South Africa Visa For Indians

There are only a few countries in the world which allow cost-free visa to Indians. South Africa is one such country. However, you will need to pay VFS service for handling charges which will cost you around 2000 INR. So, here is a way to get a South Africa visa for Indians to explore the mighty landscapes of this beautiful country.

VFS is a global service which allows you to submit all the required documents. VFS has offices at major cities like Delhi & Mumbai. Further, there is no requirement to book an appointment for South Africa visa. You can visit the office & submit the document. The VFS charges are approx INR 2000 & only cash is accepted. So, without any further adieu here is the list of documents required to obtain South Africa Visa For Indians.
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What All Documents Required For South Africa Visa?

1. Passport validity:

The passport shall be valid at least 30 days after the intended stay or departure date from South Africa. Further, there should be at least 2 unused blank pages available. Also, submit old passport or previous passport along with the new passport if applicable.

2. Visa Form:

A fully completed visa form 11 (DHA-84) in black ink; in block letters & shall be signed by the applicant. You can download the visa form from here.

3. Proof of Funds:

Bank account statement of last 3 months on bank letterhead & duly signed & stamped by the bank officials. The minimum bank balance shall be R3000 or equivalent in INR for Delhi & Mumbai. It should be noted that no passbook, no e-statement or net banking copies will be accepted.

4. Proof of Hotel Booking:

One should book a hotel or hostel in their name for all the days they will be visiting South Africa. The hotel booking should clearly state your name & other details. Further, there are many sites which allow you book get great deals on hotels. Check this link to find best deals on hotels.

5. Itinerary:

A day to day itinerary covering your stay in South Africa. It should tentatively cover each day activities. If a person is traveling from yellow fever belt. A vaccination certificate is required to be submitted along with the application.

6. Flight Ticket:

A valid return ticket in your name is mandatory. I know it is risky to book a flight without having a surety of getting a visa. But, it is mandatory to have confirmed flight tickets on your name. So, go ahead & book the flights. Also, remember fear is the only thing keeping you away from your dreams. Here is a post on How To Find Cheap Flight Tickets.

7. Photographs:

Two recent (not older than 30 days/1 months) passport size, ( 35mm x 45mm of the picture) photographs

8. Cover Letter:

An Original covering letter signed by the applicant stating the name, passport number of applicant(s) and duration of the visit. Also, in the signature column mention your physical address & contact information. It is mandatory to provide these information.

9. Employer Leave Letter:

The applicant shall obtain leave letter from the employer which should mention your name, passport nb, designation, leave details & duration of the visit. Further, in the signature panel, the name of signing authority, position, contact details & employers address. Kindly note that this is a mandatory document.

Further, if you will be accompanied by a minor or recently married then there are few other information that needs to be provided. You can check the same from here.

It usually takes 5 to 8 days for the embassy to process your application. So, it is better to apply 1 or 2 months in advance. I hope this post will help you to obtain South Africa Visa. For more information you can visit VFS South Africa website.

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