Ba Ho Waterfall Nha Trang: A Mark My Adventure

Looking for some exciting adrenaline rushing activity near Nha Trang. Here is one option that you must give attention to. A cliff jumping experience near Nha Trang is a perfect half day tour to experience some thrill. I had never done a cliff jumping prior to this opportunity. So, I decided to travel to Ba Ho Waterfalls to make my first ever attempt to nerve chilling experience (at least for me it was).

Ba Ho Waterfall is a group of 3 waterfalls, out of which 1st waterfall place is for cliff jumping & rest of the two waterfalls is only to visit & hike or to click some pictures.

How To Reach Ba Ho Waterfall:

The waterfall is located approx 20 Km from the Nha Trang. The best way to reach the waterfall is by hiring a motorbike & driving yourself to the spot. The drive is pleasant & amazing. After, riding for approx 25 mins take a left turn (a board will help you make the turn). After that, the route will take you through the villages right in the front of the entry gate. There is an option of parking vehicle for which one needs to pay a parking fee of VND 5,000 or VND 10,000. Entry fee to Ba Ho Waterfall is VND 20,000.

The Walk:

From the entry gate, you will need to walk on a plane landscape for approx 20 min & on the right-hand side, one can see water flowing. With each passing step, the sound of the water gets more prominent. After walking for approx 20 min, a steel bridge needs to be crossed & from there the path gets difficult.

After crossing the bridge, follow the series of arrows in red color which eventually will take you to the 1st waterfall which is the only site of cliff jumping. Reaching to the 1st waterfall is easy after that, the path gets tough as one has to climb through the disoriented rocks. Don't worry about the direction as red arrows are there as your savior. The second & third waterfall are good, but due to excitement to jump into the water in the 1st waterfall.Excitement of witnessing other waterfalls seems to be on a lower side. Guides are available but I don't feel it is required; I did the hike by myself. Also, buy stuff like water or some eateries from the village on the way (this will save you on the budget).

The Jump:

There are few spots to jump into the water in a first waterfall. So, choose your spot wisely & unwind yourself. Cut yourself from the land & jump into the water. The depth of the place is safe for jumping. Thus, the only thing you need to conquer is your fear.

My Experience:

I am an adventurous guy but jumping always make me itchy. Maybe it is due to the height or jumping into the unknown. I wanted to do cliff jumping in Bali & even went to the place but later got to know that it has been closed due to monsoon. So, determined in my head I walked to the spot to make my first ever cliff jump. I chose the spot & removed my clothes as prep & in position to jump. But, as soon as my body agreed to jump, my feet had a different plan to freeze. My feet froze right before the jump & no matter what I thought they had their own mind to act without consulting me. This happened for the next 15 mins. Tired of this indecision, I sat at the spot.
After staring at the demon for 15 mins, I finally decided to try it once again. But, this time I had other plans, rather than jumping straight up; I planned to jump while sitting (brilliant; I know :D). So, like a kid, I jumped into the pool & drowning inside the water & finally came up to the surface, flapping my hands to reach the corner. So, this is how I made my first ever cliff jump. Satisfied with my jump & an achievement, I stood on the rock once again with confidence. One time is enough to prove that you have beaten the demon. But, my mind like a warrior oozing with the confidence I decided to make another jump & this time a proper one.
So, I started to walk & to jump into the water like an Olympic athlete. After taking few steps my feet froze again. But, this time I had an experience behind me. I told my mind to shut up & make the jump. As this is a one-time opportunity; it's now or never. Again taking the position I jumped into the water & finally after trying for many times I was able to jump perfectly at least once. A big achievement for me at least. Sitting on the rock thinking about the jump. There is a smile on my face after completing the jump. Now it is time to head back to Nha Trang & cherish this victory.
A trip is incomplete without the pics. During the time of this trip, I had iPhone 4 which didn't had a great camera. Hence, photos are bit weird. But, last year I bought iPhone 6 which drastically improved my pictures. So, I would recommend you buying a great camera phone to take some breath taking pics.

Apart from a phone camera, I use GoPro an adventure camera to shoot video & click photos. The product is pretty handy & captures mind blogging videos. GoPro is easy & handy to use, which makes it a must buy. These are the two essentials which I carry on my trip.
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