Next stop during my trip is Barcelona. I am traveling to Barcelona via Bus from Paris. The tiring journey is finally going to end. I can see sea shore from my window. There are hardly any sky high buildings in the Barcelona. I get down & checked for direction to my hostel, it is located at La Ramblas street. I checked for direction & it is hardly 2 Km. Somehow an urge to walk to my hostel came into my mind & without giving it any more thought I started walking towards my hostel.
The streets are not crowded. There are handful of people walking on the streets. The pleasant climate is (Much warmer than Amsterdam & Paris) refreshing to see. The narrow roads & beautiful architecture around the roads are beautiful sceneries. The streets are beautiful carved & demands special attention. I am already excited about experiences I am gonna have here.
Barcelona Centre Mark My Adventure
Camp Nou Mark My Adventure

Human Interaction:

Barcelona by far has the best people. The warmness in the nature of the people is heartening to see. The way with which they greet people are fascinating to see. From old age people to young crowd. Every one was dons a smile on their face. This warmness was missing in Amsterdam & Paris. But, here it is not a problem. There are lots of people from different parts of the world. Thus, there is mixed crowd.


The city seems to be like painted on the canvas by magical hands. The Gaudi architecture is all around the city. His works are the central attractions for the tourists. The architecture is jaw dropping. It can be understood why people here have an artistic bone. La Ramblas street is surrounded by beautiful buildings.

The city is well connected through buses & metro stations. It is easy to find wifi connection. The best way to explore the streets of Barcelona is by bicycle or using public transport. It is easy to rent a bicycle & roam across the city on your own. During night hours, the bus service is available. However, day & night rates are different. Also, frequency of buses is less compared to day time. Thus, plan your things accordingly.


Barcelonans knows how to enjoy life. I was having a conversation with a girl who was very upfront in saying that people here are more into having a great time. The concept of work hard & party harder seems to be less popular here. She said people in UK, France or other parts of Europe are more hard working & make their life miserable. Here it is opposite people spend time with their family & closed ones. The essence of living a life is still intact here.
I too witnessed the same, people were living the life in their own terms. They enjoy life as it comes & are satisfied with the life.
Barcelona Streets
Random Streets Barcelona

Food & Alcohol:

Food is mouth watering here. The food is much better than the food I tasted in the Amsterdam & Paris. I am finally able to enjoy some food. There are number of options for spicy food, Indian food & other cuisines. The Wok The Walk concept is fabulous. If one wants to keep the price low; buy things from Supermarkets. There are plethora of supermarkets available 24*7. Alcohol is easily available in the supermarkets at a very reasonable rates. For party lovers, this place is heaven, the entry in pubs starts at 12 am & party last till early morning hours. There are entry charges in the pubs & disc, but the crowd is too awesome to avoid outing.


Barcelona has a lot to offer in terms of activities. Barcelona is adventure hub for sports, this may be due to origin of the world's most famous football club "FC BARCELONA". This is one of main attractions of Barcelona. There are Gaudi structures which are master peice. Also, museum of Picasso which is crowded. There is also an option available for Bungee jumping & Sky diving. However, the places where these can be carried out are at some distance from the city of Barcelona. But, there is surely enough activities to carry out while in Barcelona. Many one day tours are also available. So, PACK YOUR BAGS & VISIT THIS PLACE.
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