The Infatuation With Results

Throughout our lives, we are taught the importance of hard work, dedication, and persistence in achieving our goals. However, many of us become fixated on the idea that our efforts must always yield tangible results, leading us to become overly focused on outcomes rather than the process itself. On the one hand, the idea that results determine our efforts can serve as a powerful motivator. Knowing that our hard work will lead to a desirable outcome can inspire us to push ourselves to new heights and achieve success in our endeavors. However, this is not the only factor that plays an important role in success. Throughout time, there are several examples, that showcase that hard work is not the only factor that determines, but only increases the chances of success but doesn’t guarantee it.


Astrologers believe that our fate is determined by a complex interplay of factors, including the position of the planets and stars at the time of our birth, as well as our actions and choices throughout our lives. According to astrology, our natal chart, or birth chart, is a map of the heavens at the time of our birth, and it provides insights into our strengths, weaknesses, and potential for success. This chart is said to reveal our destiny or the path that we are meant to follow in this lifetime. However, astrologers also acknowledge the importance of free will and personal effort in shaping our destiny. While our birth chart may provide a general outline of our fate, it is ultimately up to us to make choices and take action that will help us fulfill our potential.

For example, an individual with a natal chart that indicates a strong potential for career success may still struggle to achieve that success if they do not work hard, network, and seize opportunities as they arise. Similarly, someone with a natal chart that suggests obstacles or challenges may still overcome those obstacles through hard work, determination, and a positive attitude.

How often someone has wondered why life is tough on some & easy on others? Most people put efforts to the best of their abilities, yet only a few people can live a happy & prosperous life; where the efforts are rewarded. But, for some efforts are in vain, no matter how hard they try; things are not in their favor. Experiencing such differences in results; forces one to think if there is something hidden power that plays a pivotal role in determining the results. Of course, astrology is not a science, and its claims are often disputed by skeptics.

However, for those who do believe in astrology, it offers a rich and complex system for understanding the interplay between fate and hard work. Maybe this is a reason why India is so religious. People here believe in past karma & believe this past karma has an impact on the present life & thus the struggle is real. To overcome people, perform certain rituals, such as traveling barefoot to famous temples or donating gold, hair, milk, and alcohol to various temples to help their cause. Despite these efforts, only a few people can achieve what they desire.

Many people try giving way to only a few who succeeds & like every generation, we worship those who are successful. Praising successful people is fair, but overseeing people who are working as hard as unsuccessful ones is a hard thing. People try things but are not able to achieve them, which doesn’t make them less competent. Perhaps, one needs to be at the right time, place, and with the right person to succeed. Success is not just about doing the best, but it is about being at the right place at the right time. But little do they know that the outcome is not only about effort or intent but also depends on various other factors where everything is just perfect for them.


The debate about fate & hard work is been around since the days of the Mahabharata, where Karna was born to Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, but was abandoned as a baby and raised by a charioteer. Despite being a skilled warrior, Karna faced many obstacles throughout his life due to his low caste status. Karna worked hard to overcome these obstacles and became a formidable warrior, but his fate was ultimately sealed due to a curse that he received earlier in his life. The curse ensured that Karna would forget his mantras at a critical moment during a battle with his arch-rival, Arjuna, and would be killed as a result. Despite Karna’s hard work and skill as a warrior, his fate was predetermined by the curse, and he was unable to change the outcome of his final battle. This story serves as a reminder that even the most determined and skilled individuals may still be subject to the whims of fate. If fate plays such an important role, is it necessary to see results as the ultimate measure of the efforts?

Modern life:

Additionally, we must recognize that success is not always within our control. While hard work and dedication are important factors in achieving our goals, external factors such as luck, timing, and circumstance can also play a significant role. By acknowledging the role of luck and other external factors, we can avoid taking failures or setbacks personally and instead focus on the factors within our control, such as our effort and attitude. The book, “Fooled by Randomness” by Nassim Taleb captures this topic effectively. Taleb also explores the idea that people who experience success early in life may be more likely to attribute their success to their abilities, rather than to luck or chance. For example, a trader who experiences a series of lucky trades may believe that they are a skilled investor, even though their success may be largely due to chance. This can lead to overconfidence and a failure to recognize the role of randomness in their success. Finally, Taleb suggests that people who can recognize the role of randomness in their lives are more likely to be successful in the long term. By acknowledging the role of chance, these individuals can prepare for unexpected events and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

This requires a combination of hard work, flexibility, and a willingness to take calculated risks. In conclusion, while it is natural to desire positive outcomes, our fixation on results can be both a source of motivation and a hindrance to growth. By cultivating a balanced perspective and valuing the journey as much as the destination, we can avoid sacrificing our well-being in pursuit of success and enjoy the benefits of hard work and dedication, regardless of the outcomes.

Is “The Banana Hostel” The Best Place To Stay In Ninh Binh ?

The Banana Hostel in Ninh Binh is a fantastic option for budget travelers looking for comfortable accommodation in a prime location in Ninh Binh. While there are many other accommodation options available in Ninh Binh, The Banana Hostel stands out for its affordable rates, clean facilities, and welcoming atmosphere.

One of the main reasons why; “The Banana Hostel” is considered one of the best places to stay in Ninh Binh is its location. The hostel is situated in the heart of the city, within easy reach of popular attractions such as Tam Coc, Hoa Lu, and Bai Dinh Pagoda. This makes it an ideal base for exploring the surrounding countryside and experiencing all that Ninh Binh has to offer.

The Boat Ride In Tom Coc

The Banana Hostel

In addition to its convenient location, The Banana Hostel offers a range of comfortable room options to suit different travel needs. From dorm rooms to private rooms, all of the accommodations are spacious, clean, and well-appointed, with air conditioning, hot showers, and free Wi-Fi. The hostel’s dorm rooms, in particular, offer excellent value for money, making them a popular choice among backpackers.

The staff at The Banana Hostel are known for their friendly and helpful nature, and they go out of their way to ensure that guests have a memorable stay. Whether you need advice on what to see and do in the area or help with travel arrangements, the staff are always on hand to assist.

The hostel has a swimming pool & a cool sitting area with a pool table. One can indulge in many activities in the hostel only to enjoy the time after a long day. Further, do read the instructions in the dorm room & one of such instance is switching off the AC for particular time period during the day. I personally liked the experience of staying at the hostel & will recommend the same to fellow travelers. One of the coolest places to visit in Vietnam.

Hideout Hostel Hanoi

Hideout Hostel is a popular accommodation option located in the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam. This cozy hostel is known for its friendly staff, clean facilities, and affordable prices, making it a favorite among travelers on a budget.

The hostel features a variety of room options, including private rooms and shared dormitories. Each room is equipped with comfortable beds, clean linens, and modern amenities such as air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. The dormitories are spacious and feature personal lockers, so you can keep your belongings safe and secure during your stay.

One of the standout features of Hideout Hostel is its communal areas. The hostel has a cozy lounge area where guests can relax, read a book, or chat with fellow travelers. There’s also a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a stunning view of the city while sipping on a cold drink & happy hours. The hostel’s bar is a popular spot for guests to socialize and enjoy a drink or two in the evening.

The staff at Hideout Hostel is known for their warm hospitality and helpfulness. They are always ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have, and are happy to provide recommendations on local attractions, restaurants, and activities.

The location of Hideout Hostel is another major draw for travelers. It’s situated in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, which is known for its bustling streets, colorful markets, and delicious street food. The hostel is within walking distance of many of Hanoi’s top attractions, including Old Quarters, Hoan Kiem Lake and the Temple of Literature.

Overall, Hideout Hostel is a great choice for budget travelers looking for a comfortable and affordable stay in Hanoi. With its friendly staff, clean facilities, and convenient location, it’s no wonder why so many travelers choose to stay here.


Halong Bay Day Trip

Halong Bay is a beautiful and unique natural wonder in Vietnam, known for its towering limestone cliffs, tranquil turquoise waters, and traditional floating villages. Halong Bay tours offer visitors the opportunity to explore this stunning area, whether by boat, kayak, or even seaplane.
There are a variety of Halong Bay tours available, catering to different interests, budgets, and schedules. Some popular options include:
Overnight cruises: These tours typically involve spending one or two nights on a traditional wooden junk boat, exploring the bay’s stunning scenery during the day and enjoying meals and activities on board at night. Some tours also offer the option to sleep on a private island or in a beachfront bungalow.
Day trips: If you’re short on time, a day trip to Halong Bay is a great way to see some of the highlights. These tours usually involve a few hours of cruising the bay, stopping at key sights like the iconic limestone pillars and floating fishing villages, and enjoying lunch on board.
Kayaking tours: For a more active and immersive experience, consider a kayaking tour of Halong Bay. These tours typically involve paddling through hidden lagoons, caves, and tunnels, getting up close to the bay’s unique rock formations and wildlife.
Seaplane tours: For a bird’s-eye view of Halong Bay, consider a seaplane tour. These tours offer a unique perspective on the bay’s dramatic scenery, with the added thrill of taking off and landing on the water.
Regardless of which type of tour you choose, you can expect to be wowed by Halong Bay’s natural beauty and cultural richness. Be sure to pack sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable clothing for your tour, and don’t forget your camera to capture the memories of this unforgettable destination.

Halong Bay
Most Halong Bay day trips depart from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, in the early morning and return in the evening. The journey to Halong Bay takes around 3-4 hours by road, depending on traffic and weather conditions. Upon arrival at the bay, visitors board a traditional wooden junk boat and begin their cruise.

During a Halong Bay day trip, visitors can expect to see some of the most iconic sights in the area, such as the towering limestone cliffs, floating fishing villages, and hidden lagoons. Many day trips include stops at popular attractions like Sung Sot Cave (Surprising Cave), which is filled with stunning rock formations and colorful lights. Visitors may also have the chance to kayak or swim in the bay’s calm waters, depending on the tour.

A typical Halong Bay day trip also includes a delicious seafood lunch served on board the boat, featuring fresh catch from the bay. There’s plenty of time to relax and take in the scenery, or chat with fellow travelers and learn about the local culture and history.

Overall, a Halong Bay day trip is a great way to experience one of Vietnam’s most stunning natural wonders, even if you only have a limited amount of time. Just be sure to pack sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable clothing, and bring a camera to capture the memories of this unforgettable destination.

Kayaking Halong Bay

My Experience of Halong Bay Day Trip:

Halong Bay
We started our Halong Bay day trip by boarding a boat and, after a short while, I began to experience the aura of the bay. The limestone cliffs towering above the ocean were a treat to watch. The tour started by taking us to the middle of the bay and crossing various places. Food was served on the boat, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available. After lunch, we could either bask in the sun on the boat’s roof or chill with music downstairs and enjoy the breeze.

Our first stop was a cave, which took around 40 minutes to explore. After that, we had the opportunity to go kayaking. While the cave we visited was regular, Vietnam is home to world-class caves, with Phong Nha being a prime example. Kayaking was one of the best experiences of the day trip. Luon Cave was a popular spot for kayaking, where we took our kayaks from a low lying roof and entered a lake surrounded by hills, creating a beautiful and breathtaking view. We could chill here for a while. Remember to carry a swimsuit while kayaking, or you may get wet!

After kayaking, we visited an artificial beach that was crowded with tourists. However, there was a hiking point that took us to the top, where we could experience a panoramic view of Halong Bay. It was a picture-perfect postcard view.

Parting Thoughts:

Just when we thought our Halong Bay day trip couldn’t get any better, the most exciting experience awaited us – the boat ride back to the coast in the evening. The air was filled with anticipation as we boarded the boat once again. Refreshments were served on the boat, and the sound of music added to the thrill of the moment.

As we set sail towards the coast, the sun slowly began to dip below the horizon. The sky turned into a beautiful shade of orange and pink, and the waters of Halong Bay glistened like diamonds. The scenery was nothing short of breathtaking, and each passing moment left us in awe of nature’s beauty.

As we basked in the magical atmosphere, it dawned on me how lucky we were to be experiencing such a moment. The boat ride back to the coast was the highlight of the tour, and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of euphoria wash over me as we approached the end of the journey.

In that moment, I realized that it was the perfect end to an already exhilarating day trip. The memories of that boat ride will stay with me forever, and I’ll forever cherish the feeling of being surrounded by such beauty and tranquility.

The price of experiencing such an experience will be around VND 12,00,000 (depends on time you book it). I went in 2022.

Sunset At Halong Bay

How To Plan Vietnam Travel From India

Vietnam is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia that offers visitors an array of experiences, from stunning natural landscapes to rich cultural heritage. For Indian tourists, Vietnam is a popular destination for its proximity, affordability, and ease of access. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Vietnam travel, including tourism, packages, visa requirements, travel guides, and more.

Vietnam is a country that boasts a rich culture, ancient history, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking scenery. The country has become a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, including India. Vietnam tourism offers a wide range of activities, including visiting ancient temples and pagodas, exploring scenic countryside, experiencing bustling cities, and enjoying the beautiful beaches along the coast. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam include Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, Phong Nha, and Nha Trang. All these are covered in my blog.

Vietnam Tour from India:

For Indian tourists, traveling to Vietnam is easy and convenient. There are several flights available from major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata to Vietnam’s main airports, including Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The flight duration from India to Vietnam is typically around four to six hours. Additionally, Indian passport holders are eligible for a visa on arrival, which makes the process of obtaining a visa hassle-free and straightforward.One can refer the following link for the same. The visa application fee for Indian citizens is approximately $25 for a single-entry visa and $50 for a multiple-entry visa.

Vietnam Travel Blog:

Travel blogs are another great resource for information on traveling to Vietnam. These blogs often provide personal experiences and recommendations on where to go, what to see, and what to eat.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam:

The best time to visit Vietnam depends on your preferences and what you want to do during your visit. Generally, the best time to visit Vietnam is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. The weather is cooler and drier during this time, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Things to Do in Vietnam:

There are many things to do in Vietnam, from exploring ancient temples and historical sites to relaxing on the beach and enjoying the local cuisine. Some popular activities include visiting Halong Bay, exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels, and trying local street food.

In conclusion, Vietnam is a beautiful country with a rich history and unique culture. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder why it’s becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists from India and all around the world.

Book Review “Midnight Library”

“The Midnight Library” is a novel written by Matt Haig. The book is about a woman named Nora Seed who is struggling to find meaning and purpose in her life. After a failed suicide attempt, she discovers a library that exists between life and death, where books contain different versions of her life. Each book represents a different decision she could have made, and she is able to explore these different lives and the consequences that come with them.

As Nora explores the library, she realizes that there is no perfect life and that every decision she makes leads to both joy and pain. She also comes to understand that every life is valuable and that the people she loves are just as important as her own happiness.

Throughout her journey, Nora meets a number of people who have also been to the library, each with their own unique story and perspective. She learns from them and their experiences, and they help her to see that her life is worth living.

One of the major themes in the book is the concept of regrets and how they shape our lives. Nora has many regrets and wishes she could go back and make different choices. However, she comes to realize that regrets are a natural part of life and that we can’t change the past. Instead, we must learn to accept and move on from our regrets.

The Midnight Library is a reminder that life is a journey full of ups and downs, and that we must learn to appreciate the good times and find meaning in the bad.
In conclusion, “The Midnight Library” is a thought-provoking novel that explores the human condition and the choices we make in life. It is a reminder that every decision we make has consequences, that regrets are a natural part of life, and that the world needs more kindness. It’s a story that will resonate with readers of all ages and leave them contemplating the choices they have made in their own lives.

Read about more book reviews at Book Review Mark My Adventure.

Jodhpur Travel Experience

Jodhpur in Rajasthan is a premium touristic place after Udaipur. Like the rest of the Rajasthan, Jodhpur has a fort i.e Mehrangarh Fort. This fort is the major attraction of Jodhpur. Jodhpur is also known as, “Blue City” as most of the homes in the city are colored in blue. The best time to visit, Jodhpur is during the winters in India. The whole of the city is spread across this famous fort only.

Jodhpur has an airport which makes it easier to reach this place. If one doesn’t wish to travel via flight. Then the option of trains is also available. One can take a train to Jodhpur. India’s railway network is one of the finest railway networks in the world. The best place to book trains is via IRCTC.

If a person is fond of the food, then Jodhpur will never disappoint you. A hotel “Gypsy Restaurant.” This restaurant is famous for Rajasthani thali & I bet this will fulfill your stomach & mind completely. Trying Rajasthani Thali is essential while in the city. Further, one of the most refreshing things to do in Jodhpur; is sitting in a rooftop restaurant & having dinner. The backdrop of the fort with mouth-watering food will make your trip worthwhile.

Most of the people visit Jodhpur; as a stoppage point before visiting Jaisalmer. As both these cities are nearby & during winters a road trip from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer is refreshing & mesmerizing.

Jodhpur is good for a couple of days & purely for eating & shopping. A marketplace is available to buy some aesthetic goods & textiles. After enjoying Jodhpur, people usually head towards the Jaisalmer (to witness the sand dunes of India).

Handy Resources:

Below are the few resources you should check before making travel plans.

Club Mahindra: Club Mahindra Varca property is one of the club mahindra properties to stay. A private beach is waiting for you here. You can use my code “2860606” in the member ID for offers.

Cheap Internation Flights: Best place to find cheap international flight tickets.

Best Deals On Hotels: Places to find best deals on hotels.

Amazon: Best place for all your needs. Also, find best travel accessories.

Agoda: Best place to book hotels of your liking. Agoda provides the best solution & great offer while booking a hotel.

Skyscanner: Skyscanner compares various sites & sort the flights based on the rates. A great way to check flight cost. Although the only drawback is that rates are flexible. Hence, the cost might change while you are making the payment.

Jetradar: Jetradar is a comparing site which is just like Skyscanner. But, is much more accurate & much more handy in use.

Booking: Best place to book hostel rooms. There are plenty of options available & with so many properties booking becomes much easier.

Couchsurfing: Best place to find free accommodation. It is as easy as filtering people & messaging. If you will get lucky you will find free accommodation in local resident house.

Travel Insurance: There are numerous options available to get one. So, you can choose anything which suits your requirement. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before buying one.

Where Is The God ? Part IV (Efforts Not Being Rewarded)

In the holy book, “Gita” there is a saying, “One should only do the work, & should not crave for the results.” As results are often are not in our control. Thus, the easiest way for peaceful living is to detach from the results & attach to the processes. But, it is easier to say than to be done. Doing without asking anything in return is the most paradoxical thing one comes across in life, as the first thought of carrying out any action is the results linked to the action. In a world, where the rewards are related to happiness. How is it possible for a human being to detach from rewards?. In the end, we are just living beings & social animals. For us, one of our greatest accomplishments is being remembered by other fellow human beings. As being recognized gives a godly feeling for at least some minutes. For this, we put results above the process & eventually link our happiness with the results.

How often we have seen people working hard as day labor; who spends 8-10 hours (in India) in toiling heat & humid conditions without any safety harness & in return earns a meager salary of Rs 500 per day. Whereas on the other hand, one person who is working for 4-5 hours is earning in lakhs. Obviously, there is a different set of skills that each person owns that he can leverage to get where he or she is. Yet, in terms of absolute efforts, the rewards are entirely different. How would that person feel, who is working as hard as the person sitting on the laptop but is getting significantly low rewards?. So, are the efforts being rewarded fairly?. Many so-called “Successful” individuals, look down on people who are not by saying that they are not working hard or smart enough. But, they merely forget, that an event of randomness allows them to leap one step ahead compared to their peers. The same concept is in the book, “Fooled By Randomness”. Yet, some feel they are smart enough, hard-working enough, tough enough to beat the competition.

Efforts are subjective & the most essential part of rewards. Donkey toil every day & is probably the most hard-working animal in the food chain. On the other hand, Lion only gets up to hunt & spends the rest of the time relaxing & reproducing. Donkey is treated as abuse, while Lion is the king of Jungle. There is a significant difference in the efforts of both. Yet, one is treated entirely differently from the other. So, how can one say that effort gives you desired results. Although, not doing any work will surely fail you. So efforts are necessary to get to your destination without any second thoughts. But, is the efforts worth the result are entirely different.

A person toiling day in & day out for something extra or some rewards often faces the humiliation & pain of getting rejected daily. After getting rejected hundreds of times, the pain of rejection somewhat subsides & the feeling of hatred, agony, anger takes over the mind. Why the person’s hard work is not rewarded with the desired results? Not getting desired results often robs people of happiness & gives wind to sadness. People who have gone through such phases can vouch for the same. Is God being fair for not treating efforts with rewards? & make them wonder if there is God for real or not?

As per Hindu rituals, nobody gets more than the written & before the time. Maybe this is true & is the reason Lord Krishna said, “Just do work & forget about the results.” As seeking results will make you restless & often anxious & will make you mean. If one focuses on just working irrespective of the results, it will make one calmer & peaceful. The ultimate destiny that we pursue. An efficient way to live life; a life fruitful & less miserable. We suffer because of our desires & the desires arise because of our attraction towards the results. A painful journey that we all need to go through. The best way would be to commence the journey & let the action take its own course. Because, “We feel we are in control of the situations & can determine the results, but we are just pawns in the greater scheme of things.

Spain Visa During The Time of Covid

The year 2021 was no different from the year 2020, corona has halted the normal lives of people & it is doing so very subtly. Every few months new variants are coming resulting in the shutting down of the borders. This is impacting the travel industry a lot, flights are getting canceled & plans are getting tossed up in the unknown. However, with the vaccinations, things are getting normalized in some sense, if not all. Few countries opened their border for tourism for fully vaccinated individuals & Spain was one such country that allowed it; citing this opportunity, I planned a trip to Spain during my birthday in November.

India approved covishield & covaxin for clinical use & Spain considered people vaccinated with covishield to travel their country. I was vaccinated with the covishield vaccination, so I promptly started searching for the list of documents required for applying for the visa & any additional approvals required before applying for a visa. Previously, I went to Spain in 2017 on my first Europe trip, but this time I exclusively chose Spain because of the restrictions. I planned my trip for 2 weeks & decided to cover places like Madrid, Ibiza & Seville. I will cover all these cities in detail in the coming posts. However, before this let’s start with the visa process.

In 2017, I had applied for a Netherland visa through VFS global. However, Spain is using BLS as a service provider. So, I had to follow the instruction given by BLS. One can find information about location via their website. BLS office location can be found on their website. BLS India Website

Most of the information is readily available on their platform. However, some of the important are as follows:

List of Items Required For Applying Visa:

1. Cover Letter:

The cover letter is one of the important documents required to apply for a visa. It will be your first document in the series of documents to be handed over to the BLS for review. A cover letter consists of details like your details like passport number, issuing country, dates of arriving & departing from the host country, a brief itinerary of the places you are going to visit & the purpose of the travel. One should write a comprehensive letter to the consulate covering all the details.

2. Itinerary:

One should prepare an itinerary in a detailed manner, stating the places & dates of visiting the places. Further, the itinerary should cover things you will do on each day & places you intend to visit. The itinerary can be tentative during the time of applying for the visa. However, try to be as accurate as possible.

3. Schengen Application Form:

While applying for the visa, the Schengen application form is a must, a duly filled form is required while submitting the documents. One can find the form at the following link Visa Form Following the link, one can download all the forms & checklists required to apply for the visa. The form is easy to fill & will cover details like place of stay, their addresses, funding source, travel insurance details, etc.

4. Travel Insurance:

One should have a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros for the number of days one is planning to stay in the country. The insurance should be valid for the entire duration of your trip journey. One can use many insurance providers for this. I used Bajaj Allianz for the same.

5. Accommodation:

One needs to pre-book the stays for all the days staying in the country. It is important to book accommodation for days even when you are transiting from one city to other. One can use following links for booking.

Best Deals On Hotels: Places to find best deals on hotels.

Agoda: Best place to book hotels of your liking. Agoda provides the best solution & great offer while booking a hotel.

Booking: Best place to book hostel rooms. There are plenty of options available & with so many properties booking becomes much easier.

6. Flight Tickets:

Although, it is mentioned on the website that flight tickets are not required while applying. However, I had booked the tickets before as I was getting great offers on the prices. Thus, it is up to one to book or not. Also, most of the flights are offering free cancellation services up to 24 hrs before flying in case one is not able to travel for some of the other reasons. One can use following link

Skyscanner: Skyscanner compares various sites & sort the flights based on the rates. A great way to check flight cost. Although the only drawback is that rates are flexible. Hence, the cost might change while you are making the payment.

Jetradar: Jetradar is a comparing site which is just like Skyscanner. But, is much more accurate & much more handy in use.

Cheap Internation Flights: Best place to find cheap international flight tickets.

7. Bank balance & ITR:

One needs to submit the last 3 months of bank balance on the bank’s letterhead with an official seal. Along with the same one needs to submit ITR for the last two years as well.

8. Visa Fee:

One will have to spare approx 8000-9000 Rs per application for the applying.

9. Copy of Passport:

If you have obtained Schengen Visa with previously can submit the photocopy of the same while submitting the documents. Also, one needs to submit an old passport (if expired & issued a new one).

After applying for the visa one needs to wait for a minimum of 5 days for getting a stamped visa. The stamped passport will be couriered to your address & if stamped it is time to travel.

Top 5 Adventure Destinations in India

Are you one of those people who has been absolutely bored of staying at home or someone who has gotten way too comfortable with being a couch potato? Does not matter what you are, it is now time to break free from your lockdown blues and get on with the adventure persona that you have hidden somewhere inside that lazy self of yours. Now that a lot of tourist spots are opening up for travellers, this is just the right opportunity that you were dying to have throughout the entire lockdown when you were crying about being stuck at home for a whole year! Well of course it goes without saying that you still need to be very cautious and safe for these trips. There are a ton of different adventure sites that you can visit in India, and each one of them is better than the other and are literally calling out your name. Uttarakhand, Andaman, Kovalm, Spiti Valley and many more amazing adventure destinations in India are locations that you must visit atleast once in your lifetime. Below is a list of the top 5 adventure destinations in India that we believe you must visit.


You just know the amount of adventure and fun that is enclosed here, when rather than naming a particular spot the whole state is mentioned in the list! The state of Uttarakhand is without a doubt one of the most famous adventure places in India. Home to the amazing Roopkund trek, this state is just a cluster of adventures. The Roopkund Trek leads you to the peculiar Roopkund Lake, well we call it peculiar because the lake is surrounded by human skeletons, hundreds of them to be honest. But not just this kinda haunted and weird trek, the state of Uttarakhand is also famous for various other heart-thumping treks and activities including Nag Tibba Trek, Kalka-Kasauli Trek, Kheerganga trek and many more. All you have to do is book your visit while keeping in mind the weather, as not all treks are accessible throughout the year.

Leh and Ladakh

There is a very old saying when it comes to beauty and where to find it, “ beauty is everywhere, all one has to do is just look around” and no kidding this saying is true when said in the context of the mesmerising Leh Ladakh Travel. A trip that offers absolute scenic vistas, the trips to Leh and Ladakh in India are a thing of beauty, there is something about those slow-clad mountain peaks, rugged yet lively landscapes, soaring mountains tops, dangerous roads and roaring bike engines that just feels right!

Book the Leh Ladakh biking tour now and explore the beautiful landscapes on a bike!


The islands of Andaman and Nicobar are particularly famous for the best water sports and water-based activities that they offer. Whether it is snorkelling or scuba diving or parasailing, this is just the right place for anyone who is a water child. The island is home to the best beaches and resorts, which sit right at the venue of the water rides, so choose your ride and get started with the adventure!


Surfing is not something that you will generally associate with the country of India, but what if we tell you there is a part of Kerala where it is one of the most popular activities? Kovalam in Kerala is home to a great population of surfers and surfing schools. If you are one of those who loves the sport or want to try it out, now is the right time for you to do it!

Spiti Valley

As the summer heat gives way to the annoying monsoons of the hills, as the landslides and road blockages in the majority of areas of the Himalayas, this amazing road trip to the cold desert is your ideal getaway to flee the sweltering heat and humidity of the hustling cities and the unending rains of the mountains. What if we tell you that you can do all this, and much more at one of the highest stations in India? Where no vegetation flowers and the valleys are surrounded by tall, exposed, and barren ridges with snow-capped tops. Where just a few vehicles make it since there are no roads, just rubble, and rocks, and natural beauty as far as the eye can see.

Spiti, which means ‘middle land’, is one of our desired destinations. It not only provides us with an escape from the heat but also shows us how to actually live and let go! Spiti is definitely not for people who want a luxurious getaway, or for the timid. If you are one of those who are looking to traverse the local Spitian culture by living in rustic homestays and enjoying local food, we welcome you aboard as we travel through this mysterious land exploring clandestine gems and making a myriad of memories under the stars.

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