Books are important part of development for any human being. I am an avid reader, from biographies to fictional books, from mythology to management books. I read whatever catch my attention. In this section, I will write a small review about books I read. You can also buy from here by clicking on book name. I hope you will enjoy this collection. If you want a review of any book you can suggest me. Below is the recommendation for best books to read. Click here for going back on home

Why one want to read. This can be explained in simple words quoted by Tyrion lannister (People who watch Games of Thrones can relate to this)

“My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer and I have my mind...and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge. That's why I read so much Jon Snow.”

The 5 am Club

Genre: Self Help

The book is written by the famous author Robin Sharma ; his book The man who sold his Ferrari is an international bestseller. The author doesn't need any introduction. The 5 am club is his latest book, the book is about elevating life by waking up early. There are many steps explained in the book by following which your life will elate at least this is what the author has promised. At some point, the author takes ages to explain the core concept which I feel is too dragging. If you are an avid reader of self-help book, you won't find anything new here. But, if anyone is new to reading this genre can read this book. Grab Your Copy From Here.
Rating: 3/5

Tuesdays With Morrie

Genre: Inspirational, Self Help

Tuesdays with Morrie is a conversation between a teacher who is in the last stages of his life & his student who is struggling in life. Before the teacher breath his last they decided to do one last project together; which is to record teachers input on various aspects of life. The teacher starts lessons on Tuesdays with life & then moving to love, wealth, death etc. Morrie who is the teacher has a very clear view on life & he explains it in a very simple way. A great book to read for anyone who is settled in life & moving towards the next stage in his or her life. Grab Your Copy From Here.
Rating: 5/5

Life's Amazing Secrets

Genre: Self Help, Motivation

Every book wants to teach you something new & in an easy way. Life Amazing Secrets is one such book which will teach you to stay happy irrespective of the situation. The book is written by Gaur Gopal Das a monk. The book is the conversation held between the writer & one of his devotee. How the monk reveals the secrets of life with different situations & different examples are lessons for a lifetime. A great book to read & to keep with you. The book is short & sweet. Grab Your Copy From Here.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Genre: Business

Where people are copying each other's idea in open & the competition is rising each passing day. It is important to create new markets to stay ahead of the curve. The book blue ocean strategy is a framework to create an entirely new market where competition is not applicable. Composed of the real-life experiences of companies there are many great things to learn from the book. The book is divided into the three parts 1st will explain what is a blue ocean, 2nd part will teach you how to create blue ocean market & 3rd part will teach you the implementation of the process. A great book to read by every mid-management & upper management guys. Read & read this book often to create something sustainable & new. Grab Your Copy From Here
Rating: 4.5/5

Blockchain Revolution

Genre: Technology

Blockchain Revolution is a must read book before entering into the much-hyped new technology. A book to clear all basic facts about technology & why we should keep a close eye on its progress. The book covers all the relevant topic like what all can it impact, how can it impact our daily life & what are the challenges it is facing. Every aspect is explained in a detailed aspect. Hence, providing clarity to the readers. Will recommend this book for sure. Grab your copy from here.
Rating: 5/5

Man's Search For Meaning

Genre: Self-Help, Motivation

Man's Search For Meaning is thoughts arisen in the author's mind during concentration camp. How the author was able to keep his head high during all the hardships & torture. A collection of inspirational thoughts & his commentary behind the thinking transcend into Logotherapy. A popular therapy among the psychologist. There are many great instances in the book which will help you to dream & stay alive. A great book to read & learn new things. Grab your copy from here.
Rating: 4.5/5

The Richest Man In Babylon

Genre: Self help, Psychology, Finance

Richest Man In Babylon is a book to help you get rich. The steps mentioned in the book are easy to follow. The points explained in the book holds good even at this point in time. The principle of money making has not changed a bit. The hero of the book is Arkad who managed to become the wealthiest man in Babylon with hard work & money management. Amazed with his wealth, King of Babylon ask Arkad to share ideas with rest of the people. The book is about the knowledge he shares about money. A wonderful book for everyone. Managing finances is as important as growing wealth. It is surely a book to read. Grab Your Copy Here.
Rating: 4.5/5

Stumbling on Happiness

Genre: Psychology, Self-Help

The book is about happiness as perceived by human minds. The principles explained are covered in the book Thinking Fast & Slow. However, the author has done a fantastic job to keep one interested in the texts. The examples are funny & appropriate. In this way, he is able to glue you to the content. For the major portion of the book, the author has talked about the problem about human mind thinking but did little to solve this ever growing problem. It is not until very last chapter that one is able to think more clearly about the problem & work accordingly. The book is a gem for curious minds. Great book on human mind & worth a read. Grab your copy from here.
Rating: 4/5
The Millionaire Mindset Book Review Mark My Adventure

The Millionaire Mindset

Genre: Wealth, Personal Growth

The Millionaire Mindset is a book to gain wealth. The author has high regards for the book Think & Grow Rich. The author explained the tips explained in the book. The concept is the same with a few modifications. This book has some worksheets which can be used to enhance one's performance & focus. According to the author, anyone can gain riches & everyone can live a life that he or she desires. It was a fast read to me, as most of the concepts are explained in the books Think Grow & Rich & The Power of Subconscious Mind . I would recommend to skip this book & actually read the two books I have mentioned above.
Rating: 3/5

Losing My Virginity

Genre: Autobiography, Business

Richard Branson is a hippy entrepreneur whose lifestyles are much celebrated in the industry. A guy who bought an island at an age of 28 years. He started with a college magazine & soon ventured into various other assignments like airlines, record, philanthrophy etc. The book is about his life & how he built such a massive empire & bought an island at the age of 28. The book has ups & down, but somehow I was not able to connect with the situation. I constantly felt disconnected with his story. I felt like skipping pages as it was getting too boring. I somehow managed to finish the book. There are better biographies available to read. However, if you feel you want to read about this great man Grab your copy from here.
Rating: 3.5/5

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Genre: Future, General Awareness

Like his previous books sapiens & Homo Deus. This book as well points out the movement of human race. After so much development & wiping out other competitors in the race of survival where are we heading towards. As the name suggest the book has 21 chapters; each explaining a unique topic. The hard hitting topics are an eye opener. Authors detailing & explanations are of different league. Book covers all the topics of the present world. If the book Sapiens was about past & Homo Deus was about future, this book is about the present. A wonderful book to read especially if you are looking to learn how the world is functioning at the present moment. Was shocked to know that the author has read most of the things about Indian Mythology. Don't wait anymore & Grab your copy from here.
Rating: 4/5

Origin Story

Genre: History, Earth

Origin story is a book about the Earth & its history. How the world formed to where is it now. The book is brief of events occurred in shaping the earth. The book is a bit technical at the start so it will be hard to understand at the starting. The book covers topics like farming, war, money etc. I expected more from the book especially after reading Sapiens which I felt is a better read than Origin Story. Sapiens is much more elaborate & much more gripping than Origin Story. Overall a decent read. Grab your copy from here.
Rating: 3.5/5

Leonardo Da Vinci

Genre: Biography

Walter Isaacson is a writer who takes you to some different plane. I have read Steve Jobs written by him. I fell in love with his writing style. This book is about Leonardo da Vinci, which probably is the genius of his time. The guy was ahead of his time; he was a painter, an engineer, a mathematician & what not. He painted the famous Mona Lisa & also drew human parts. The book is a journey of his life; from his early life till his last years, everything is written in detail. A wonderful book to read & one of the best biographies available to read. Grab your copy at the earliest.
Rating: 4.5/5

The Millionaire Next Door

Genre: Wealth

The book is about millionaire & how can you become one. Most of the people are confused by the fact that millionaires are flashy & spend vigorously. However, as per this book, you are wrong. Millionaires are not flashy at all, they believe in value & use. They won't spend exorbitantly on unnecessary things & will try to save & invest. These people have healthy spending habits. The book is full of such examples which compare how real millionaires spend & how average people spend. The book is old thus most of the points are known to all. If you want to read about money the best book, I have read thus far is Think & Grow Rich & Rich Dad Poor Dad. Grab your copy from here.
Rating: 3/5
Amazon Mark My Adventure
Factfullness Mark My Adventure


Genre: Social

Factfulness is the book suggested by the great Bill Gates on his blog. According to him this book is a must read. This fact was enough for me to order this book. The book is about the world & 10 topics which implies that world is getting better rather than other way round. Book has explained various ways to analyse a fact or a data to derive conclusions. This book will surely change the way you visualise the world. I liked the book & its surely a keeper. Grab your copy from here.

Rating 4.5/5
Amazon Mark My Adventure

How To Stop Worrying & Start Living

Genre: Self Help, Psychology

This book shoule be near you all the time, because of the points that are explained in this book. Everyone faces stressful situation & it would be great for a person if someone can help them to overcome such unfortunate events. For people who are facing difficult times this book can be light in the tunnel. There are many tips & tricks which one can use to overcome anxiety & stress. According to book stress is more dangerous than any other disease or adversity. The chapters are divided into many parts which cover different aspects of stress like why people take stress, how long it lasts & how to overcome it. The book has real life examples of people who overcame such adversity. I really liked the book & found it apt for every situation. A definite read & should be in your library. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 5/5

The Tipping Point

Genre: Psychology

This is my second book of Malcolm Gladwell. I had previously read Outliers. Like the previous book, this book too studies the history of crime, suicides etc & try to correlate various factors. I had also read Freakonomics which is also somewhere in this line. I liked Freakonomics more than the the tipping point as it was much more interesting than this book. If anyone looking to read book from general psychology point of view then its great, other wise you can skip the book. I personally didn't liked the book that much. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 3/5


Genre: Psychology, Entrepreneurship

The book is about creating habit of visitors to stay at your website for longer time. There are various examples explained in the book, which shows how important it is for the e commerce industry that people spend time on their website. There are various ways to create habits & the same concept has been explained through various chapters. I liked the The Power Of Habit more than the Hooked. The concept is virtually same, however explaination is bit different. Overall a decent read. But, anyone who has already read The power of habit can avoid this book. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 3.5/5
The War Of Art Mark My Adventure

The War of Art

Genre: Self Help

The book is all about breaking the resistance. The resistance can be anything from thinking to doing the things you want to do. So often mind is only keeping you away from doing something great & this book is explaining how to break the same. The book consists of small chapters which deal with the concept of resistance. There is nothing new in the book which is not available online. One can avoid reading this book. But, certainly not the concept explained in the book. Grab your copy here.

Rating: 3.5/5
Amazon Mark My Adventure

The Innovators Dilemma

Genre: Psychology, Entrepreneur

The book is a steady about companies dilemma. Why is it so hard for an already existing companies to deal with disruptive technology. Author tries to explain the concept of trying new things through some parameters which are very fresh & meaningful. The book covers industries like hard disk, excavation equipments for the analysis. Also,the definition of disruptive technology is very new. I would recommend reading this book. As this caters to the basic business understanding. Author tries to explain the concept only in few industries. However, the principle is applicable in most of the industries. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 4/5


Genre: Investment, Future

Cryptoassets is a book about cryptocurrencies. The book covers the history, technology & progress of this new asset. There is nothing new in this book if one is following the news. However, for a person who is new to this field can read this book. This book is much more technical compared to books I have read thus far in this field. A decent read & I feel this is the only book in the market which covers cryptoassets in such a depth & anyone who is looking to get the insight about the industry & its functionings should read this book. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 4/5


Genre: Marketing

Linchpin is a book by marketing moghul Seth Godin. Prior to this I had read purple cow written by him. This book is about few people who chose to become more than the rest. How they perform work compared to other is big take away from the book. Also, some of the stuffs like why hope is stressful; why one is afraid to change. Some of the topics are known to us but nobody shared enough light on the same. It's a great book in patches & there is certainly something to learn. Grab your copy from here.

Rating 4/5

Shoe Dog

Genre: Inspiration, Biography

Shoe dog is a book by the founder of Nike (The sports brand). This is an autobiography & the author covered various aspects really well. He translated his journey from inception till the time it was household name. The chapters are divided into the years & each chapter consists of the details of the year. The journey of building Nike is worth a read & this book again showed that nothing comes easy. A definite read for those who are working in startups & want to make ripple effect in different industries. For me the standout part was the end when the author remember his journey. It was an emotional ride that how much effort one puts in building things. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 4/5

Dropping Ashes on The Buddha

Genre: Inspiration, Comedy

A funny book about Zen teaching. The book is about Seung Sahn a Zen monk who teaches his disciples about the permanent happiness. He discusses the steps needs to be taken while taking this journey. To be frank I was not able to relate to the topic. No matter how I hard tried to read all was going above my small mind. Never the less the book is suggested by some of the top executives. People can skip the book if not interested in Zen teaching.Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 3.5/5

Small Giants

Genre: Inspiration, Real Life

Small giants is a book about the companies which are big not in headcount wise but revenue wise. The book has examples of the companies who chose to become great instead of good. These companies focuses on deliverying great product & staying ahead of the curve. The book is bifurcated in many chapters & in these chapters author explains how each companies behaved in the situation. It is a good read for those people who thinkgs being unicorn is only way ahead. This book will surely shatter this thought. A very rare book & surely a must read for people starting a new business. This will help them to focus on important issues. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 4/5


Genre: Sociology

Outlier is a book which discusses about the people who rises above the rest. A book which analyses the data & tries to figure out if there is anything which connects them all. The data & analogy is mind-blowing. However, it is not a very good approach if one is trying to build something unique. As somewhere one gets the feeling that outliers are the chosen one. Just because of this I am not a very big fan of this book. But, people who loves data can take out a leaf or two & learn some thing unique about data analysis. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tools of Titans

Genre: Self Help, Motivation, Wealth

The book is by Mr Tim Ferris. The author of "4 Hour Work Week". If the first book was about working remotely & live like a millionaire. This book is about the interviews of the most successful people of the world. The book is divided into three sections Health, Wise & Wealth. This is fantastic book for those who are looking to gain insight about the people who have succeeded. There is so much to do learn from this book. I would recommend reading this book. This book is also have the list of books that these icons read. Don't wait anymore. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 4/5

Homo Deus

Genre: Future, Science

The book is in sucession to Sapiens. If Sapiens is a book about the past of human evolution then Homo Deus is future of human evolution. The book narrates about the time when people used to die either from the shortage of food, or plague or war. However, with the time humans are more likely to die from over eating. Also, the book support the fact that humans want to turn themselves into the Gods. New species like cyborg are the new form of evolution. This book is thrilling & exciting to read. Surely a keeper.

Rating: 5/5

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Genre: Self help, psychology

This book is about getting things one want. The author covers important aspects of the life like health, wealth, spouse etc & how to be successful in these fields. The power of subconscious mind is mastered by only the few. This book is in line with "Think & Grow Rich". Lot to learn from this book if one is feeling incapable to succeed. A sure keeper.

Rating: 4.5/5

Animal Farm

A book by George Orwell is about an animal farm which is run by a Pig. The story of how power superseeds the vision is very well explained in this book. A short book which touches the dark points of the society. The book is bit on a saddistic side but one can expect the same from the writer of 1984 (A book on a concept of big boss). which also ends with tragedy.
Lesson: Power can get over wibble minded person

Rating: 4/5


As strange the book name is the stranger the concepts in the book are. The vague view of the writer is unimaginable by majority of us. The writer relates two completely scenarios & compare them with there core. It all sounds absurd at the starting.But, once the conclusion is deduced all the things start making sense. For eg writer has compared School teacher with sumo wrestler. Again complete different things with same core. There are many more examples like this.I loved reading this book. Any one who wants to run their wild thoughts should read this book. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Intelligent Investor

The book is all about investment & it is written by the Benjamin Graham. For the people who don't know this guy. He is the mentor of the great investor Warren Buffet. So, any one who is looking for how to invest in stocks this book is a must read. However, the terminology used is not for layman. People who are investment field shall relate to this in a much better way. I was not able to understand half of the things because of technical terminologies. But, still there are few take aways from this book. Grab your copy from here.

Rating 4/5


The book title is Influence The Psychology of Persuasion. It share 6 tips which are used by top companies to trick you into buying stuff you don't need. Some of the points are already known to the world. However, still there are many untouched points which are new to mind. Few concepts are explained perfectly. The art of scarcity, liking, reciprocation, commitment etc & how it persue us to make a decision are few of them. If one is working in marketing or sales field. This book is a gold dust. Grab your copy from here

Rating: 4/5

The Panama Papers

The book has a starting line which is as follows “The biggest leak in the history of data journalism” by Edward Snowden. The same guy who sought a residence in Russia, away from USA for leaking secretive information. This book is more about how the biggest name in the countries are saving their property by routing it through shell companies. The data is so intriguing that it often raise a question on future of an individual who work with pure heart. Super rich are growing rich while rest of the people are struggling to make a living. An eye opening book for those who are interested in finding out how world is shaping up. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 4/5

The Effective Executive

The Effective Executive is a guide to getting right things done. The age old book is all about managing your time which is your only asset in long run. Author has shared tips & tricks to make effective decisions along with teaching about the priorities. Some of the aspects of the book is worth reading. A good book to read. I would recommed reading this book.There is something to learn for sure. Grab your copy from here.

Rating 4/5

Digital Gold

Latest ripple in the world of internet. The cryptocurrencies are the things of the present. There is so much said about Bitcoin, that one is often determined to know everything about the same. This book explains everything about the digital gold. It's history, it's origin, its use & people involved in the process. Everything is beauitfully documented. A must read for curious minds. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 4.5/5

Purple Cow

The book by Seth Godin touches the marketing fundamentals superficially. The book is an average read. The concept adopted by different firms are explained. But, there is something always missing. Better to watch his you tube videos. If huge fan of Seth Godin then only buy this book. Else there are plenty of other options available.

Rating: 3.5/5

The Art Of Learning

The book is written by child prodigy Josh Waitzkin. He won chess tournaments & then shifted his attention to martial art. The book contains the techniques he uses to learn new activities. Some of the points like small circles, slow moment & soft zone are explained beautiful with examples & use. I read this at a very fast pace. It is worth a read. Grab your copy from here.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind

The author has mentioned 10 points which can help you to achieve your dreams & live a life you dream of. The author challenges traditional thinking & suggest to bend reality as per the situation & your condition. There is nothing in the world which can't be challenged. The book is a quick read. The best way would be to jot down points & re read it. A sure shot keeper.
PS: The book is written by Mindvalley Owner. The author has ted talk & Impact Theory talk to back his success.If you don't have time to read the book do listen to his talks.

Rating: 4/5

Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind

The book is recommended by Bill Gates to everyone. If world richest person is suggesting something it is better to listen to them. The book is a window to the past of human race, a brief history of how it all started for humans. The book offers thorough infromation on the different things. A keeper for the sure. Go out there grab your copy & read it. One of the best books I have read so far in my life.

Rating: 5/5
Shiva To Shankar Mark My Adventure

Shiva To Shankara:

A masterly written book. A glimpse to the life of a God who is wild & doesn't follow defined paths. Short stories behind Shiva is a wonderful read. Devdutt Pattnaik has perfectly captured the story of Shiva. This book is for those who are looking to know about him more closely. Several stories about his incranation are wonderful to read. I personally like Shiva's story a God who prefer intention over other things. A must read for those who love hindu mythology & this mysterious God.

Rating: 4/5

Sita: Warrior Of Mithila

This is the second book of Ram Chandra Series. I expected a lot from this book. However, I found it average. This is no page turner. The regular twist & plotting is there.But, other then that there is nothing much to boast about. This is an ok read. If want to stay on path with Ram Chandra Series read this book else you can skip this.

Rating: 3.5/5

How To Win & Influence People

The book provides a great insight about how to treat different people & how to behave so that people will like you. There are 9 priniciples which one must follow to gain confidence of people. Some of the principles explained are appreciate others, be a good listener, talk about own mistake than others etc. Overall a good book.

Rating: 4/5

The Power Of Habit

The book covers the concept behind why you do things the way you do it. People wonder why they behave in a certain way. The reason is elaborated in the book. The concept of cue routine & rewards works in majority of cases. If one understands the concept of the book, he or she can change any habit. The book explains the concept with different stories & scenarios to ensure you get the concept. At times book get borings. However, for person interested in learning about pyschology of the humans. This is a must read book.

Rating: 4/5

The Lean Startup

The book is perfect roadmap to start a business. The methods adopted by Eric Ries are tried and tested. As per the book, everyone is an entrepreneur in one aspect or the other. It is better to launch a product than waiting for it to get flawless. Speed up the process of build measure & learn. This process not only increases the chances of success but also helps in learning about customers behavior. A nice read.

Rating: 4/5

The New Tsar

The book is about the life of an emperor of one of the world's most controversial countries. A story of an ordinary citizen, who single-handedly transformed the economics of a country. The story of a spy who became the most powerful person in a country. This book gives a brilliant view of how & why he behaves the way he does. An unknown story of a man, written in intrigue style makes this book irresistible. If you are a fan of this man you should read this book.

Rating: 4.5/5

The $100 Startup

The book is fantastic. This book is for everyone who thinks starting a business is tough. According to this book microbusinesses are thriving in this internet age. The opportunities are unlimited. It also shows how to start a business, what all things need to be kept in mind & how to grow it. Every theory is supported by real life examples, which further consolidates authors thinking. A must read for all the person looking for a stable work life.

Rating: 4.5/5

Deep Work

Title of this book is intriguing but book is not. The book deals with the concept of working deep. Working deep means without any disturbance. The concept of deep Work is told through various example. But, the book only revolves around few concepts over & over again which seems to be repetitive. I would recommend to buy soft copy & read it once to know that world exist even without social networks.

Rating: 3.5/5

The 4 Hour Workweek

The book by Timothy Ferriss is about lifestyle preferred by younger generation. A way to break stereotype & work as per your requirement. The book introduces an acronym DEAL which stands for Definition, elimination, automation & liberation. The book is one time read to gain a new perspective towards new lifestyle.

Rating: 4/5

Start With Why

Start With Why is the book written by Simon Sinek. A man who's TedTalk with the same name is one of the most viewed videos. This book concept is about golden circle Why, How & What which is base of the foundation. The book uses experiences of various firms which made it big & why rest were not. Overall a great read but I feel ted talk is sufficient for getting the idea.

Rating: 3.5/5

Think and Grow Rich

This book was long on my to be read list & I regret this decision. The book is a perfect blend of techniques & example to keep you glued. The stories are real thus it helps in relating with the truth. I truly loved it & will re read it many more times. The book is about 13 principals that can make anyone's life smooth. Do read it even if you don't believe in the concept of visualization. It is worth a time.

Rating : 5/5

The Wright Borthers

The book is the history behind the famous duo Oliver & Wilbur. First man in the history to successfully fly in the air. The story is much inspiring considering the adversity they faced for making their dream come true. From managing a bicylce shop to creating first every air plane is story in its self. This book accounts true visionery. Very well written & inspiring. Recommended to read for people facing tough times.

Rating : 4.5/5

Elon Musk

Some calls him the crazy, some call him alien, few say he is our hope. The guy is changing history of human mindkind, through his invention, owner of multi billion dollar company this man story is worth reading. A must read truly inspirational

Rating: 5/5


A book about the man behind, China's most successful ecommerce business. The book is story of a English teacher who is building one of the fastest growing business. The book is very inspiring & touches every node of his journey.Jack Maa story is surely a must read for every person who thinks, you have to be extra ordinary to achieve the most.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Girl on the Train

Truly amazing concept, novel is like a fast paced movie & guess what this book is soon to be made into a movie. Paula Hawkins wrote one of the best novel. This is best seller & after reading 20 odd pages, you will get to know why. Story of a girl who travels through train daily & watches a couple on her route. One incident changes everything.Read till the very end.

Rating: 4.5/5


Rework is more of a notes about starting up. The points covered in this book are through experience of writer. The founder of basecamp. Notes are about process of startup ,thinking of startups & also hiring. The book is must read for all the aspiring entrepreneur.

Rating: 4/5

Zero to One: Note on Start Ups

Zero to One is book written by Peter Theil, mind behind paypal. This can be considered as Gita for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is well known to everyone that if you want to gain knowledge talk to the person who has done it. This is best way to know about the mind behind the trend.

Rating: 5/5

Steve Jobs

The book has captured every detail of his life from building computers to thrown out of his own company. Dropping out from college & creating one of the most famous brands in technology must be a ride.Read this book to get some inspiration from a man who challenged the norms. A very inspirational book.

Rating: 5/5

Finders Keepers

This was my first book of Stephen King. This guy came out of substance abuse & start writing novels. The book is a page turner. The story line is gripping. The book is story of a thief & murderer & a kid who have one thing the guy thief wants. How things gets complicated when both meet.

Rating: 4/5

My Gita

My Gita is a book written by Devdutt Pattanaik, a modern way of depicting what is written in Gita. Considered as one of the complete book about life & process. This is a fresh way to know about the ultimate truth of life.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Everything Store

This book deals with the story of Amazon,one of the most successful online business. The way Jeff Bezos carry out his business is inspiring. The more you read the more you will learn about the life of great personalities. This book also shows the ruthlessness of Jeff Bezos. Book is very inspiring for all the budding entrepreneurs. Most people only see the high side of getting famous, but not able to see the hard work & grit put to achieve that goal. This book will redefine how you think .

Rating: 4.5/5

Killing Kennedy

The book mainly revolves around the life style of JFK. The incident that shook the world is captured superficially. If you are expecting anything about the conspiracy you will be dissapointed as nothing is covered in this book. The incidents are captured as it happend. Expected alot from this book but not met the expectation. Better to watch JFK if you to know about the theories & consipiracies of one of the world most powerful person at that time.

Rating: 3/5

7 Secrets of Shiva

Shiva is the destroyer of the world.A god who doesn't believe in impressing anyone. He is the almighty one challenging world's rule & culture. He is Bholenath , he is Bhairav. He meditates & he does tandav. This book is an insightful for the person interested in knowing this mighty god. The stories behind his origin & also his way of living. Very well written this book is surely for people who love mythology.

Rating: 4.5/5

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar one of the greatest sportsman in India's history. A man for whome nation stopped. This book is the story of that man. From practising 14 hours a day to being one of the most reputed & celebrated sportsperson.Story behind the man is not known to many & this book covers those aspects. Relive the glory days with him from his point of view. A wonderful book to read.

Rating: 4.5/5

Thinking Fast & Slow

This is a masterpiece from Daniel Kahneman , a detail analysis of how mind functions. How some people are able to outperform others. There is logic in everything. Read it slow & with concentration. A great book to say the least.

Rating: 5/5


By far pixar is known as a product of Steve Jobs. But, there is lot more to pixar & Ed Catmull is an integral part of that journey. How a dream to create animated movies led to start of new era in the form of pixar, this book is summary of the journey. The points described is applicable for every industry & for every company. This is the story of one of the best storyteller Pixar. A must read for all the budding innovators.

Rating : 4/5

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