

Success is a mirage as we always shift our goals once we reach the said goals. So, we are never happy or satisfied with our position; this generally arises as the human mind has the power to increase the effect manifolds. Thus, when we reach the goal we are still lacking that extra high & if the imaginations never meet with the reality we often get sad.
This is the most common reason why so many people feel unsatisfied with their lives. As they only count how far they have to go rather than how far they have walked. We have to realize that happiness is a state of mind & if one can control the mind, one can be happy irrespective of the circumstances & irrespective of the outcomes. The joy should be in trying out new things & loving the experiences during the phase. However, we are only obsessed with results. As we feel results are will put authority on our capabilities which in some sense is true as well. But, the time we realize that destination is just a product of your efforts you will start to enjoy the process. This has been conveyed by so many great personalities like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Gary Vee etc. All these great personalities loved the process irrespective of the results.

Success Pic Mark My Adventure
When I started my blogging journey I set my eyes on using it as a passive income which kept me going but after trying hard for 2 to 3 years I started to lose my zeal towards the process. As the process is slow, boring, mundane & it requires lots of sacrifices & when one is working for long without any prominent result; the energy diminishes & in most of cases we quit. This is the place where the champions are made; they stride forward during this time; why so? Because they love the process so no matter what are the problems in the path, they only concentrate on the process. Loving the process in this drenches journey is a must. But, I will leave this topic for the later. Let’s focus on being successful.

Rather than results determining your success any person is successful if he or she is looking to work towards their goals. If you will judge a person with the end results it achieves; one will be disappointed most of the time if not all. Beacuse only a handful of the people are able to reach their desired goals. One must be super lucky to achieve what they desire for. So, rather than hoping for the joy in the end result start looking for joy in the process. It is boring, monotonous & some times mundane. But, this is how you will beat the odds. When you stack up your daily work, you will shock to see how massive you can get in a lifetime. So, keep working towards your goals & keep enjoying the process. As the price of achieving the greats lies in these regular works. Stop falling for the mirage of success as it is never there in the definition of success. Success lies in challenging yourself daily & improving daily. Start celebrating these processes & who knows maybe you will be among the very few who achieve what they desire for & even if you don’t it doesn’t matter as the fun lies in the process of being uncomfortable, trying daily & working towards your goals daily.