Books I Read In The Year 2018

I promised myself 24 books before the start of the year & here we are in December. Below is the list of books I have read in 2018. Some of the books are worth reading again & again & some are worth skipping. Based on my analysis. Here is the list of books I read in 2018.


The Intelligent Investor

A book by Benjamin Grahm, mentor of Warren Buffet. This is considered as holy bible of the investing, which it actually is. But, the book is too tough for a normal human being, due to technical terminologies. Overall a decent book to read.

The Millionaire Next Door

Lots of people feel that millionaires are all about spending & living lavishly. This book says otherwise, according to the book they value their money & spend wisely. They only buy the required stuff & live life peacefully & rich. A rare combo to achieve in this generation.

Millionaire mindset

This book is largely based on the concept of The Secret, Think & Grow Rich & The Power of subconscious mind. The power of mind is explained in this book. But, there is nothing great about this book. This book is a Miss.

The Richest Man In Babylon

This is probably the best book I have read for finance this year. The concept is explained in simple language & is easily conveyable. Do read this short book & your life in terms of finances will transform radically. This book is a Hit



This is an old book. I only read this year, the book is funny & amazing at the same time. You will be shocked by the analogy made the authors of this book. A great book to read. Surely, a Hit.

Animal Farm

Have you ever thought; what will you do if you will be in power?. This book is about such an instance where pigs are the king of the farm. A cruel reality of the world is narrated in a funny way. A great book to read. This book is a Hit.

Homo Deus

This is the second book in line with Sapiens. A book about human past & this book is about the future. What will be the future of the earth? How will we survive in the coming years? A wonderful take on the future & worth reading. This book is a Hit.

Dropping Ashes on Buddha

A funny book compiled with the letters written by a student to his teacher & his reply. A student wants to learn to master his mind. How his master spread the message is in this book. This book will have a huge impact on the age group of 50+. For people below that age, it is a Miss.

The War of Art

War of art is all about procrastination. How we are not able to work & achieve. The book was published way back in years. A decent read. But, you can give it a Miss.

Stumbling On Happiness

Another take on the human search for happiness. This book is about how human mind behaves & why we are easy to forgive our loved ones. Why we behave in a certain way & why we don't. A great book for anyone who is slightly interested in human mind functioning. This book is a Hit.

Origin Story

Just like Sapiens, this book is about the origin of the earth & where we are heading towards. The book explains all the concepts explained in Sapiens. But, Sapiens story flow is way better than this book. One can Miss this book.

21 lessons for 21st century

If Sapiens was about the past & homo deus is about the future. This book is about the present. How can we tackle problems in this work? The book has 21 topics with each suggesting how should we behave.

Self Help:

The Power of Subconscious Mind

The book you should keep in your library. If practiced with full faith, this book can make you rich & might be a pandora box for your wishes. Reread this book to develop faith.


Why only a few people can achieve the most. This book is about the study of these superhumans. However, if one knows the present one can construct any story & try to find a common threat. I would suggest Miss this book.

How To Stop Worrying & Start Living

This book is more like a worksheet, read this apply the instructions & see the results yourself. A great book to read & surely a keeper. As the name suggests, this book is about killing all the negative vibes & living the life to the fullest.


You are fed up with all the negative news & probably thinking that the world is about to blast. Calm your horses, this book is about optimism & even proves with the points that why we are moving towards a better future. Worth reading this book.

A Man's Search for Meaning

A great book about hope. The author is a Nazi concentration camp & narrates his story of survival. How he was able to sustain those harsh conditions & still able to survive mentally & physically. A great book to read. Surely a Hit.


Small Giants

This book is about those firms, who chose to stay small & build empires. Great insight about the businesses which are making an impact but with limited operations. It is not necessary to be a unicorn but to be effective. A Hit for me.


A book about our habits, how sites like Twitter, snapchat, Instagram etc are able to hook to their platform. A lot of research has been done to write this book.However, the book was unable to keep me hooked. But, one can miss this book.


The newest fad among this generation, blockchain or bitcoin. The concept may be difficult to understand. So, better to start with something very basic. I have read digital gold previously hence was able to understand this book. Read this only after reading basic blockchain books.

The Innovator's Dilemma

Why only few companies are able to disrupt. Big firms have all the resources at their disposal, still few new firms are able to disrupt the scenario. The author explains the process which is worth reading. A great book to read for all the business folks. A sure Hit.

Shoe Dog

If you want to understand the origin of the sports shoe brand. Read this memoir by the man himself. The story of Nike is full of ups & downs. Read how he dealt with the problems & what it takes to shine in the dark.


You need to be different to stay ahead of the race. There are so many things one does but only few can make a mark. A book by Seth Godin, a marketing mogul. This book is about finding the rare gem to beat the crowd. I didn't like it personally. It's a Miss for me.

The Tipping Point

Every business is small & it requires to cross a threshold before making it big. This is about that tipping point. However, the analogy is reverse thus I didn't like the book. A Miss.

Leonardo Da Vinci

To become great, you need to learn from the great. Probably the greatest artist of his time. Leonardo life was inspiring. Walter Isaacson is known for his literature & even with this book he has showcased that skill. A great book to read to get inside the mind of the great Leonardo.

Losing My Virginity

Richard Branson is a hippy businessman who is an inspiring figure to all. How everything started & why he is wired the way he is; is a decent read. The book is about his experiences & lessons.

Currency wars

This is one of the most controversial books I have read so far. The economics is a complex issue & reading about the countries who are manipulating it is a shock. The book gives the history about the currency & how superpowers are using it to their benefits. A great book to read for anyone who is looking to gain some insight about the economics of the currency.
I promised my self to read at least 24 books & managed to surpass that feat. I felt that I have grown this year with the help of the books I read. Books are the indirect mentors to help you sail through the tough time. If you don't have a library, it is time to create one. As there are no better gifts than books. So, read learn & teach & make this place a better place. Below are the few links that you might like.