Books I Read In 2019

Books are the most important companion one can hope for & with millions of books around the click of a mouse. It is not possible to read all of them. But, that doesn't mean you should not read. The best way to read is to read what you like. This is will encourage you to read more & more. Always read 3 or 4 books on the same topic by different authors, this will help you to learn more about the topic. So, without wasting any time here is a list of all the books I read in 2019.

1. Blockchain Revolution:

This is the first book I read in 2019. I wanted to grasp the newest fad among this generation & there was no better topic than blockchain. This book is a gem especially for those who are looking to gain insight into this technology. A very well written book which not only covers the vision but also the challenges it has to overcome to become mainstream. I would recommend reading this book if one is even slightly interested in this technology.

2. Blue Ocean Strategy:

Have you ever thought, how to beat the market or start something new? If yes, then read the book blue ocean strategy, a framework to help you understand what is blue ocean & why it is important to create one. The book is divided into 3 parts which teach the definition of blue ocean, how to create a blue ocean & what are the steps to implement it. A great book to read, in fact; a must-read book for anyone is who is working in management.

3. Life's Amazing Secrets:

Ever felt lost in life? Even after having millions of dollars you are not happy with the proceedings. If yes, here is a book which can solve all your problems. A book that explains how to balance all the aspects of life. A great conversation between a monk & his devotee. There is so much to learn from this book. A great book to read & learn something new.

4. Tuesdays with Morrie:

A conversation between a dying man who loved life in its small offerings & a young man who is struggling in life. Both cover all the aspects of life which concerns everyone. There is so much to learn from this masterpiece book that one is looking for more inspiration. This book is for anyone who has achieved whatever he wished for & still struggling in life. A book to sort your thoughts. A great book to read. This book is a keeper for sure.

5. The 5 am Club:

A book to help you elevate your performance & to help you rise & shine. According to the author, if you follow the methods explained in the book you can have a fulfilling & satisfying life. The book explains the benefit of rising up early & seizing the day. There is nothing new to be learned in this book. If a person regularly listens to self-help audiobooks or podcasts. There is nothing you will miss by not reading this book.

6. Open:

Open is an autobiography of Andre Agassi. He is a former tennis player of US & one of the few people to win all the grand slams. This book is about his struggle with the sport & how he overcame them. The book covers his losses more than his winnings & also his mindset during different phases of his life. The book is a decent read. However, if you want to skip this you can go ahead & skip reading this book.

7. Atomic Habits:

Atomic Habits is a book about creating, discontinuing any habit. According to the author, minor habits can have a long-lasting impact on your life. Habits can make or break characters. Every habit follows dedicated footsteps & if you can break the sequence you can form a habit. This book is a great one to read. There is so much to learn from this masterpiece. Don't miss reading this book & you will be shocked by the learnings.

8. Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs doesn't require any introduction & there is no man available to write his biography than Walter Isaacson. He is a genius at his work, the way he explains the life events of another person feels like you are living it yourself. The book covers every aspect of Steve Jobs as expected & there are lots of things to learn & implement in your daily life. Although everyone is unique with their traits there are surely a few lessons that can be learned from a legend who somewhat dented the universe with his products.

9. Built To Last:

If some companies vision is to solve some basic problems. Other companies have the vision to change the world & become GOAT. Built to last is a book about the study of such companies. Companies who changed the world continuously & are still making an impact on our lives. The author has studied few points which are common among these companies & if you want to create such companies you should enroll these characteristics in your companies. A decent read.

10. Bad Blood:

How often people believe in fake it till you make it motto? There are many, who have done this in the past & will do the same in the future. Bad blood is a book about the rise, rise & fall of an entrepreneur who cheated in every way possible to make something important for mankind. A device that can help you find 200 odd diseases at home with few drops of blood. A gripping tale of fraud & cheating. This book will take you into the darkest corner of the silicon valley. One of the great books of recent times. Worth a read.

11. HBR 10 Must Read On AI, Analytics:

This book about the technologies which will be radically changing the world. We are at such intersection of technology & daily lives that things will move extremely fast. Even if you have not read about any of the technologies these fabricated articles will provide you with enough knowledge to get a basic understanding of these technologies. A great book to read.

12. The Inevitable:

The inevitable is a book about technologies & what makes only a few to click. The book is somewhat case study of why some companies are on the pinnacle & what leads to massive adaptation of few companies. The author discusses various parameters like accessing, sharing, flowing, etc which are pivotal in making technology successful. I was expecting more from this book. So, I wouldn't recommend reading this book.

13. Digital Gold

Digital Gold is a book released in 2015. A book that talks about the history of bitcoin & who were involved during this epic journey. How this experiment was able to stay afloat for so many years? The book covers the initial phase of bitcoin the digital asset & people involved in making it mainstream. A great book to read to know about the history of bitcoin. Will recommend this book.

14. Money Master The Game:

Money is a foremost important thing to survive. Like every art money management should be taught in the school. But, it is not. Tony Robbins with this book tries to help you understand, how the money works & what you can do to make money work for you. A great book to know about the principles of investing. There is everything available to help you plan your future in a better way. If money is troubling you, this book is for you. Will recommend this book.

15. The Compound Effect:

The compound effect can be described as anything which is added over one another over a period of time & you can have unmatched benefits. Be it anything finance, habits, choices. If you can master the compound effect you can master lots of aspects of your life. The book is a decent read nothing new. But, if you want to learn about how small things matter. This book is for you.

16. Principle:

Principle is a book by Ray Dalio who manages a hedge fund. The book is about his learnings of life. The book is divided into two sections first one deals with life principles & another one with the work principles. There are so many great lessons to be learned from this book. I liked the life principles more than the work principles as it will teach you many things. Will recommend this book.

17. Millionaire Success Habits:

A man is made up of his habits & the same goes with the millionaires as well. The habits can make you a millionaire & the habits can help you to achieve what you crave for. So, forming habits is one of the foremost factors to achieve something great in life. It is an ok read.

18. Bird by Bird:

This book is about a writer's journey. How one becomes a writer. The author has formulated different steps in the journey of a writer. After following steps he or she can become one but is it all that matters. What motivates a writer & how one can maintain the sanity of success. This is a great book that also covers many life lessons. Read this book only if you are into writing.

19. People, Power & Profits:

Economics of a country is defined by its people & if in any economy the only few people rise to the top then that country is meant to be economically weak. This book is written by a noble price winner & when someone of this stature says something you will have to stop & take note. A great book to understand the economics of the country & what really affects it.

20. Educated:

A memoir of a girl, who fought many battles during her life. Her father was a conservative who didn't believe in schooling, medicines & government. The girl who never stepped in school till the age of 16 & managed to pass out as a Ph.D. degree holder. The journey will be something. This is an emotional ride & will keep you hooked up to her life.

21. The Space Barons:

Space industry is heating up with billionaires pouring millions to take humans to space. This book is about the visionaries who are looking to change the face of a world where traveling to space will become a trip to other parts of the world. A decent book to read & to learn how differences are being made. This book only covers stories during the initial life of companies. Overall an ok book. If you want to learn about space industries then only read this book. Else one can avoid the same.

22. Trillion Dollar Coach:

How a person can impact the lives of a company. If you are also unsure of this. You have to read this book. A book about a man who was coach to many million in fact billion dollars companies. How a person from different background affected the lives of CEO's is a treat to read. There are many management guru lessons to be learned from this book. So, if you are looking for a decent read. Read this book & also implement a few of the points.

23. Can't Hurt Me:

A story of transformation & a story of motivation. A person who is lost & not at all fit for the role he admires; changes his life & his destiny by changing his mindset & thinking. Can't hurt me is a motivational book that will help you to believe in everything you aspire for. Things can change as per your requirement & you just need to put on the work. He also covers real-life quotes & letters to showcase the reality which works wonders for the book. A must-read book to anyone who is looking for some motivation.

24. High Output Management:

High output management is a playbook for managers. If there are any guidelines that need to be followed then this is the book. The author was CEO of one of the most revolutionary companies in the world Intel. How he managed to constantly change the world & revolutionalize people surrounding is covered in the book. He discussed most of the aspects which impact a manager's life things like interviews, quitting, compensations & most importantly ability to think out of the box & ease the process flow. The book will surely make you think & if implemented can surely change companies. This book is not for all but for very few.
Books are great way to enhance your knowledge & expand your thinking. Books become much more important in the current situation where fake news & fake informations are circulated more than the main stream news. At this great era of digital connectivity finding correct informations is getting tougher day by day. So read don't just read but use the knowledge to make your lives better. Try to improve yourself on a daily basis. I completed my book reading challenge in 2018 as well & read 24 books in 2019 that makes 2 year in a row. In 2020, I have similar expectations that is to read atleast 24 books. Let's see how it will go. You can directly go this page & order yourself a book.