How To Find Cheap Flight Tickets

There is so much to think about when planning for a trip. The task gets tough if one is planning for budget trip. The foremost cost that comes into the mind is of flights. It is difficult to find cheap flight tickets. But, this is not true there are few ways to search for the cheapest flight tickets. But, to do this one needs to be super active & should have pre-planned everything prior. In this post, I am going to suggest few ways to find the cheapest flight for the trip.Thus far I have traveled to several countries. I have visited China, South East Asia & Europe the & only thing that made this possible is the flight tickets. Being a budget traveler it becomes important to chose flights which are cost effective. So, not taking any more time I would like to suggest best ways to find cheap flight tickets.

Incognito Mode:

The invisible mode in browser can be an important factor while searching for a flight. There are many incidents where ticket provider escalates the cost of the flight tickets while searching. Ticket provider tracks your IP address & they particularly know for how long you are on a page. They can even capture your cache memory or your activities & based on that they escalate cost. The best way to beat this price rise is through searching flights in incognito mode.

Pre Planning:

If one is pretty sure about the time of holiday. The best offer can be availed until 6 weeks prior to the flying. Reason for lower prices is as people are not adamant about the trip no body really books the tickets that early. Thus, there is a lot of space to book tickets based on comfort. While planning for abroad. I have experienced this each  & every time. The closer I book tickets from flying time; the costlier ticket gets. So, the best time would be to book at least 45 days before the date of the journey or even before that.

Search Engine:

Once everything is planned. The thing we get stuck with is the search engine. In this internet age, there are many players which help people like us to travel cheaply.

Sky Scanner:

Probably one of the best search engines available at the present moment. The website is easy to use & has a fantastic user interface. Along with searching flights between two cities. The search engine also helps you to find the cheapest flight anywhere in the world. There is an option of seeing when fair would be high & when you can find lower fares. While planning a trip this is very handy. However, the only drawback of using this website is price fluctuation. There were many instances where price shoots up at the time of payment. But, other than that everything is smooth on this site. Check yourself

Google Flights:

Google flight is a nice place to find flights to different part of the world. One needs to fill basic information. After that Google will handle everything. One can search for flights to anywhere in the world. So, if you are not decided on where to go. This can be really very helpful. Depending on the budget for flights, it is easy to find the destination & unleash yourself to this wonderful world.

Google flights


Jetradar is another flight aggregator available to travelers to choose from. The interface is attractive & searching is really fun. However, they still need to find the perfect balance between the searches & aggregators. One can refer this website as well if looking for a broader reach.

Search Flight To Nearby City:

Usually, flight connectivity to less touristic destinations is very costly. The best way would be to book a flight to nearby city, which has huge air traffic. That way one can get a cheap flight. The difference can be huge depending on the time of booking.


Budget air flights like AirAsia are good option for traveling. But, the only problem with these airlines is luggage. They only allow cabin luggage. So, if one is traveling lightly this can be a money saving option.

These methods will surely help you to find cheap flights to your dream destinations. Also, there is some blog post mentioning that last moment tickets are cheap. But, finding these are pretty hard. I tried to do it a couple of time. But, was never able to find one. I would suggest to book flights well in advance. So, that you can avail all the best offers.

Try these tips & enjoy traveling

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