Best Things To Do In Cape Town

Cape Town is full of effluents activities which will keep you busy throughout the days & nights. But if you are traveling only for the limited time then you will have to make a list to prioritize the things you want to do during your trip to Cape Town. So, here is a list of best things to do in Cape Town that you can do while staying at this beautiful place which is also known as Mother City.

Table Mountain:

It is a landmark place in Cape Town & a trip is not complete if you don’t visit this beautiful place. There are two ways to reach the top; one is by hiking to the top of mountain which will be time consuming & enduring & other one is by using cable car which will cost you some money but will save time & energy. It is recommended to hike this moutain it is very beautiful turst me.

Table Mountain Best Things To Do In Cape Town

Lion’s Head:

Another hiking place is Lion’s head which is simpler than hiking table mountain & unlike table mountain, there is no short cut to reach the top of the peak. The hike is pretty simple except the rare end of the trail. This is a half-day hike & can be carried out on holidays.

View From Lion's Head Mark My Adventure

Signal Hill:

Popularly considered as a sunset point in Cape Town. The place is also home to paragliding. So, the sunsets are very beautiful here. You can drive your car to the parking point & from there you can walk enjoy the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Lions Head Things To Do In Cape Town

Cape To Good Hope:

The southern west point of Cape Town. This point is practically the endpoint of the continent. The place is under the table mountain national park & it requires a vehicle to reach this point. It is very windy & secluded. The roads will run forever & many times you will feel that you are in between nowhere but you should drive to the place roads will take you. The endpoint is mesmerizing & one of the most beautiful sites you will ever visit. There is an entrance fee of R300 onwards applicable.

Cape of Good Hope Cape Town

Simon’s Town:

Simon’s town will hardly ring any bell but boulder island surely will. This town is home to one of the rarest species on the planet earth & this is a great place to view these rare species in the wild enjoying life. This cute species is a major attraction & you should never miss an opportunity to visit this place. There is an entrance fee of R150 onwards applicable.

Boulders Beach Mark My Adventure

Robben Island:

Who would have thought that people will queue up in large numbers to visit a jail? But, this is not an ordinary jail it is a jail where the great Nelson Mandela was held during his jail time. He stayed here for 18 long years. A remote island near Cape Town is a major tourist attraction & it will take a step closer to the hard-lived life of Mr. Nelson Mandela. There is an entrance fee applicable. Check out the fee here.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden:

If you like gardens, trees, greeneries & some jungle portions. This place is heaven for you. This place is awesome to spend some quality afternoon time. You can find one of the rarest of trees & flowers. The whole place is close to nature; so you will be having a great time. There is entrance fee of R65 applicable.

Marine Activities:

Shark cage diving & whale watching are the two fabulous experiences that are a must. But, both these activities don’t happen in Cape Town. For these, you need to drive to the Gansbaai, a small town near Cape Town. If you are not sure of driving then it is advisable to book to pick up drop service with the vendors. But, the cost of the same will be high.

Helicopter Ride:

Helicopter rides are very famous in Cape Town. Throughout the day, you can witness helicopters flying across the city to pamper you with the views. One can see the whole city which is basically the point of this ride. The ride is very fancy & I would recommend trying only if you are having spare money.

Chapman’s Peak:

It is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. The scenic view is mesmerizing & road craved out on the cliff & vast ocean on the other will last an impression over you. The view gets beautiful with each passing curve & you will be finding it difficult to describe the beauty of the place.An entrance fee of R30 onwards is applicable.

Chapmans peak Cape Town

Six District Museum:

Six districts is a very popular place in Cape Town. The place is converted into the museum. The museum covers the timelines & events that took place in the city. The bloody past of the city & why the discrimination was at such a prime high. An entrance fee of R55 onwards applicable.

Bo Kaap Museum:

Bo Kaap is one of the most color neighborhood in Cape Town. There are many houses soaked in vibrant colors. This is open to all & it will take hardly 1 hour to cover the area.

Bo Kaap Museum Cape Town

Camps Bay & Cliffton Beaches:

These two are the beach area in Cape Town. Camps bay is much more commercialized one & crowded with tourists & locals. However, the best of the lot is Cliffton beaches. These secluded beaches are surrounded by millionaire mansions & is treat to eyes. These beaches should not be missed in Cape Town.

V & A Waterfront:

V & A waterfront is shopping destination of Cape Town. One can still see shipyard & people working on it. The shopping center has all the reputed brands. The shopping center is a wonderful place to buy something & eat some local food. Don’t miss visiting this place.

These are some of the activities which one should keep in mind before planning a trip to Cape Town. Many people say Cape Town is good enough for 3 to 4 days which I highly disagree. I spent 1 week here & still missed on many things like Shark cage diving, whale watching, Robben island, etc. One can easily spend 2 weeks & cover all the activities mentioned above. If you have completed all these below is the list of few other things that one can do in Cape Town.

Stallenbosch wine yards for tasting best wines
Aquila Safari for a step closure to nature
Muizenberg is a surfing center in Cape Town

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