Lesser-Known TV Series That Are Worth Watching

It is a perfect time to catch on some of the lesser-known TV series which are worth watching somehow it missed the radar of a lot of people because of the unavailability of the internet or lack of promotion. However, that doesn’t mean they are less than the other best TV series. These TV shows will completely patronize you, emotionalize you, & can tickle every emotion there is in your senses. These TV shows are amazing, to say the least, some of you must have watched it. In case, you have not heard about these names, fasten your seatbelts, you will in for a ride. For the record, I have not seen every TV series ever produced. However, I have watched a few & I believe these TV shows are worth a shot. So, here are lesser-known TV series that are worth watching.

The Wire:

A DEA team is set up in Baltimore to capture drug traffickers. The story seems to be simple, but it contains all the drama. The difficulty in finding loose ends & to decode practices is thrilling to watch. I have never seen any TV series which build side characters as much as this has built. The story is fantastically written & one can experience the fabulous acting of Idris Elba. Even after the season ends, you will feel to know about the characters more. You are so much engrossed in the characters that you want to live their life.

The Wire


Chernobyl had an accident in a nuclear reactor that resulted in the death of few people as per Russian Govt records. However, this was a cover-up story. As per unofficial records, the accident was massive & it resulted in the death of thousands & there is no counting as such. This series will take you through the horrifying journey of accident & its after-effects. Chernobyl is considered as the worst nuclear disaster in human history. The story is intriguing & exciting & hard to put down once started. This also symbolizes the downfall of the soviet union.


The Office:

A satirical comedy will tickle every bone in your body. The storyline is very simple but the punches are simply awesome. The setup is of the office where a bunch of people works, the story revolves around each one of them & in parts will cover their personal life. Each character lives in his own & bring joy to the existing scenes. The madness of this office will have a lasting impact on you.

The office
The Office: An American Workplace (NBC) season 1 Spring 2005 Shown: B.J. Novak (as Ryan Howard), John Krasinski (as Jim Halpert), Jenna Fischer (as Pam Beesley), Rainn Wilson (as Dwight Schrute), Steve Carell (as Michael Scott)


A time-traveling concept is mind-bending & exciting at the same well. There is hardly any time travel story that will glue you to the screen. The dark is a german TV series that is on high ranks. The story is pretty complex to explain. A child vanishes & his father starts to look for the clues. The story takes a turn when he realizes his son is his friend’s husband. The shocking plot will take you to much farther than this for more you will have to watch this series. The storytelling is great & also fantastic plot makes it worth a watch.


Wild Wild Country:

Osho was a cult guru in his time. His story is somehow hidden to this world. Some unfortunate incidents force him to abandon India & move to the USA. However, this is not all, his followers are madly devoted to him & one of those followers is Maa Sheela. Wild Wild Country is an epic disaster tale of a cult. The whole group moves to a ranch & how things take a downturn is mentioned in the series. The high flier of this series apart from the storyline is music. A wonderful journey inside the religious practices & what makes them so successful.

Wild Wild Country

Band of Brothers:

Band of brothers is a mini-series created by Tom Hanks & Steven Speilberg. The mini-series is based on the novel & interviews of the easy company; a company that was posted on the European front during the time of world war II. The story covers their journey after they are dropped in the war zone. Tarrifficly shot & great storytelling make this a must-watch series. The drama will capitulate you with emotions & thrill of war.

Band of Brothers TV Series

These are some of the TV series that is not hyped enough but are worth the shot. Watch these at right now & feel free to share it with your friends in need. Don’t let this quarantine time make them feel sad & bored, do your part. The best place to find these TV series are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar.

Bitcoin New Money or Not?

The currency is one mode of exchange that has changed throughout the time, from grains to coins, to paper & latest to digital. Currency has always looked to keep up with the pace of the world. The more efficient the money system, the easier it is to transact that eventually helps one to become rich. Having an agreed mode of transaction, played an important role in globalization. It not only changed how we transacted between the countries but also opened new avenues like remittance, credits, etc. But, the financial system was about to be changed forever. This change was not from any government or banks but by a single person or group of people with the introduction of Bitcoin (a digital currency).

Bitcoin Mark My adventure
Bitcoin came into the picture after the meltdown of 2008. The reason for its introduction was primarily the banks. Banks who thought they are the supreme power & can make or break government, change things or, in simple words, can rule the world. By having a centralized entity to look after your valuable is a norm in the current scenario. But, after seeing, that very central entity is corrupt & gullible. It was a necessity to search for alternatives & that alternative was introduced to the world by Satoshi Nakamoto, with the introduction of Bitcoin.

Please note that I am a nontech guy & hardly know the technical aspects of it. But, reading about different topics hooked me to bitcoin & the rise I saw from Dec 2017 to Jan 2018 made me curious about this technology which led me to read all about it. I still feel the if you want to learn about this topic you should listen to only Andreas Antonopoulos, bitcoin Jesus according to me.

What Is Bitcoin?

In layman terms, Bitcoin is the internet of money that can be transferred to others over the internet (just like email) without any intermediaries. Also, this is not owned by any bank, government or corporation.


There is no central entity overlooking or controlling the prices of 1 bitcoins. Thus, No One actually controls it & it is not possible to inflate or deflate the value of one bitcoin. Several nodes spread across the globe are working across the clock are verifying the transaction. Thus making is truly decentralized.


Every scarce thing is valuable hence Gold is considered an important commodity till date. Bitcoin’s total supply is limited to 21 Million & there will be no more or less than the mentioned supply. The 21 million bitcoin will be mined through the time with 1st bitcoin mined in the year 2008. it is estimated that the last bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140. As there is a limited supply it is scarce.


In the current provision, every bitcoin can be expanded to 8 digits from the decimal. Each least one is referred to as a satoshi. So, if you are sending 0.00000001 BTC, it is equivalent to 1 satoshi. However, there is an option to increase the divisibility but that is too far from the current position.

Transaction Time:

Usually, to transfer an amount across borders takes days to reach the receiver. Bitcoin transactions are confirmed on average 10 mins & hence it is super quick. Recently introduced lighting network is trying to reduce the time further. Also, transaction charges are less than 1% which is currently 3 to 5 %.

Intrinsic Value:

The funny thing about the intrinsic value is, it is derived if someone else can derive the value from it. Like Gold, like fiat, the currencies that are mutually agreed on.

How to obtain Bitcoin?

There are many ways through which one can own a bitcoin, exchanges like WazirX (India), Binance (world), Kucoin (world), etc are few of the existing pool of exchanges doing well.

Another method is through mining, mining is a process through which a computer solves problem & if authentic wins a few bitcoins. The reward is halved every 4 years. Currently, a miner wins 12.5 Bitcoin for solving one problem, the interesting part is rewarding will be reduced to half i.e to 6.25 this year (2020).

This is a layman guide to Bitcoin. This doesn’t cover any technical terms like blockchain, public & private keys, hash rates, & many more. However, a brief about why this is important. If interested in this technology read these books from amazon for the in-depth knowledge of the topic. On the other hand, if you are still not able to fathom why this is critical to you. Please spare a few minutes to read Currency wars by James Rickards & you will be amazed with the things you will find out.

Things To Do During Self- Quarantine

It is not often that we are faced with something as massive as this, a point when everyone in the world is worried about one thing only that is stopping the flow of this new virus. Covid 19 is taking a horrendous turn & the hour demands to stop this pandemic. As of now, the best solution everyone came up with is self-isolation. Self-isolation is defined as a practice to keep your self at a safer distance from another human being. People are practicing this by staying at home & avoiding non-essential traveling. However, considering we are so much connected with the world through social media, distancing oneself from the most lured thing in the world is pretty much impossible. The news like an increase in the number of divorces in China due to home quarantine is surfacing all over the world. Is it that tough to stay indoors & spend some time with our selves? This made me write this article. I feel these things will help you a lot in self-isolation.


Books are the best friend of humankind, which is rightly so. Books have the ability to transport you to some other plane & it also encourages you to think differently. All the top people in the world have vouched for this. As per the data, the richest persons in the world are the most educated ones. Everyone wants to read the books, but because of lack of time, they are never able to start. So, this is a perfect time to resume what you have left.

Read Books Mark My Adventure

Play Station:

Video games has a different fan following altogether. When games like PUBG, Fortnight, etc are growing like tsunamis & with e-sport regularly organizing gaming events, the gaming industry has never been in a better place. Also, Go Pokemon shows how VR will change the coming years for the better. So, scratch your gaming itch by buying the latest play stations & conquer the virtual world.

PS4 Mark My Adventure

Musical Instruments:

Music touches those nerves, which can’t be touched otherwise. It requires patience, dedication, & hours of practice. This was possible only in school & college but now is the time to restart what was left. While, at home with access to unlimited content & free classes, this could be the trigger point to start again & practice it again. So, pick up an old instrument & start practicing. This will not only calm your mind but will also sharpen it.

Learn Guitar

Online Courses:

In the place like India where the competition is cut-throat in the literal sense, this forces you to upgrade your skills with the current practices. With online courses growing continuously, this could be the perfect time to learn a few new skills or upgrade the existing ones. Coursera is one of the biggest platforms to learn new things from the experts. Not so-called experts but the professor who teaches in ivy league colleges. So, a good time to brush up some of your skills.

Online Courses Mark My Adventure


Yoga not new to the world. This art is highly popular among all the age groups. There is an unlimited health benefit to Yoga & slowly but surely this is rising among every age group. Rishikesh in India is known as Yoga Capital of World. However, traveling all the far to Rishikesh is not possible at this time. But, the benefits of the same can still be availed by sitting at home. There are many channels on youtube that teach you yoga at home. Not just youtube, an app like cultfit will also help you to be fit while staying at home.

Yoga At Home


All the above points are for the people who love to do those things. Not necessarily every one of us is having a hobby. A hobby is not something that every one of us develops. But, it should be developed. It will keep you active & happy & also provide a much important purpose in life. It is time to introspect yourself & find those hidden interests which once made you smile, an activity that you wanted to pursue against all the odds of success. It is often said there no best time than now, & precisely this is the time to form some new hobbies for your older self.


Here are the best things that you can do while self-quarantine at home. Don’t be afraid to try something new & exciting. There is an opportunity in tough times. Rather than wasting it doing nonessential things, choose essential things. I hope this will help you to figure out your true self.

Where Is God – Part II

After an unsuccessful meeting with a one-sided love with Alizeh, Ayan is crying his heart out & then at the moment he meets, Saba, a widowed woman. Soon, after this, they fall in love & Ayan moved on from his previous relationship, or this is how he thought. Eventually moving back to his previous relationship, during the course of time. This is a scene from a popular movie in India. I also felt the same during one of my visits, but major ingredients missing like a good looking widowed woman & me being, extremely handsome.

Love is the most painful of the emotions among the all that we experience. But still we fancy being in love. The reason for that is the feeling that compliments love. Love will make you complete, happy, out of this world & every other emotion that is written, shown & explained in books, movies & poetry. It really does bring the best out of you. But, falling in love comes with sacrifices & compromises which anyone hardly takes into the account, but this is for later.

Coming from a middle-class background & with an inbuilt ambition to achieve something great in life. It is always difficult to balance things & also which part is important in life & which is not. Love is in a grey area for me. I want to have it, but I don’t want to have it also. But, teenage is a place where the blood is boiling hard & you don’t want to listen to anyone’s thoughts. In the midst of uncertainty, I jumped in the boat of love. To start with, the girl used to stay in a different city from where I stayed. So, it was going to be a long-distance for the longest time possible. But, who thinks like this, once in love, you can climb mountains, move air & can do all kinds of superhero stuff.

But, falling in love is not a hard thing to do, staying in love is tough. As love is not one-way street, it requires efforts from both individuals. Having a long-distance is tough. But, the tougher is the time to plan meetings. Now, people will say, what is so difficult in planning a meeting. So, the crux is, it is if the other person behaves as per her comfort. A year consists of 12 months, 365 days; eventually. Ideally, people plan a meeting each month. But, in my case, I restricted meeting to once in a quarter. But, the funny part is whenever I planned for a meeting, it was ruined by some factor or the other & my success rate of the meeting was around 20 to 25% of all the planned meetings. I was loyal, caring, attentive in the relationship; so why God didn’t allow me smooth sailing. For once it is ok, but canceling of plans consecutively for 3 or 4 times, rips your heart apart & you start wondering what have you done that you have been treated in such a way.

Here are the few of many times, I have been ditched at the last moment.

At one time, I booked tickets good 2 months before my traveling date. I informed her, that I will be there on that particular date & guess what, she got typhoid that week & I had to cancel my tickets at the last moment. This was among the first, last moment ditches I received.

Another time, like the previous time I booked the tickets in advance & informed her I will be there. But, as usual, God lightning struck again. This time her parents planned to visit out of India during those days. I used to wonder how come there is always something or the other to ruin my plans. How rare are the chances that people make plans on the same dates from the whole year? Is it some time coincidence or something else. But, I tried to get this over my head thinking it may be some coincidence or maybe pure bad luck.

So, like a warrior, I tried again, this time I booked my tickets a week before the meeting. Thinking all is planned & now no more rejections. But, every time I feel I am acting smartly I am beaten more badly. This time just before boarding my flight. I got a call & the voice from the other side said, “I am having anxiety attacks, don’t come.” I had packed my stuff & was about to leave & then this came. It was shattering to hear that sentence. So, again I looked to the sky & wondered, if is it for real or I am being dumb, or is it you playing all these games. What have I done that I have to be treated like this?

This was not all, there were many instances where I felt helpless & vulnerable & questioned myself for being in a relationship. Why is it so hard to get the same respect that you offer to someone else. But, this is how life is; it is not meant to be fair. For some, it will be a smooth ride & for some, it will be walking on thick muddy sand with kgs of weight tied to your ankle (tough & bruising). At this point, when you are lost in life, you hope for some help or some miracle. This is the point, where you can do anything to get help from God.

This was not all, there were many instances where I felt helpless & vulnerable & questioned myself for being in a relationship. Why is it so hard to get the same respect that you offer to someone else. But, this is how life is; it is not meant to be fair. For some, it will be a smooth ride & for some, it will be walking on thick muddy sand with kgs of weight tied to your ankle (tough & bruising). At this point, when you are lost in life, you hope for some help or some miracle. This is the point, where you can do anything to get help from God.

So, why one keeps on trying in love even after falling for an infinite number of times. The reason is within us, love gives us joy & the way we react is the main reason why we want to be in love. Anyway, after experiencing numerous failures, I prayed to God for something better or maybe to pull me out of this rug. It is situations of difficulty which bends you towards God. A supreme power which is meant to help you or so the world say. So, with tears in the eye & all hope lost I prayed to God for some opening or some bright light. As it must have happened with so many of you. I heard nothing. Absolute nothing.

Anyone who feels that God is there should talk to people who have fought through depression or are depressed. You want to hold on to that single thread of hope, but it is not so easy to overcome such dreaded position. Even after failing miserably previous times you wish to find the one & in today’s world, finding the one is as simple as swiping right. But, I must have been something else, as I hardly matched with anyone. The place where everyone is getting is something I am left stranded alone. Is it me who is the problem or there is something else.

When nothing is going well in life, your love life is next to null there is not much to hope for & I wonder if he is even there or it’s just creativity of our mind. You pleaded, shown aggression, done all sorts of a tantrum, but in reply, you only get a thunderous NO. It is tough to see why your voice is not being heard..

Sitting dejected around the corner you see a couple holding the hands & exchanging cute gestures & in that moment you wonder what had hit you so hard in your love life that you are deprived of all the lovy dovy things & suddenly a eureka struck my mind. That it is there & you have to find it. You have indeed failed zillion times, done & dusted another millions of times; still, there is hope. Some people have done the unexpected in love, people have traveled oceans to make someone special. Maybe it is not in your life but it is there. There is some power which gives you the strength to cross all the borders, limitations & give you the power to think impossible. This little sentence is enough to confirm there is some power entity above you. Not everyone is made equal & everyone receives the same love & affection. But, the hope that you can also get it is the biggest gift humans can ask for. This HOPE of finding something better, who values you & your thoughts is an undying one & this is where God lies. Nobody will be alive forever, but hope will travel far from your vision & this hope is where God stays that even after losing for zillions time you wait for that one victory.

Check out the previous version here. Where Is God – Part I

Where Is the God -1

Where Is The God? – Part I

Where is God
I am a middle-aged man working in a reputed firm. However, I don’t see a life working in a 9 to 5 job & dragging myself to the weekend party burst. So, I started a side hustle to reinvent myself. To see if I can make a dent, not in the universe but at least in a few people’s lives. I wanted my side hustle to become big & be a role model for others. So, I started it (a travel blog) without giving it another thought (Remember always start once you are in the urge of doing, it will be valuable in the future, irrespective of the audience feedback; if you wait even for 10 seconds there are high chances that you will not do that thing again ever). I started writing dedicatedly for many years & I won’t say that I only did it without looking towards the monetary side of the project but for my passion. But, I knew it will take time to get the desired results & this is the funny thing about starting something by yourself, you will have to put efforts, time & resources to the uncertain results & irony is, results are the ones which don’t allow us to take steps in the first place. This vicious cycle of putting results over processes is ruining our mindset. This was few years back.

I started my side hustle with much enthusiasm & overlooked all the distractions that can derail me from reaching my goals. I kept on working on it, with an intent to change something, either in my life or somebody else’s. It is a miracle for a person not as talented as other counterparts in school, college or in corporate but is brave enough to try something new or at least has the vision to do something remarkable (It is important to visualize goal & then work towards it). Few years hence, I am still writing with the same energy but with a minor doubt peeling inside my head. A thought, Is it worth it? Is it worth trying things whose results are uncertain? Sacrificing little pleasures of life to work on it? Is it worth the pain? All these questions arise in mind when the results are according to your liking.

After fighting numerous wars inside my head, about my side hustle & many times, I wanted to quit, but somehow I kept my nerves. When you have done everything in your capacity there is the only way, UP & literary this is the time when we look toward God. A supreme force to help you or to give you some signal whether to continue or not. Here is a twist though, people say if you ask something from the bottom of your heart it shall be fulfilled. I tried the same that too in many ways. I tried challenging God, begging God, avoiding God, admiring God, just to get the desired results. But every time I did, things got worse. So after rejecting several times, a question arised, is God really there or some people are luckier than others?

I mean if you are asking for something from God & it is still far from your reach, then why people feel that God is there. Days after days, I prayed to God for positive results but never succeeded in getting one. The funny thing is when the person starts losing, the confidence drops, & you start to question the steps you took to reach this point. So, every day I went to my bed, feeling dejected, lost & uncertain about the future & thinking of how I will survive tomorrow. It is one thing to say, time will fly & parallel universe to live it.

It is hard to fight this sinking feeling considering how much hard work & sweat has been put in building this. And over that, you have to fight new problems daily, which may or may not be related to your work. It can be anything that occupies your mind from thinking clearly. It is like a domino effect; if one piece falls others follows the suit & one everything falls apart. Once things fall, one looks for the supreme force to help them in their dreaded situation.

Even in the dreaded situations, one tries to motivate him or herself. So during one of those days when the battle is already lost. I was reading books, & while reading one of the books I came across, a line where the author of books asked various CEO’s that how come they are successful, & rest are not. Then, he said the only difference is I didn’t quit. This seems to be a very simple sentence, but it holds the lesson for life, that you should not quit. I was wondering how I came across this line when I was going through a rough patch. Maybe there is someone beyond our sense who keeps you upbeat. This is not the first time, that something like this happened to me. Every now & then, I came across some line, song or quote which motivate me for the next day. Incidents of finding something randomly which motivates you is an act of something. After failing numerous times, how come I stand up to fight again the next day. Then like a eureka moment, a thought crossed my mind. God doesn’t lie in giving you output, but it lies in motivating you to fight once again. Failure is inevitable, but how you fight it & prepare for the next battle is where the God is. And this is mentioned in Indian mythology as well, one can only do work but should not crave for results, as results are not in your hand. God is not present when you get the desired results. God is present when you are done & dusted, failed, miserable, out of thoughts, but still dress up & show the fight, because of a little voice inside your head, telling you to fight for one more time. A little voice, which still believes today you will win & beat the odds. A voice which says, ONE MORE TIME.

So, everytime you will lose, just say to your self. Let’s try ONE MORE TIME.

Work Is All You Have To Do:

So often it happens that we think something & keep on thinking about it. Rather than doing something about it we are wondering in our thoughts. People know this by the word of “Procrastination”; which means that our monkey mind just wanders here & there & opt not to focus on the goals we set for ourselves. Our minds are trained to focus on the end game & the pleasure it will give us. We are blindfolded to the process & our only focus is to win. As our main motive is to win, we align our behavior accordingly. One’s effort is determined by results.

This is how we are taught, that every effort should bear fruits. But, we forget a simple fact, that results are not in our hands. We can only perform an activity to the best of our ability & if we do things based on our love for that activity, then results will merely be a formality & the moment we start cherishing the efforts we will change the concept of winning & losing. This small point is a big differentiator between average workers & geniuses. Average workers align work with respect to the results while geniuses just work to make it better or for the love that they hold for that activity.
Once results become irrelevant in the game it takes away a lot of players with it; as most of us are looking for validation; validation from the people who matter little to use. Validation from some neighbor who has yet to figure out his or her own life & validation from ourselves that we are not losers. Most people don’t try stuff, as they fear they will be perceived as a loser for not achieving goals.

Fear is the greatest obstacle in our lives. Fear is good if one knows how to construct it & but most of us rather than embracing the uncertainty, we are engulfed in it. But, here is a thing if we do work for the love of if the fear vanishes. Work makes us comfortable & prone to new challenges; as our mindset is continuously thinking about the work & not the result.

Our minds are tuned in such a way, that it wants to hold on to the negative part as much as Romeo wanted Juliet. The moment our mind stop thinking about the love of the work, it went back to all the negative thoughts, like what is the use, what if the results is not in our favor, & many more. But, if we are able to rub off these initial obstacles we can achieve our goals.
Confidence is one trait everyone talks about. This can also be developed by working. Work on your craft & polish it. The more you work the more confident you get & with the confidence you can move mountains. Thus, it is said amazing things happen once you start working. This is the single, most important piece of advice; that you can gain confidence by working which will eventually help you win.

Work is the single most important work to achieve something. Success is not guaranteed if you work, but there are 100 % chances that you will not succeed if you don’t work. So work should be on the top of your list.

You only have to take one step at a time & with step by step, you can walk a marathon. But, rather than focussing on the path we focus on the end. For once, we should embrace the path without thinking about the destination; we should embrace the loss & should treat it as a learning, that we lost because we were not good enough. But, with hard work, focus & some shift in the mindset we can win. A loss can not make you a loser, but the attitude of not trying again after losing makes you a loser. So, change your mindset about things, so that you can change the outcomes. Who knows you are among the few who actually change something & even if you don’t it doesn’t matter, because you will be happy with yourself which is the most important part of your life. Being content & happy not because of the result but because of the path. However, this doesn’t mean we should not have destinations. Fixing a destination is as important as anything else in the life. It helps to determine in which direction you need to go.

For Happiness Close Your Eyes & Ears

Happiness is among the few goals that one is thriving for. Happiness can be internal & external as well. But, why happiness is such a defining factor that every single human being on this planet is looking to find one. Happiness has many advantages apart from the most evident ones like being healthy, energetic, full of life & hopeful. However, on the other hand, life without happiness leads you to be miserable. We have created this life & still, we are unable to figure out why we can’t stay happy or be in a happy state most of the time. Is it really tough to stay happy in the life that we are only creating?

Have you ever seen a kid? They are innocent, happy & full of life but somehow we lose the same enthusiasm while growing up. So, what drastically happens during our way to growing up? The answer lies in the growing up only. As we grow up we are more aware of our surroundings & get much more influenced by it. So, our greed & need rises drastically while growing up. The need & greed of our daily lives cannot be matched with our living standards (if we don’t count people born with a silver spoon) & if the needs are not met then we are disappointed & unhappy with our lives. According to me, this is one of the topmost factors in making us miserable. Kids are new to this world & still not corrupted by the thoughts of owning things & wanting for more. They are satisfied with what they have in hand & enjoy it to the fullest. They are not aware if there is something more to life if not this. This is probably the reason why kids are happier & full of life.

Happiness Mark My Adventure

If there is nothing to compare yourself to then there is no need to worry about ourselves & if there are no worries, we will live more content lives. Our worries rob us of our true selves & moments. The secret of staying happy lies at this very point of being blind & dumb to the outer world. If we want to be happy we have to adjust to the situation & stop looking for more than the available. If we will continue to look for the future we will always be living for the future & will miss the most amazing time i.e present time. It is tough to follow this advice of living in the moment. As our mind is constantly running for things beyond our reach. As Buddha said, “Control your mind or your mind will control you.” It is difficult to control our monkey mind. But, it is possible to control it. This can be done through practice. Any habit can be formed within months but for that, you need to be strong-headed.

To practice fullness you will have to fall back on your kid’s mind. The mind is unadulterated with the modern life thesis where everything is running & a race. A kid’s mind sees the object as it is without judging, without thinking about the recursions but just enjoying the present moment. Thus, it is blissful to see kids play because we want to reach that stage but we are stuck at the modern warfare of rat race. Being an adult we will have to realize that this life is for us, for creating ourselves rather than crawling our lives to the death bed. Who knows will we ever be able to born again on this planet. We only have a few years in our lives, 100 years if one is lucky enough. But, if you will analyze we only have 2 or 3 decades when we are at our peak. We are mentally, physically, emotionally fit & still, we are sad. This sadness is due to our uncontrolled mind which is constantly showing us the lives of others which we feel is better, happier & fulfilling but we forget to count our blessings.

Anyone can be happy you just need to follow few steps. There are many steps suggested by experts in this field; I will recommend you to watch the ted talk of Shaw Achor. Also, one more thing that has worked for me is visualization & writing down. Write down good things about your self no matter how minute it seems, write it down & say it every morning after waking up. After waking up say your blessings loud & thank god for giving you one life. Keep doing this for some time & the results can be seen & you will be much more energetic & full of life.

I hope this article will help you clear some of your thoughts of your cluttered mind. One only needs to win over his mind & rest things will fall in the place automatically. Also, if you are a book person & looking to read something about happiness click here to know more.

Books On Happiness Mark My Adventure

Success Is Like Mirage

Success is the ultimate driving force that fuels our daily lives. But, the biggest question of the lot is how do we realize if we are successful? I came across this question when I was few years into my blog ; the blog is doing good since its origin; the visitors were growing at an organic pace & life seems to be good, considering a boy from a non tech background learned WordPress by his own & traveled to different countries to write about them. After touching the highest views in the month of Mar 2020. The views started to shrink & it started affecting my mindset & the foremost thing before starting any new venture is the mindset. It is easy to think of some situation & overcome it but equally difficult to solve it during the hour of need. So, once things started to go south; I started to question my mindset & things like why I am doing this, what is the sense of all these struggles, how it will help me to succeed. After much of introspection. I realized Success is a mirage.

Why Mirage?

I knew that blogging will take at least 2 to 3 years before it gets noticed or any decent feedback. So, I was mentally prepared for it. So, I took one step a time; I set goals for 50 views, 100 views, 150 views, 200 views per month so on & build over that. At the start of my journey; I thought achieving these monthly goals will be my success barometer. However, as soon as I started reaching these goals I craved for more I started to try more but with little success. So, I started to become unthankful of my present. I was so much in the future that I forget to savor my present.

Mirage is an object which seems to be there but in reality, there is nothing. So, once we reach a point which we thought would be a great place; we are shocked & little confused. If this is how it should be after reaching the only thing we wished for. We become anxious about reality as we imagined it would be a blissful situation with no struggle & maximum satisfaction but it is a mirage. We started to think that happiness lies somewhere else & maybe the next milestone will help us attain that prime position.

Success is a mirage as we always shift our goals once we reach the said goals. So, we are never happy or satisfied with our position; this generally arises as the human mind has the power to increase the effect manifolds. Thus, when we reach the goal we are still lacking that extra high & if the imaginations never meet with the reality we often get sad.
This is the most common reason why so many people feel unsatisfied with their lives. As they only count how far they have to go rather than how far they have walked. We have to realize that happiness is a state of mind & if one can control the mind, one can be happy irrespective of the circumstances & irrespective of the outcomes. The joy should be in trying out new things & loving the experiences during the phase. However, we are only obsessed with results. As we feel results are will put authority on our capabilities which in some sense is true as well. But, the time we realize that destination is just a product of your efforts you will start to enjoy the process. This has been conveyed by so many great personalities like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Gary Vee etc. All these great personalities loved the process irrespective of the results.

Success Pic Mark My Adventure
When I started my blogging journey I set my eyes on using it as a passive income which kept me going but after trying hard for 2 to 3 years I started to lose my zeal towards the process. As the process is slow, boring, mundane & it requires lots of sacrifices & when one is working for long without any prominent result; the energy diminishes & in most of cases we quit. This is the place where the champions are made; they stride forward during this time; why so? Because they love the process so no matter what are the problems in the path, they only concentrate on the process. Loving the process in this drenches journey is a must. But, I will leave this topic for the later. Let’s focus on being successful.

Rather than results determining your success any person is successful if he or she is looking to work towards their goals. If you will judge a person with the end results it achieves; one will be disappointed most of the time if not all. Beacuse only a handful of the people are able to reach their desired goals. One must be super lucky to achieve what they desire for. So, rather than hoping for the joy in the end result start looking for joy in the process. It is boring, monotonous & some times mundane. But, this is how you will beat the odds. When you stack up your daily work, you will shock to see how massive you can get in a lifetime. So, keep working towards your goals & keep enjoying the process. As the price of achieving the greats lies in these regular works. Stop falling for the mirage of success as it is never there in the definition of success. Success lies in challenging yourself daily & improving daily. Start celebrating these processes & who knows maybe you will be among the very few who achieve what they desire for & even if you don’t it doesn’t matter as the fun lies in the process of being uncomfortable, trying daily & working towards your goals daily.

Hike & Life

Hike & Life Mark My Adventure
Recently I hiked Table Mountain in Cape Town for an adventure. The mountain, whose one face seems to be in the shape of a table & when the clouds cover it as a table cloth, it is something. This doesn’t mean, the place loses any sheen without clouds. That view is amazing as well. So, hiking like many solo sports is done by a single person until & unless you are not hiking in a group. So, while hiking this magnificent mountain, lots of thoughts passed my mind & out of so many thoughts, one thought just stuck to my head. That thought was that life & hiking are related to each other in so many different ways, which lead me to write this post as per my understanding.

Initial Phase:

During the start of every hiking expedition, the starting few meters are always full of energy you walk fast, you take big strides, you watch more & you adore more. This is probably true for every one hiker. If not then for most of the hikers it is. So, the initial phase is always full of excitement & energy & with full energy we move into the ascending phase of the hike.

The early life of humans is also full of energy when we are a kid; we have the energy for everything, we are even amazed by the sound of a click. We look as if we are not going to see that thing again & we enjoy it to the fullest. We would like to keep on going & we like to explore as much as I can.

Ascending Phase:

After walking initial phases of the hike, we are slowly losing some energy we have come to certain height & from here the hiking gets real tough, suddenly the strides become big & the ascending seems tough. With each passing step, we feel like quitting the hike. Our energy is completely drained off & we want to give at this very instant. But, one voice from the inside rise & say gently one more step & with all the courage in the world, we lift our step again & walk a few more steps. But, to our misery, we are tired again & we stop to take a breather. While taking breather we enjoy the view, the breathtaking view for which we took this hike in the first place. After resting for some time, we again focus on our mission & walk upwards towards the top. The process of stopping, thinking of quitting, walking again crawl across mind several times during this tough phase of the hike. However, we always calm clutter of our mind by saying the top is where our destination lies. So, we continue walking upwards to reach the top.

Once we reach our adolescence we are constantly asked about the next step, as if we have already seen it all & in a better position to make the right decision. But, we take one step at a time, we finish graduation & wait to analyze what should we do next & then jump into the next adventure. We did something else which should have been a genius move. But, it was another way round. We again stop & then reach the working life, where we are constantly bugged with the toxic culture & surroundings. But, unlike hiking where we stop for some time to gain our energy & walk again. Here we are constantly running, some time we think of quitting everything & move to some known territory but one voice speaks louder than the others & we soon focus on the task uphill. With all these nonuniform thoughts we reach the peak of our life.

The Top:

Once we reach the top, we acknowledge the view & all the pain we took to reach to the top were worth the view. High energy is flowing in the body & we feel like superheroes after taking this drenching walk to the talk. We stay at the top for some time adore the beauty from after fully grasping the view we descend downwards.

After working hard for several years, we are at the peak of our performance & it all seemed to work the efforts, sacrifice & pain. We like the way we feel at the top of the world. We are good with our limited capabilities & try to stay at the top for the majority of the time. However, we ignore that nothing is forever. After our brief stay at the top, it is time for the next step.

The Descend:

After a much-energized stay at the top, we say goodbye to the view & descend thinking that it will be much simpler & easy to walk down if compared to the ascending. Little did we know that we have lost, lots of energy while ascending. So we use the start & stop technique for descending as well, where we walk few steps downwards & stop to gain energy & walk again. It is so funny that we only think about one aspect of hike & always ignore the other one. Thus, I feel it is a great sport, as you have to take those hard steps & those tough moments where you are beaten down, low on energy & still gather all your courage to walk few extra steps to reach the starting point.

We are untouchables at the top or this is how we feel. But, someone better, someone who has acquired new skills & talent overtakes us. We are late in our career & it is difficult to adjust to new ways of living. However, with all the experience which we gained early in the career, we maintain our dignity & perform best to our abilities & it is gone be soon that we will realize that it is now time to reach the latter half of our lives.

Finish Line

When we are walking to our abode we are constantly smiling for the fact that we have managed to climb such a mountain, where we beat ourself to deliver the best. We are lost all the energy but we are satisfied with the walk & loved the fact that we made the climb. We look at our efforts & pat ourselves on the back. We realize how strong we actually are, how courageous we were not to give up during that tough period of ascending & during descending where we totally ignored the pain of walking down. Whatsoever, was our feeling during the walk, we are still smiling at the end of it & still all geared up to take another hike.

We are done with our career, & feeling ecstatic to survive this chaos. We are happily living our lives & thinking about all the jargons during our struggling days. No matter how many times we felt on quitting but we persisted with our mission & completed it in the best of our abilities. We are old & sharing stories of all the troubles, our doubts, our journey & pain & after so many ups & downs we are much wiser & much happier.

This was my adventure of hiking. What about yours?

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