Things To Do In Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the tourist hubs in the world. Its rise into a tourism city is mind baffling. But, why does it attracts so many tourists each year?
The reason is very clear; it is because of the things one can do here. There is plenty of things to do in Barcelona. I stayed for 4 days at this place & in these 4 days, the place took me for a swing. I will keep Barcelona in top 3 best cities I have visited so far .So,based on my experiences below are the Things to do in Barcelona.

Gaudi Architecture:

The city's most attractive feature is the architecture designed by the Gaudi. The famous architect footprints are all over the city. His buildings are the prime attractions. Some of his work is fabulous to watch. There is an entry charge in to each one of them. I would suggest buying tickets prior, to avoid any hassel as the queues are long & tiring. The famous Barcelona pic which is circulating every where in the world is of Park Guell & entry to that park is 7 Euros. for Sangrada Familia (the chruch still under construction) entry is 22 Euros.
Park Guell
Lloret De Mar
Street View


The rich culture of Barcelona is the reason that there are many museums. Barcelona history museum is fantastic to visit. The entry fee of 7 Euros is applicable. Along with Barcelona history museum, one more famous museum is Picasso, the art genius is true inspiration for budding artists. A must visit for the people having an artistic bone, an entry fee of 11 Euro is applicable. But, make sure you get tickets before as the queues are long.

La Ramblas:

The street earlier used to be a awful due to thugs & goons. However, after establishment of a police station, things changed drastically. Now the street is flooded with the tourists. This street is open 24*7. The amazing vibe of the street & mind blowing architecture is worth a visit. The best way to roam across the street is by walking. Inner parts of the area is still untouched & less crowded. Do lose yourself in this majestic street & enjoy the true flavour of the place.

Adventure Sports:

Barcelona in particular doesn't have any adventure sport. However, there are few places which are 60 to 100 Km from Barcelona & offers all sort of adventure sport. One such sort of place is Lloret De Mar. The place has waterpark & Spain highest Bungee Jumping point. I booked the jump from Adrenaline Hunters. The beach of this place shall take you to memory lane of Game of Thrones shooting. Also, Sky diving option is available. So, for the people who are looking for such adventures Barcelona can scratch your itching bone.

Local Tour:

The history is so rich that it is impossible to avoid it. The best way to know about the place is by hiring a local guide. I did it through Local Guddy. The guide told me about the place & also took to the places which are less touristic & still worth a visit. For instance, she took me to the art museum where one photographer showcased his work. The work was of Afghanistan during & after the war. The work was the realty of the place during the dreaded time. Also, one of the place where the buildings build in curve was a fantastic point. These small things are only possible with some one who knows about the place. So, book a guide & explore the city in a unique way.

Camp Nou:

The mecca of football, CAMP NOU. The homeclub of FC BARCELONA. Crowd from all over the world comes here to see their idols in work. The stadium is open for a visit for tourist for 25 Euros. The museum & a mini mall having FC Barcelona accessories are much famous among the tourists. A great place to spend some time.
Take A Walk
Those Staring Eyes


The coastal city has a huge beach & it is literary flooded with the tourists. The temperature in the Spain is much higher than the rest of the Europe. So, people stay outdoors. The clear water & clear sky is fantastic way to spend your evenings. Even at the late hours one can find people enjoying a dip in the water. Relax here for some time with the drinks.


The parties in Barcelona starts from 12 am & lasts till early morning hours. The crowd usually builds up at 1 o clock. The entry fee is unevitable but there is reason, it is because of the crowd. The insane parties are surely for the young crowd. Usually, the entry fee starts from 15 Euros. There are plenty to party places in the city. Visit few of them & have a blast.
Other than things mentioned above, there are several places which I was not able to cover & some of these are A trip to Montserrat, visit to Gothic Cathedral,A trip to Girona etc. The more time you have the more you can cover. There is so much to do that it becomes essential to short list few & do those. Click on the below post to know more about the place.
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