Best Places for Kayaking In Georgia

Best Places For Kayaking In Georgia
Georgia is a land of endless wonders and adventurous activities. It is still untarnished by modern tourism and retains its authenticity to its core. Bounded by the waters of the Black Sea in the East; Turkey and Armenia in the South; beautiful Azerbaijan in the East and mighty Russia in the North – Georgia is the heaven nestled amidst the Caucasus Range.Kayaking is one of the activities that will pull you towards the nature. So, here is 9 best places for Kayaking In Georgia.

Top Places to Kayak in Georgia

Georgia offers a wide range of waterways to explore kayaking for adventure lovers. You can find scenic coastal areas, lakes, whitewater rapids, etc to match your idea of adventure in Georgia . Kayaking is a really entertaining way to explore the country’s natural beauty. Here are some of the best places to kayaking in Georgia!

1. Mtkvari River

The Mtkvari River is one of the major rivers of Georgia. Since the Soviet Union times the river has been a popular tourist attraction. The river is located in the Javakheti region which is highly forested and has deep river valleys. The paddling section for kayaking starts in Vardzia. The confluence of the Paravani and Mtkvari River is the take-out point and the location of the Khertvisi Fortress. The Fortress belongs to the 10th century and plays an important role in defending the region. It is an amazing sight during the kayaking tour. It has imposing towers and secret tunnels that can be explored while enjoying kayaking.

2. Paravani River

The Paravani River is also one among the best places to go kayaking in Georgia. It has steeps and falls in class 4 whitewater category. It offers 10 km paddling area. It is also located in the Javakheti region. The river belongs to the cave town of Vardzia. The town has a humongous cave network that was built during the 12th century. It has 3000 caves that could contain around 50,000 people. It is home to various kayakers and provides ample opportunities to enjoy adventurous rides.

3. Tskhenistskhali River

The Tskhenistskhali River is located in the lower Svaneti region of Georgia. The land is home to the typical traditional Georgian homes and has some of the most exquisite natural wonders. This reason also houses UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This river has big volume and stretches for 15 km in a Canyon. There are lots of Category 4 and 5 whitewater as well as rapids. This is one of the best places to go kayaking in Georgia that can be enjoyed by the tourists.

4. Kheledura River

The Kheledura River is also located in the Lower Svaneti Region. It is Tskhenistskhali River’s right tributary with a 7 km stretch for kayaking. The river is steep and is a category IV whitewater with medium volume.

5. Rioni River

The Rioni River is one of the best places to go kayaking in Georgia. This is also the legendary river of the country that has different sections for exciting kayaking. The river has class 2 and class 5 kayaking sections. The upper gorge is the most interesting part which stretches for around 50 km. The river is steep and continues as a whitewater kayaking destination.

6. River Mestiachala and River Tsaneri

River Mestiachala and River Tsaneri are located in the Upper Svaneti regions. They are two small rivers passing through Mestia. Mestia is yet another amazing tourist destination that houses some of the oldest remnants of Georgia’s History. Kayaking in these rivers is accompanied with gorgeous views of beautiful canyons and comprises of category 2 and Category 4 white water kayaking waters.

7. Inguri River

The Inguri River is known as the most powerful river of Georgia Country. It is also considered as the most difficult kayaking destination in the Caucasus mountain. From Category 2 whitewater to Category 4 + + White Waters; this river is the perfect site for the adrenaline junkies. The river offers lots of sections that can be explored and all of them are hidden in the breathtakingly beautiful and deep canyons. The river offers lots of places for expert Kayakers and the lower part of the river has really never been explored by many.

8. Mulkhura River

The Mulkhura River starts from the confluence of Tsaneri River and Mestiachala River. It is the right tributary of the Inguri River. The river passes to extremely deep canyons and thus offers vast stretches of category III to category V white Waters. The stretch of 12 km is really exciting and can be covered by the expert kayakers only. This section requires difficult scouting and rope work to be passed.

9. Nenskra River

The Nenskra River is also the right tributary of River Inguri. It is also famous as the most beautiful river of Svaneti Region. It has two interesting stretches that cover lots of category IV and categories IV + Rapids.

Georgia is just like heaven for the kayakers. They can enjoy an amazing camping experience while indulging in the kayaking all across the nation. There are plenty of campgrounds that are available at highly affordable prices. Hostels and other cheap accommodations are also available. There are many local and small restaurants located at all the famous kayaking spots

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