The Hideout Hostel Ho Chi Minh: Hostel Review

The Hideout Hostel in Ho Chi Minh is backpackers paradise & is one of the best hostels available in the city. Most of the backpackers who visit Ho Chi Minh try to book the place here to have time of their life. I stayed in Ho Chi Minh for 3 days & for all three days I stayed at this place only. So, here is my review of the hostel "The Hideout Hostel: Ho Chi Minh"


One of the biggest advantage this hostel holds compared to many other is the location. The property is just located on the main road & is easily accessbile by public transport. A direct bus from the airport & located at the centre of the city's attractions. This place certainly demands for the attention. Most of the city's attractions are walkable from this hostel. Also, on the prime advantage of staying at this place is that it is just located in the most happening place of Ho Chi Minh. City's walking street. If any one has visited Bangkok or Pattaya will surely relate to this word. The theme of the road is just like Khao San Road & walking street in Bangkok & Pattaya respectively.

Why Chose This Hostel?

Hostels are very cost efficient for a trip. Along with being cost effective it will also have few other advantages. Here is the list of advantages staying at this hostel.

  • Staff: The staff is super friendly & at your disposal all the time. Along with helping you they will also help you to decide what to do & how to do it. A great gesture is always around the corner when you are staying here.

  • Price: The price of the place is very affordable. The prices for dorm bed starts from approx Rs 600. However, the final price may vary during the time of booking. The hostel is value for the money. Hence, the price should not be a factor.

  • Rooms: The rooms are equipped with AC & power sockets. There is a locker available, however you will need to pay extra amount; which is refundable at the time of checkout. Apart from that rooms are decent. There is a common washroom on each floor. Also, the housekeeper will clean the room daily.

  • Extras: The best part of this hostel is 2 free drinks each day, free breakfast & hell lot of activities. Each day you will come across few or the other activity which will keep you engaged. Also, at few days of week hostel organize pub crawl. A great way to explore surrounding pubs & get some free drinks 😛

  • Trips: Hostel will book most of the things on your behalf. So, you don't need to search yourself. Most of the things are available at the reception. Also, the cost of the activities are as per market standard. Hence, no need to worry about overcharging by the hostel.

  • Rooftop Cafe: Not many hostels have rooftop cafe. But, this hostel has one. Throughout the day the place is crowded with the travelers & it is like a mini fair. The prices are very reasonable so you won't need to break a bank to eat & drink here.

  • Attractions: Most of the city attractions are near the hostel infact at a walking distance. So, one can easily plan a day & enjoy walking on the streets.

  • Walking Street: The most happening street of Ho Chi Minh is located few steps from the hostel. If you are bored at hostel. You can just walk down to this lane & have the experience of your life. The place is active till early morning during the weekends & worth a visit for all the party animals.
  • The Hideout Hostel Mark My Adventure
    Walking Street

    I stayed for 3 days here & truly loved the vibe & environment of the hostel. During evening hours (or happy hours) the place just lits up, an ideal place to relax after days site seeing.

    What are you waiting for ?

    If happy hour and all the other benefits are not able to attract you. I don't know what will. Book your stay in Ho Chi Minh from following links & share your experience here.
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