Rotterdam is one of the big cities in The Netherlands. The place offers beautiful architect & pleasant sceneries. Rotterdam is mainly famous for its cubicle houses which are unique figures in the town. The city was completely devastated during the world war II & since then things have changed drastically, modern architect is a living proof of the same.

The city is not far from Amsterdam & is suitable for a couple of days tour. I covered the city in a day's time & seen most of the attractions. But, if you like the city you can stay for a longer period.
Rotterdam Mark My Adventure
Market Hall Rotterdam

How To Reach:

The best way to reach Rotterdam is through train from Amsterdam. There are many trains running through out the day. It usually takes 45 mins on a fast train. The cost of ticket is approx 17 Euros from Amsterdam.

Buses are another option to reach Rotterdam. The time taken by bus is around 1.5 hours or more. Bus is a cost effective way to reach the city. The cost of bus ticket is 7 Euros.

Bla Bla car is famous in a cost effective way to travel between the cities. Book the car in advance to avoid any last minute hustle.

Things To Do:

Cube House: A group of 38 cube houses are one of the prime attractions of the city. There are 3 floors in each house. The modern architect is amazing to see. One of the house is open for public viewing & charges of entry is 3 Euros. I personally felt it was bit costly.

Maritime Museum: There are various ships, equipments, yatch & all stored at a single place. Maritime museum is a great way to understand the modes of waterways in historic times. The ships, equipments etc provides a glimpse of the past.Depending upon the interest one can choose for the tours. There is guided as well as audio tours available. For more information click on this link Maritime Museum.

Erasmus Bridge: The most attractive place in Rotterdam is Erasmus Bridget. The vastness of this bridge is hard to be ignored. Take a walk here & enjoy the horizons.
Cube House Rotterdam Mark My Adventure
Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam

Euromast: Ascend to Euromast. Plain landscapes are view to watch for. There is an entry fee of 9.50 Euros. The views are majestic at the top. If having ample time do visit it.

Walking Tour: Best way to roam around the city is by walking. There are lots of opportunities to see untouched & untouristic places while walking. However, the time require to walk around the city is high. I would suggest trying walking as finding untouched points are always a joy.

Sit Near Harbor: Nobody really suggests this. However, it is one of the grand feeling that needs to be experienced. The amazing architect & water is perfect combination to unwind yourself. On a sunny day this can be perfect thing to do in Rotterdam.

Shore Mark My Adventure
Tram Mark My Adventure

Cost Involved:

Food: Expect to pay something around 5 Euros for decent food at food joints. However, if you want to keep the cost down, try buying the food from supermarket.

Commutation: The best & cheapest way to roam around city is by renting a bicycle. The city is not big thus it is easy to cover by bicycle. Another option is walking. I preferred walking around the city as it allows me to experience the city.

Trams are fastest public mode of transportation. The price for one hour ticket is 3 Euros. 1 to 3 day transport pass is available which is good option if you are going to use too much public transportation.

I stayed for a single day. Hence, I am not suggesting any daily budget. However, above is the broad expenses during the trip which should be taken into account while calculating expenses. Below is the link from where you can book your stay. Stayokay Hostel is located near the cube house which are perfect for few days.
I am a very big fan of Go Pro & Iphone. I clicked all the photos through them only. While capturing moments it is tough to find ideal conditions. However, handy equipments can help you during hours of need. I trust Go Pro for the same. You can buy both the items from here.

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